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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{Security Station}
{101}{}{This terminal, 'Tylier', controls Special Forces Operations. Please present voice authorization.}
{103}{}{Help me. Me got owwie.}
{104}{}{Let me in.}
{105}{}{I am }
{106}{}{. Let me pass.}
{107}{}{What do you do here?}
{108}{}{Voice not recognized. Security systems status: armed.}
{109}{}{I am the security system for Blue Level. All systems armed.}
{110}{}{Can you disarm the systems?}
{111}{}{Why are the systems armed when the war has ended?}
{112}{}{Thank you.}
{113}{}{I have been programmed to keep the systems armed until authorized personnel have entered the correct voice code.}
{114}{}{Will you disarm the systems for me?}
{115}{}{Good bye.}
{116}{}{Voice override: Gamma Delta Delta. Disarm all systems.}
{117}{}{You are not authorized. Access denied.}
{118}{}{Invalid code. Access denied.}
{119}{}{Voice override: Gamma Omicron Delta. Disarm systems.}
{120}{}{Voice override: Omicron Delta Delta. Disarm systems.}
{121}{}{Voice override: Alpha Delta Delta. Disarm systems.}
{122}{}{Voice override: Delta Omicron Gamma. Disarm systems.}
{123}{}{Good bye.}
{124}{}{Voice override confirmed. Disarming security systems.}
{125}{}{I have not received orders to do otherwise. Network access is unavailable; central processor ZAX has apparently been destroyed.}
{126}{}{Fine. Voice override: Sigma Alpha Delta. Disarm systems.}
{127}{}{Good bye.}
{128}{}{Security systems are currently disarmed.}