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Super stimpak (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel)

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For an overview of stimpaks throughout the Fallout series, see Stimpak.
Super stimpak
FOBOS Super stimpak.jpg
EffectsShort period:
+204 Hit Points
+244, 285, 326, 367, 408 HP with First-Aid

The extreme version of the stimpak restores almost all of your health. In the deepest recesses of the Vault, these are as necessary as bullets, as mad mutants deal devastating blows.

Super stimpak is a consumable item in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


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The advanced version of the stimpak boasts stronger healing drugs, delivered both via the syringe and a tributary ampule, both connected to a leather strap allowing to securely affix the contraption to the injection area. The analogue gauge displaying information is on top of the ampule. The powerful nature of the drugs used means that the delayed shock deals a minor amount of damage to the user after some time.[1] It is a fairly rare item in the wasteland, usually only manufactured by high tech settlements like Vault City.

Gameplay attributes

A super stimpak heals the player over a short period when used. The amount of health restored by one super stimpak is 204 HP (244, 285, 326, 367, 408 HP depending of each rank of the First-Aid skill - skill function as perks do in the other games).


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  • Super stimpaks can be used directly with the L1 button (PS2) or the LB button (Xbox), favoring first them instead of stimpaks.


  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.124: "Super Stimpak: Same as the basic stimpak, but with more and stronger drugs. It boosts your character's Hit Points immediately. Too much is bad for you, however. Each injection causes a Hit Point loss after a short period of time, reflecting damage to the character's tissues and to his or her system."