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Sudden-Death Overtime

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Sudden-Death Overtime
Goalie Ledoux.jpg
Goalie Ledoux, captain of the team
LeadershipGoalie Ledoux
Notable MembersCentre Dubois
Winger Gervais
Winger Mercier (deceased)
Notable LocationsNuka-Cola plant, outside Red Racer factory

No one messes with Sudden-Death Overtime. No one.

Ledoux, Fallout 3

Sudden-Death Overtime is a minor gang in 2277.


The last of the "ice gangs," Sudden-Death Overtime takes its culture from the roots in the almost forgotten sport of ice hockey. Goalie Ledoux's ancestors played the sport, and the gang's obsession is to bring the sport back to the wasteland. Unfortunately, their understanding of the sport has been skewed from reality, and they believe the main goal of the sport was for each hockey teams to simply batter the other into submission.[1]>[2]

In 2277 their goal was to acquire the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear from the Nuka-Cola plant in Arlington, Virginia. While Goalie Ledoux made contact with the buyer[2] Winger Mercier went in to retrieve the formula and lost his life for the Nukalurks; it is here that the Lone Wanderer crossed paths with the gang. The gang was a man down, but not out of the game.[3]


There are four known members of the team/gang:


  • All of the "players" names are parodies of actual French-Canadian hockey players. (Ledoux instead of Lemieux)
  • Interestingly, Sudden-Death Overtime does not have nearly enough players to make an entire hockey team. Goalie Ledoux makes note of this after learning that one of his members, Winger Mercier, has died. Even when he was alive, the gang/team lacked two defensemen.
  • The gang spawns in front of the Red Racer factory only if you have obtained the Nuka-Cola Clear formula from the Nuka-Cola plant before finishing the The Nuka-Cola Challenge. Finishing the quest will cause the gang to not spawn.
  • After the Lone Wanderer sells them the Nuka-Cola Clear formula, Centre Dubois and Winger Gervais will run over to the Nuka-Cola plant, where they remain inside the front lobby for the rest of the game. Goalie Ledoux remains where he is in front of the Red Racer factory.


Sudden Death Overtime appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Who are you and why are you talking like that?"
    Ledoux: "The name's Goalie Ledoux and I'm captain of Sudden-Death Overtime, the last of the icegangs. There was a time where every city had their own icegangs and thousands would show up to watch them all duke it out in giant arenas. We aim to bring those days back!"
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  3. The Lone Wanderer: "I've got the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear."
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    (Ledoux's dialogue)