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Sorry is a paper note in Fallout 76.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]


my name is tabitha, and i'm an addict.
i was told this type of thing can help me recover...

- Cassidy: i shouldn't have said any of that. at all. i was cruel to you.
- Patty: you were right. i knew it at the time, too.
- Cenk: you were an asshole, but so i was too. we both hurt each other equally.
- Sky: you are amazing. i never told you. i should have said it to you every day.
- Toby: i stole it. i was messed up at the time, but it's no excuse.
- Pete: you deserved better.
- Lilian: i lied to your face about it. you were right.
- Peggy: i ignored you when you needed me the most.
- Allison: i just stopped talking to you and i'm sorry. i'm just sorry.
- Kerry-elle: i never paid you back for all of your help. i used you.
- Hunter: i took advantage of you when you were at your weakest.
- Louisa: your advice would have helped and i ignored you.

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