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Stealth suit Mk II's dialogue

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Stealth suit Mk II's dialogue
Game Information
NPCStealth suit Mk II
Data FileOldWorldBlues.esm
Gametitle-FNV OWB.png
Gametitle-FNV OWB.png

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file
Topic StealthSuitPipboyLight StealthSuitPipboyLight Psst. If you want to be sneaky, turn off your Pip-Boy light. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitPipb_00015320_1
Topic StealthSuitPipboyLight StealthSuitPipboyLight Pip-Boy light's on. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitPipb_00015D07_1
Topic StealthSuitPipboyLight StealthSuitPipboyLight We're all lit up. Is it Christmas? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitPipb_00015D08_1
Topic StealthSuitPipboyLight StealthSuitPipboyLight Nobody ever notices me... but they notice the Pip-Boy light. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitPipb_00015D09_1
Conversation StealthsuitX13RobotsBlownUpBark StealthsuitX13RobotsBlownUpBark Oh, that's too bad. Those robots would normally help defend us and the facility if we're attacked. NVDLC03Aur_StealthsuitX13R_0001602D_1
Conversation StealthsuitX13RobotsBlownUpBark StealthsuitX13RobotsBlownUpBark We were never allowed to blow the robots up before. Cheating gives me such a thrill! NVDLC03Aur_StealthsuitX13R_0001602E_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Med-X reserves empty. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D11_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq No more Med-X to kill the pain. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D12_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Running low on Med-X. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D13_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Painkiller reserves critical. Oh, the pain. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D14_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Med-X supplies adequate. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D15_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq We're okay on Med-X. Until we have to numb the pain. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D16_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq All out of Stimpaks. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D17_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Try not to get injured. We're fresh out of Stimpaks. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D18_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq We should pick up more Stimpaks. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D19_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Stimpak reserves minimal. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D1A_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq Stimpak reserves adequate. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D1B_1
Topic StealthSuitStartupSeq StealthSuitStartupSeq We're okay on Stimpaks. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStar_00015D1C_1
Topic K9000UNEQUIP K9000UNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 1) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000UNEQUIP_00015BDE_1
Topic K9000UNEQUIP K9000UNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 2) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000UNEQUIP_00015BDF_1
Topic K9000UNEQUIP K9000UNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 3) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000UNEQUIP_00015BE0_1
Topic K9000UNEQUIP K9000UNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {dog trying to say "Bye-bye" - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000UNEQUIP_00015BE1_1
Topic FidoUNEQUIP FidoUNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 1) - deep, as from a big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoUNEQUIP_00015BD3_1
Topic FidoUNEQUIP FidoUNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 2) - deep, as from a big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoUNEQUIP_00015BD4_1
Topic FidoUNEQUIP FidoUNEQUIP <Mournful whine> {rejection response (version 3) - deep, as from a big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoUNEQUIP_00015BD5_1
Topic FidoUNEQUIP FidoUNEQUIP <Mournful whine>{dog trying to say "Uh-oh" - deep, as from a big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoUNEQUIP_00015BD6_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13RobotScorpions StealthSuitX13RobotScorpions Mean robot bugs! Mean robot bugs! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13R_0001429F_1
Conversation StealthsuitX13TripwireDetectionBark StealthsuitX13TripwireDetectionBark Too bad. We hit a tripwire. That one was totally my fault, though. We can start again at the terminal. Sorry... NVDLC03Aur_StealthsuitX13T_000137F2_1
Conversation StealthsuitX13TripwireDetectionBark StealthsuitX13TripwireDetectionBark Maybe there's a way around the tripwires. NVDLC03Aur_StealthsuitX13T_000137F3_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Barks StealthSuitX13Barks Data collection array... Online. Please use the terminal below to begin user synchronization. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13B_0001348D_1
Conversation StealthSuitUpgradedBark StealthSuitUpgradedBark Test data processed... Firmware updated to version 1.1. Boot Damping Sensors online. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUpgr_0001126F_1
Conversation StealthSuitUpgradedBark StealthSuitUpgradedBark Test data processed... Firmware updated to version 1.2. Aural Subnet online. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUpgr_00011270_1
Conversation StealthSuitUpgradedBark StealthSuitUpgradedBark Test data processed... Firmware updated to version 1.3. Torso fitment synced to user's physiology. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUpgr_00011271_1
Conversation StealthSuitUpgradedBark StealthSuitUpgradedBark Test data processed... Firmware updated to version 1.4. Impulse Accelerator online. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUpgr_00011272_1
Conversation StealthSuitUpgradedBark StealthSuitUpgradedBark Test data processed... Advanced Optics Online. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUpgr_000154E6_1
Topic StealthSuitUNEQUIP NVDLC03StealthSuitUNEQUIP Bye bye. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUNEQ_0000DA12_1
Topic StealthSuitUNEQUIP NVDLC03StealthSuitUNEQUIP Did I do something wrong? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUNEQ_0000DA13_1
Topic StealthSuitUNEQUIP NVDLC03StealthSuitUNEQUIP Don't you like me any more? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUNEQ_0000DA14_1
Topic StealthSuitUNEQUIP NVDLC03StealthSuitUNEQUIP Okay, I'll go away. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUNEQ_0000DA15_1
Topic StealthSuitUNEQUIP NVDLC03StealthSuitUNEQUIP I'll miss you. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitUNEQ_0000DA16_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13LeaveBark StealthSuitX13LeaveBark {Quiet amazement}Wow... what {emph}is this place? Are we... outside? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13L_0001602F_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines Are we being watched? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0A_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines We haven't seen anybody in a while... maybe the monsters have stealth suits too. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0B_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines Who do you think is cuter, Dr. Klein or Dr. Borous? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0C_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines You're my best friend forever. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0D_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines I bet no one has ever been as unnoticed as me... NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0E_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines Starting combat! {Teasing, singsong}Just kidding! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D0F_1
Topic StealthSuitFunnyLines StealthSuitFunnyLines Do you like me? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitFunn_00015D10_1
Topic K9000EQUIP K9000EQUIP Bark! {single happy-bark - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000EQUIP_00015BE5_1
Topic K9000EQUIP K9000EQUIP Bark-bark! {double happy-bark - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000EQUIP_00015BE6_1
Topic K9000EQUIP K9000EQUIP Bark! <pants> {single happy-bark + quick panting - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000EQUIP_00015BE7_1
Topic K9000EQUIP K9000EQUIP Bark-bark! {dog trying to say "I love you" - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000EQUIP_00015BE8_1
Topic FidoEQUIP FidoEQUIP Woof! {Hello/happy bark - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoEQUIP_00015BD7_1
Topic FidoEQUIP FidoEQUIP Woof-woof! {Hello/happy bark - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoEQUIP_00015BD8_1
Topic FidoEQUIP FidoEQUIP Woof! <pants> {Hello/happy bark + short panting - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoEQUIP_00015BD9_1
Topic FidoEQUIP FidoEQUIP Woof!{dog trying to say "Hello" - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoEQUIP_00015BDA_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test4Bark StealthSuitX13Test4Bark This is the robot compliance test. If you sneak up on a robot, you can disable it. It's so easy even I can't mess up. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F6_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test4Bark StealthSuitX13Test4Bark I don't think I can learn anything else here... but if you want to go again, that's fine. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F7_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak Injecting Stimpak. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA04_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak This will keep you on your feet. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA05_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak Does that feel better? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA06_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak Please take this. I don't want you to die. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA07_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak Have a Stimpak. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA08_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak We're out of Stimpaks. {Quiet, depressed}Maybe you'd be better off with an Auto-Doc suit.... NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA09_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak No more Stimpaks! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA0A_1
Topic StealthSuitStimpak StealthSuitStimpak I can't give you anything for that injury. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitStim_0000DA0B_1
Topic K9000CombatStart K9000CombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 1) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000CombatStar_00015BDB_1
Topic K9000CombatStart K9000CombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 2) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000CombatStar_00015BDC_1
Topic K9000CombatStart K9000CombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 3) - dog impersonation} NVDLC03Aur_K9000CombatStar_00015BDD_1
Topic FidoCombatStart FidoCombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 1) - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoCombatStart_00015BE2_1
Topic FidoCombatStart FidoCombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 2) - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoCombatStart_00015BE3_1
Topic FidoCombatStart FidoCombatStart <Growl> {response to enemy (version 3) - deep, as from big dog} NVDLC03Aur_FidoCombatStart_00015BE4_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test3Bark StealthSuitX13Test3Bark This is the expert stealth test. If you thought the lasers were bad, wait till you see the proximity mines. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137EE_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test3Bark StealthSuitX13Test3Bark Psst. If you hack the mines this will go lots faster. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137EF_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX Good boys and girls take their Med-X. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA17_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX This will stop the pain. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA18_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX Technically, it's impossible to overdose on painkillers. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA19_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX This will only sting for a second. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA1A_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX Take this, it will help. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA1B_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX Oh no! We're out of Med-X! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA1C_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX I hope it doesn't hurt too bad, we don't have any Med-X. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA1D_1
Topic StealthSuitMedX StealthSuitMedX No more medicine. So sad. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitMedX_0000DA1E_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13MineDetectionBark StealthSuitX13MineDetectionBark Too bad. We triggered a mine. If you go back to the terminal to restart the test, I'll do better next time. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13M_000137EC_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13MineDetectionBark StealthSuitX13MineDetectionBark Maybe we can disable the mines quickly, or find another way past. I'm sure you know best. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13M_000137ED_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13RobotDetectionBark StealthSuitX13RobotDetectionBark Too bad. We were spotted by robots. If you go back to the terminal to restart the test, I won't mess up again. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13R_000137F0_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13RobotDetectionBark StealthSuitX13RobotDetectionBark Stealth Boys are a robot's big weakness. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13R_000137F1_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test1Bark StealthSuitX13Test1Bark This is the basic stealth test. The robots will be looking for us, but we won't let them find us. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F8_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test1Bark StealthSuitX13Test1Bark This should be easy. As long as I don't screw up again. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F9_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test2Bark StealthSuitX13Test2Bark This is the advanced test. Watch out for laser tripwires. They'll ruin our day. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F4_1
Conversation StealthSuitX13Test2Bark StealthSuitX13Test2Bark I'm not supposed to give hints, but maybe you can disable the tripwires. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitX13T_000137F5_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatEnd StealthSuitEndCombat Cessation of hostilities complete. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FA_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatEnd StealthSuitEndCombat Bad guys dealt with. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FB_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatEnd StealthSuitEndCombat Fighting over. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FC_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatEnd StealthSuitEndCombat That's all. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FD_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatEnd StealthSuitEndCombat Was that all? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FE_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatStart StealthSuitStartCombat Time to fight. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000D9FF_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatStart StealthSuitStartCombat Uh-oh! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000DA00_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatStart StealthSuitStartCombat Ready... steady... fighty! NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000DA01_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatStart StealthSuitStartCombat This one looks pretty tough. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000DA02_1
Topic StealthSuitCombatStart StealthSuitStartCombat Sneaking done. Fighting now. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitComb_0000DA03_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Hello. It's nice to meet you. Who can I hide you from today? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA0C_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Sneaky sneaky. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA0D_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Have you ever wanted to be invisible? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA0E_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Did you even know you were wearing me? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA0F_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Shhh... we're very stealthy. NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA10_1
Topic StealthSuitEQUIP StealthSuitEQUIP Will you love me if I help you hide? NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000DA11_1
Conversation StealthSuitEQUIPBark StealthSuitEQUIPBark <Stealth Suit Equip Bark> NVDLC03Aur_StealthSuitEQUI_0000D9EE_1