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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Tolya, a desert bandit.}
{101}{}{Hello, I am Tolya. Looks like you just wandered in from the desert. Who are you?}
{102}{}{I'm }
{103}{}{. What do you do?}
{104}{}{Can you tell me about your camp?}
{106}{}{As a raider, I explore the lands in search of new supplies. There have been some towns which have been graced by our presence.}
{107}{}{In other words, you steal from the people you visit.}
{108}{}{Hey, that's really great of you. I'm sure that Garl is pleased with you.}
{109}{}{What places have you been to?}
{110}{}{Come now, Garl tells me never to talk to strangers. You should at least be willing to tell me your name.}
{111}{}{You're right. I'm }
{112}{}{. Will you tell me something about your band?}
{113}{}{Look you idiot, I don't have to say anything to you.}
{114}{}{Go away, moron.}
{115}{}{We never steal. We just take the extra that others have and redistribute it among our hungry people.}
{116}{}{So, basically, you steal it.}
{117}{}{That sounds like a really great idea.}
{118}{}{I've been to many places in the wastelands. The closest places that I've been to are Shady Sands and Junktown. They are very grateful for the trips we make to them.}
{119}{}{You visit Shady Sands?}
{120}{}{Where's Junktown?}
{121}{}{You are starting to become annoying now. I think I will end that slight problem.}
{122}{}{We are the Khan, and our leader is Garl. We are the most feared group in the wasteland, and with good reason. We take what we want, and those who get in our way pay the price.}
{123}{}{Yes, we go to Shady Sands from time to time. It adds a little excitement to the lives of everyone concerned.}
{124}{}{What about Junktown?}
{125}{}{Why, Junktown is just a little bit to the south of here. Go a few miles, turn right at the dying cactus. You can't miss it!}
{126}{}{You also said you visit Shady Sands.}
{127}{}{Do not bother me right now. I am preparing for the next raid.}