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Squire Asher's Journal

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Squire Asher's Journal
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Squire Asher's Journal is a paper note in Fallout 76.


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June 20, 2082

Finally found a good spot for Quercus to do his surveys. Squire Ramsay saw me hauling the desk up here and made a real sour face when she figured out what I had done with the old Handy we found off-duty. "Scrap metal", she called him. Me? I saw potential.

So I gave him a name and a purpose: document the creatures of the swamp. Ramsay said the higher-ups would reprimand me for wasting time learning about animals. The way I see it, every new monster that comes crawling out of the radiation is a potential threat, and threats need to be catalogued.

It's strange, but Quercus doesn't appear to see them that way. I did alter his behavior to gain the creatures' trust, but he talks to them more than he should; he's even started naming them.

If I could find him a new battery unit, maybe that would fix his behavior. I want him working around the clock to catalogue as much information as possible.

-Squire Asher

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