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Tabitha's dialogue

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Tabitha's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file table
Topic VFreeformBlackMountainTabithaTopic000 Does this mean you're not going to kill me? {Laughs}No, of course not. I... don't know what I'm going to do now with Rhonda back... VFreeformB_VFreeformBlackM_0015D0A8_1
Topic BMTabithaCornersPlayer BMTabithaCornersPlayer {Tabitha}R-Rhonda? Is that you? VFreeformB_BMTabithaCorner_0015D0A2_2
Topic VFreeformBlackMountainTabithaTopic001 You're welcome. It's just... such a shock to see Rhonda up and about again. I'm not sure what to do now. VFreeformB_VFreeformBlackM_0015D0A3_1
Conversation BMTabithaYesRhonda BMTabithaYesRhonda Yes, Rhonda. VFreeformB_BMTabithaYesRho_0015D0A5_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Rhonda} Utobitha, I'm here with Best Friend Tabitha, who has a message for all the dumb-dumbs out there. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015975D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Tabitha} It has come to my attention that some of you dumb-dumbs took me a little too seriously in the past when I warned you about the battle cattle. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015975E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Tabitha} While battle cattle are indeed a dangerous foe, they are one that should be fought ferociously. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015975F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Tabitha} Recently I've heard about several incidents where some of you have been seen running away from a fight where battle cattle were involved. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159760_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Tabitha} This is not acceptable. No self-respecting soldier of Utobitha should ever be seen running like a scared little human. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159761_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Tabitha} Bah, I don't even know why I try. It's not like the dumb-dumbs are even going to understand this. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159762_1
Radio RadioBMSegment13 RadioBMSegment13 {Rhonda} You heard her, Utobitha! Beware the battle cattle, but don't *fear* the battle cattle. More after this! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159763_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutGetHim BMTabithaDishHutGetHim There's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools! VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_0011F67B_1
Radio RadioBMDontTakeMyRaul RadioBMDontTakeMyRaul No! I won't let you have my Raul! RadioBlack_RadioBMDontTake_0011EBBE_1
Topic BMTabithaWhatNow What will you do now? I don't know... it's been so long since I lost Rhonda, that I'm not sure... VFreeformB_BMTabithaWhatNo_000E947B_1
Radio RadioBMGetHim RadioBMGetHim There's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools! RadioBlack_RadioBMGetHim_000E946F_1
Topic BMTabithaRages BMTabithaRages Intruder! I have foreseen your death! VFreeformB_BMTabithaRages_000EC03E_1
Topic BMTabithaRages BMTabithaRages No! I won't let you have my Raul! VFreeformB_BMTabithaRages_000E8484_1
Topic BMTabithaRages BMTabithaRages You! Now you've gone and done it! No one messes with my radio station! VFreeformB_BMTabithaRages_000EC03F_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal {Tabitha voice}The True Eyes show me the intruder is gone. VFreeformB_LostToNormal_0015CD26_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal {Tabitha}What trickery is this? Only nightkin should vanish like that! VFreeformB_CombatToNormal_0015CD7C_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal {Tabitha}I think they left, Rhonda. VFreeformB_AlertToNormal_0015CD85_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat {Tabitha}Invade my mountain, will you? VFreeformB_NormalToCombat_0015CD18_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat {Rhonda}I found the intruder! VFreeformB_AlertToCombat_0015CCEF_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert {Tabitha}Rhonda, you hear that? {beat, Rhonda}Hear what? VFreeformB_NormalToAlert_0015CD8E_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle {Rhonda voice}Come out now, and Tabitha will be merciful. Or at least an approximation thereof. VFreeformB_LostIdle_0015CCE7_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle {Rhonda}I know I heard something. {beat, Tabitha}Don't worry, Rhonda. We'll find them. VFreeformB_AlertIdle_0015CD02_1
Combat Death Death {Tabitha voice}I... am... supreme... VFreeformB_Death_0015CD36_1
Combat Hit Hit {Tabitha voice}Aah! VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD6F_1
Combat Hit Hit {Rhonda voice}Ow! {Tabitha voice}You okay, Rhonda? VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD70_1
Combat Hit Hit {Rhonda voice - effeminate pain yelp} VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD71_1
Combat Hit Hit {Tabitha voice - throaty pain growl} VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD72_1
Combat Hit Hit {Tabitha voice}Ow! VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD73_1
Combat Hit Hit {Rhonda voice}Oh! That's not very nice! VFreeformBlackMountain_Hit_0015CD74_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack {Rhonda voice, playful}Here it comes! VFreeformB_PowerAttack_0015CD9A_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack {Tabitha voice}Feel my supreme power! VFreeformB_PowerAttack_0015CD9B_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack {Rhonda voice}Ooh, this one's gonna hurt! VFreeformB_PowerAttack_0015CD9C_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack {Tabitha voice}I see your death! VFreeformB_PowerAttack_0015CD9D_1
Combat Attack Attack {Rhonda}Stay still while Best Friend Tabitha pounds you! VFreeformB_Attack_0015CD4D_1
Combat Attack Attack {Tabitha}All intruders are to be killed! VFreeformB_Attack_0015CD4E_1
Combat Attack Attack {Tabitha}I am the supreme ruler here! VFreeformB_Attack_0015CD4F_1
Combat Attack Attack {Tabitha}Feel my power! {beat, Rhonda}Yeah, feel her power! VFreeformB_Attack_0015CD50_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} We're back with Best Friend Tabitha, who was telling us why humans should {cue angry Tabitha voice}STAY THE HELL AWAY, {back to normal Rhonda voice}ier, keep their distance from the State of Utobitha. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159718_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Thank you, Rhonda. As you know, one of the many benefits of living in Utobitha is the ready availability of pet centaurs. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159719_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} Ooh, I love the centaurs. They're just so cute! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Exactly, Rhonda, who could resist those sweet little faces, and that cute way they shuffle around on all those hands they have. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} But humans must be so caught up with their pleasant features that they forget the most important thing about centaurs. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} And what might that be, Best Friend Tabitha? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Centaurs {stressed}eat humans, Rhonda! You see, humans are a lot smaller, and much more tender than you or I, so centaurs naturally see them as food. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} Ah, that *would* make it hard for them to get along, wouldn't it? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015971F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Indeed. Given the situation, I had to make a hard choice when I created Utobitha - do we invite weak, greedy humans who would just die anyway? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159720_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Or cute, loveable centaurs, who fight and die for us and ask nothing in return? After much deliberation, I went with the centaurs. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159721_1
Radio RadioBMSegment06 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} And there you have it, Utobitha. The next time you play with a huggable, loveable centaur, remember that Best Friend Tabitha made it all possible. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159722_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Rhonda} We're here once again with our beloved leader. Best Friend Tabitha, why don't you tell our listeners what you just told me? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159741_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} I was just saying that I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding about the mutants here in the State of Utobitha. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159742_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Rhonda} And what would *that* be? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159743_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} I believe that the mutants here are generally considered to dislike humans. And nothing could be further from the truth. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159744_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} During their stay here, mutants are taught to tolerate, and even accept, the existence of inferior, frail creatures, humans included. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159745_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Rhonda} Ooh, how insightful! So then how do you think this misunderstanding came about? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159746_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that every mutant in the State of Utobitha has been give explicit orders regarding security. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159747_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} Those orders naturally include shooting humans on sight. Or pounding them with whatever happens to be handy. Guns being in short supply, you see. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159748_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Tabitha} As I've explained, there are numerous dangers to humans here, and we have a duty to drive them away. It's for their own good, really. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159749_1
Radio RadioBMSegment07 RadioBMSegment07 {Rhonda} Makes sense to me! And the silly humans think we don't care. {said dramatically}For shame. Stick around, Utobitha, for more after this! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015974A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Tabitha} Do you remember the good old days where the Master ruled over us all? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159738_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Rhonda} When his gentle, compelling, and yet oddly insistent voice crawled through your mind and told you exactly what to do? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159739_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Tabitha} Do you miss a time when you didn't have to think for yourself, and enjoyed lazy days of following the bellowed commands of others? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Rhonda} Those days can be yours again, for Best Friend Tabitha, the esteemed leader of the State of Utobitha, is here to tell you what to do! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Tabitha} That's right! I, Tabitha, will take on the burden of your obedience! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Rhonda, sotto voce} Acceptance into Utobitha pending Best Friend Tabitha's approval. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Rhonda, sotto voce}Best Friend Tabitha reserves the right to turn down applicants for any reason, including whimsy or boredom. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Rhonda, sotto voce} Acceptance into Utobitha open to mutants only. Former human servants of the Master conditionally accepted for purposes of centaur feeding duties. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015973F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment08 RadioBMSegment08 {Tabitha} Utobitha! Come, take a load off your mind! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159740_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} Welcome to another episode of Know - Your - Mutants! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159724_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} Special guest star Best Friend Tabitha is with us in the studio to share her insights on this topic that affects us all. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159725_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} Thank you, Rhonda. Today I'd like to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart, the nightkin. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159726_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} Ooooh, you must know a lot about the nightkin, Best Friend Tabitha, seeing as how you are one! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159727_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} That's true, Rhonda. I am in a unique position to speak to the natural superiority of my kind. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159728_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} {clears throat}Our story begins, as most stories do, with the Master. Our glorious leader had created the Super Mutants, but something nagged at him. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159729_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} "I can do better", he must have said to himself. And boy did he ever! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} A new type of mutant was created - stronger, faster, smarter, more dangerous in every way. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} We were to normal super mutants what they were to humans, and they were told to defer to us in all things. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} And you're the leader of all the nightkin, correct? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} Yes, as the highest ranking nightkin alive, my voice speaks for all nightkin everywhere, ever. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} Which is why all super mutants should do what you say, right? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015972F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} That's right! My position of supreme authority must never be questioned! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159730_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} One last thing. Is there any truth to the rumor that all Nightkin are slightly crazy from their overuse of psychologically damaging pre-war tech? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159731_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Tabitha} None at all, Rhonda. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159732_1
Radio RadioBMSegment09 RadioBMSegment09 {Rhonda} There you have it, Utobitha! Nightkin, your benevolent overlords, who are most certainly *not* crazy. We'll be back after this! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159733_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} Welcome, Utobitha, to another episode of Know - Your - Mutants! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015974B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} Today we're proud to have Best Friend Tabitha with us. Welcome to the show! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015974C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} Good to be here, Rhonda. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015974D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} So what type of mutant did you want to talk about this time, Best Friend Tabitha? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015974E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} I thought I'd briefly talk about first generation Super Mutants, Rhonda. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015974F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} Oooh, what can you tell us about them? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159750_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} What we call the first generation of Super Mutants, Rhonda, were actually created by the Master himself. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159751_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} Like everything the Master took a direct hand in, they were better than the ones who came later, the ones made by accident. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159752_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} They were smarter, almost as smart as Nightkin, and were able to think and act for themselves. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159753_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} However, the first generation seems to have some kind of suicidal urge that they can't control. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159754_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} How terrible! What makes you say that, Best Friend Tabitha? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159755_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} So far, all first generation Super Mutants that have come to Utobitha have left not soon after. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159756_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} How strange! Why would anyone leave the safety and comfort that Utobitha provides? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159757_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha} Why, indeed. But now there's not a single first generation Super Mutant in Utobitha. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159758_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda} Except Neil. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159759_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Tabitha, grumbling}Except Neil. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015975A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment10 RadioBMSegment10 {Rhonda, speaking quickly, sounding nervous, like Tabitha might attack her}Well! I think we've all learned something today. Let's go to music! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015975B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda} You're listening to another edition of Know - Your - Mutants, with Best Friend Tabitha! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159771_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda} So, Best Friend Tabitha, who will we learn about today? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159772_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Tabitha, sounding like she's really not looking forward to this} I guess it's time we talked the dumb-dumbs. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159773_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda} Oh, you mean the second generation Super Mutants who aren't so bright? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159774_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Tabitha, grasping for something meaningful to say} That's them. Dumb-dumbs... ah... that is... they... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159775_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda, throwing her a lifeline} They're very big. And strong. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159776_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Tabitha, grateful} Yes! They're just as big as other mutants, and as strong as they look. Beyond that, uh... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159777_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda, another lifeline} And there's a lot of them. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159778_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Tabitha} Oh yeah, dumb-dumbs are the most common type of mutant that most travelers will encounter, and make up more than half the mutants here in Utobitha. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159779_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda} Best Friend Tabitha, some of our listeners may wonder how you can call them dumb-dumbs on the air like this. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015977A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Tabitha} That's a good question, Rhonda. The truth is, they're so dumb they don't even know that I'm talking about them right now. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015977B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment11 RadioBMSegment11 {Rhonda} And that's another revealing look at mutantkind. Second generation Super Mutants. Big. Numerous. {said with a flourish}Dumb. More after this! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_0015977C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment12 RadioBMSegment12 {Rhonda, faint, she's not speaking into the mike} What do you think we should play next? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159701_1
Radio RadioBMSegment12 RadioBMSegment12 {Tabitha, same, not speaking into mike} It doesn't matter, just grab something. And check on Raul while you're at it. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159702_1
Radio RadioBMSegment12 RadioBMSegment12 {Tabitha, faint, coming from a speaker in Raul's room} Raul! Why are you on the radio? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159705_1
Radio RadioBMSegment12 RadioBMSegment12 {Rhonda} Sorry about that, Utobitha! Here's some music! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment1_00159708_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Rhonda] You're listening to Radio Free Utobitha, bringing truth to Utobithians 24 hours a day! Welcome! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4F2_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Tabitha] I still miss you, Rhonda. After all these years... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4EE_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Rhonda] Also joining us from his locked cell is Raul Tejada, master mechanic who can be executed at any time! Hello, Raul. Or should that be "Hola?" RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4ED_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Tabitha] Today you die, Raul! I command it! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4EB_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Rhonda] Ooooh, Raul. Supreme commander Tabitha says you die today. Any reaction? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4EA_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Silence.] RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4E8_1
Radio RadioBMSegment01 RadioBMSegment01 [Tabitha] <Growls in frustration.> RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA4E7_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Rhonda] You're listening to UNC - the Utobithian News Channel - with breaking news! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5BA_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Rhonda] The execution of master mechanic Raul Tajeda has again been commuted for a period of 24 hours to allow time for important repairs. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B9_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Tabitha] <snarling> This time you will get it done, Raul! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B8_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Rhonda] Joining us from his cell to comment on the situation is Raul Tejada. Raul? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B7_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Rhonda] What's your take on the situation? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B5_1
Radio RadioBMSegment02 RadioBMSegment02 [Rhonda] We'll be right back after this word from our sponsor during which Raul will contemplate how lucky he is to be alive. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5BB_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Tabitha] Are you tired of getting chased because you're bigger than humans, and scaring them? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Tabitha] Did you kill some and they overreacted? Are two-head-bear people shooting at you, and battle cattle mooing? Beware the battle cattle... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Rhonda]<whispering a line prompt> "Leave the fear behind." RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Tabitha] Leave the Fear Behind. Meet at the Mountain Top! Enjoy life in a state of Utobitha - Free, Safe, Secure! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Rhonda] <rushing sotto voce like disclaimers at the end of prescription ads> Freedom limited to following the commands of Best Friend Tabitha... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Rhonda] <Cont.> Safety not guaranteed against siege or assault by two-head-bear people or battle cattles. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA59A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Rhonda] <Cont.> Many infractions are punishable by death, no allowances for dumb-dumb "misunderstandings". RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA599_1
Radio RadioBMSegment03 RadioBMSegment03 [Tabitha] Utobitha! Come feel the difference! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A0_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] Welcome back, Utobitha. It's time! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B2_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] Time for what, Rhonda? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B1_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] <sing-song> True Eye Seeing Time! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B0_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] I see that you're already wearing the True Eyes, Best Friend Tabitha, along with your head of True Hair. What do you see? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5AE_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] Uh... I see Neil... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5AD_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] First-generation Neil from down the mountain? And what is he up to? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5AC_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] Standing outside his shack down there. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5AB_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] In the same spot as before, or has he moved? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5AA_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] A little. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A9_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] Wow! It must be so exciting to see and know all. What a powerful reminder of your ultimate authority and power for our listeners! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A8_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] I see Moe... RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A7_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] Moe, the Centaur? Favorite Centaur Moe? What's he up to? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A6_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] Licking the gate. Wants out of the pen. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A5_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] Now, I'm almost afraid to ask, but do you see any - you know - threats out there? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A4_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Tabitha] Threats all around us... converging... like a noose, tightening! Two-head-bear people astride battle cattles! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A3_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] <unnerved> Not the the dreaded battle cattle training to hunt mutants? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A2_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] <calmer> Would it be going too far to say that your gift of True Eyesight is the only thing saving our community from annihilation? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5A1_1
Radio RadioBMSegment04 RadioBMSegment04 [Rhonda] Because I think it's so important for everyone - even the dumb-dumbs - how impossible it is to sneak up on us! More after this! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_000EA5B3_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} Welcome back, Utobitha. I have with me Best Friend Tabitha, who has something important she'd like to share. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970A_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Well Rhonda, I'm a little concerned about the number of humans that keep coming to Black Mountain. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970B_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} Humans? Here? Why do you think they'd do that? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970C_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} Honestly, I think they're a little jealous of the ideal society we've built here, Rhonda. And I can't blame them. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970D_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} We have everything we need here. Food, shelter, safety, entertainment. It really is a paradise. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970E_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} There's no arguing with the truth, is there? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_0015970F_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} But humans need to be aware that Black Mountain is no place for them. In fact, it's even dangerous for them here. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159710_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} {gasps}Why is that? RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159711_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} First of all, there's the radiation. That warm, peaceful glow that we all know and love doesn't have the same effect on humans. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159712_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} You see, humans are weak, and have an inherent defect that causes them to fall apart when exposed to radiation. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159713_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} That sounds terrible! How do they stand it? Radiation's, like, everywhere! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159714_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Tabitha} I know. They truly have a hard lot in life. Which may explain why they're so irritable all the time. RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159715_1
Radio RadioBMSegment05 RadioBMSegment05 {Rhonda} I don't know about you, Utobitha, but my eyes have really been opened. We'll be back after some music! RadioBlack_RadioBMSegment0_00159716_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioDumb BMTabithaDishHutRadioDumb [Dumb] Uh... what? Why do I even bother? Go play with something shiny, dumb dumb. VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E947C_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioFan BMTabithaDishHutRadioFan Aren't you the super mutant from the radio? I'm a huge fan. Why thank you! It's always gratifying to talk to one's fans. Hold on, I have something I need to do for a second. VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E9472_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSayNothing BMTabithaDishHutRadioSayNothing <Say nothing.> Gah, stupid dumb dumbs have the attention span of a gnat. VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E9473_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech We no follow you no more! We follow Neil! He no call us dumb-dumbs! [SUCCEEDED] I am supreme commander Best Friend Tabitha! Neil is nothing! You are all traitors! I sentence all dumb-dumbs to death! VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000EBE07_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech We no dumb-dumbs! You the stupid, not us! We's taking over! [SUCCEEDED] A dumb-dumb revolt, you say? Then I sentence all dumb-dumbs to death! VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E9478_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech We no follow you no more! We follow Neil! He no call us dumb-dumbs! [FAILED] Hello. Was that supposed to sound like a dumb-dumb? Because they sound dumber than that. They sound like this: "Duuuuuh." VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000EBE06_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech We no follow you no more! We follow Neil! He no call us dumb-dumbs! Excuse me just a moment, would you? VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000EBE06_2
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech Hi. We "dumb-dumbs" is rebelling! You no lead us no more! [FAILED] Hello. Was that supposed to sound like a dumb-dumb? Because they sound dumber than that. They sound like this: "Duuuuuh." VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E9479_1 VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000EBE06_1
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech Hi. We "dumb-dumbs" is rebelling! You no lead us no more! Excuse me just a moment, would you? VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E9479_2 VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000EBE06_2
Topic BMTabithaDishHutRadioStart BMTabithaDishHutRadioStart You've interrupted my broadcast, dumb-dumb - so there had better be a good reason! What is it? VFreeformB_BMTabithaDishHu_000E946E_1
Conversation BMTabithaRhondaReunion BMTabithaRhondaReunion R- Rhonda? Is that you? VFreeformB_BMTabithaRhonda_000E9474_1
Radio RadioBMMusicIntros RadioBMMusicIntros Now, music. RadioBlack_RadioBMMusicInt_000E60DA_1
Radio RadioBMMusicIntros RadioBMMusicIntros And now, music. RadioBlack_RadioBMMusicInt_000E60DB_1
Radio RadioBMMusicIntros RadioBMMusicIntros But you don't want to listen to me, do you? You want music. RadioBlack_RadioBMMusicInt_000E60DC_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat {Tabitha voice}You can't escape my True Eyes! VFreeformB_LostToCombat_0015CD0C_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost {Tabitha voice}Where'd they go, Rhonda? VFreeformB_CombatToLost_0015CD13_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive {Rhonda voice}This one's for all my listeners! VFreeformB_FireExplosive_0015CCFC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I... don't know how to thank you for bringing Rhonda back to me, stranger. VFreeformB_GREETING_000E9476_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Here, take this. I won't be needing it anymore. VFreeformB_GREETING_000E9476_2
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey, you've interrupted my broadcast, dumb-dumb - so there had better be a good reason! What is it? VFreeformB_GREETING_000E6CA7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING There's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools! VFreeformB_GREETING_0011F951_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I don't even remember where we were going, but It'll be good to travel around with Rhonda again. VFreeformB_GREETING_0015D0A6_1