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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Brother Thomas.}
{101}{}{Okay children. Today we will be going over some martial arts.}
{102}{}{In close combat the technique you use depends on your opponents size, reach, and quickness.}
{103}{}{If given the opportunity test your opponent.}
{104}{}{Don't rush the attack.}
{105}{}{All right my little one, try to hurt poor old gramps.}
{108}{}{Well that's all for now, so let's review.}
{109}{}{You see how he lost his balance?}
{110}{}{Overextending yourself leaves you open for a counter attack.}
{111}{}{When you attack be sure not to overextend.}
{112}{}{Why is overextending so bad?}
{113}{}{If you have the opportunity for a kill, shouldn't you go for it?}
{114}{}{That's a lot to risk your life over.}
{115}{}{Overextending leaves your inside vulnerable to a counter attack and puts you off balance.}
{116}{}{One little shove will land you right on your ass.}
{117}{}{Okay, let's give another young punk a try at gramps.}
{118}{}{Let's see if you've learned from the previous example.}
{119}{}{Not bad, that last move almost got me.}
{120}{}{Are you sure you want to be a Scribe Initiate?}
{121}{}{Those talents would be a shame to waste.}
{122}{}{We'll just keep you in reserve. Okay?}
{123}{}{I'm just fooling with ya.}
{124}{}{You may want to reconsider a career as a Knight.}
{125}{}{Just think about it.}
{126}{}{Thank you Brother Thomas.}
{127}{}{I hope you all noticed how Brother Anthony did not overextend himself.}
{128}{}{He also tried to use my weight and bulkiness against me.}
{129}{}{Martial arts have their good and bad sides.}
{130}{}{We will be learning many different styles to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.}
{131}{}{Okay. Show me what you've got.}
{132}{}{Very good. You lasted much longer than I thought you would.}
{133}{}{You can go back to the line.}
{134}{}{Well, I hope you kids were able to catch what was going on.}
{135}{}{He's a natural fighter.}
{136}{}{Let's have one more.}
{137}{}{Pay close attention...}
{138}{}{and remember to always punch through your targets.}
{139}{}{Pretend your target is a few inches beyond were the impact is going to be.}
{140}{}{Um, Brother Thomas?}
{141}{}{Yes, my little piece of clay.}
{142}{}{Shouldn't we do that for kicking too?}
{143}{}{Of, course.}
{144}{}{Very good. I think we'll let you live.}
{145}{}{Just kidding, try to smile once in a while.}
{146}{}{This isn't a life and death situation.}
{147}{}{There'll be plenty of time for that later on.}
{200}{}{Not bad.}
{201}{}{That was pretty good.}
{202}{}{Okay, you're learning.}
{203}{}{Stay focused.}
{204}{}{Keep your eyes on me.}
{205}{}{Don't overextend.}
{206}{}{Never look away from your opponent.}
{207}{}{Work on your blocks.}
{208}{}{Keep your center of gravity low.}
{210}{}{Perfect form.}
{211}{}{I'm impressed.}
{300}{}{You gain 500 experience points from watching the training.}