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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Therax, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{101}{}{You see Justin, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{102}{}{You see Sereine, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{103}{}{You see Dolkarn, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{104}{}{You see Hort, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{105}{}{You see Chris, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{106}{}{You see Jaunita, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{107}{}{You see Lesley, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{108}{}{You see Renfield, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{109}{}{You see Timothy, a Thinker Nightkin.}
{110}{}{Welcome Oh Punt One. You are just in time to help us.}
{112}{}{Sure. Not a problem}
{113}{}{Sorry. Much too busy.}
{114}{}{Why would I wish to assist you?}
{115}{}{No matter simple one. Come with me, and I shall take you to the job.}
{116}{}{That was not a request. Your presence will be made.}
{117}{}{Are you not the one who seeks to bring peace to the wastelands?}
{118}{}{Yes, however, I don't see how in aiding you how that will happen.}
{119}{}{No. I prefer mass destruction.}
{120}{}{We believe that if everyone, mutants and humans, could learn to work together, then a great many problems could be resolved.}
{121}{}{Sounds promising. Count me in.}
{122}{}{Forget it.}
{123}{}{Something doesn't sound right about this.}
{124}{}{Everything is perfectly fine. Perhaps it is the limited scope of your cranium which deters your advancement in thought.}
{125}{}{You are probably correct. Count me in.}
{126}{}{Mayhaps. Let me inspect your skull.}
{127}{}{If that is your desire, then you shall have your fill.}
{128}{}{Welcome back. You shall now assist us.}