Taboo Tattoos

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Taboo Tattoos
Editor IDPerkMagTattoo01 to PerkMagTattoo05
Base ID00184d9b (issue 1)

00184da5 (issue 2)
00184dc0 (issue 3)
00180a2a (issue 4)

00185ce2 (issue 5)

Every issue of Taboo Tattoos you collect adds a new, unique facial tattoo, available at any facial reconstruction surgeon.

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Taboo Tattoos is a magazine in Fallout 4.


A pre-War magazine dedicated to the socially-unacceptable subject of tattooing oneself. Every issue collected unlocks an unique facial tattoo.


Location Precise position
Concord (Concord Civic Access) In the scavenger’s sleeping area, close to the steamer trunk, western area near exit stairs.
Irish Pride Industries shipyard On the metal bench, inside the docked ship, in the shipyard interior.
Mass Pike tunnel In the southern tunnel branching off of the main tunnel.
Vault 81 Inside Horatio’s barber’s shop, main atrium area.
Thicket excavations In the metal trailer caravan on the marble edge (south) of the excavation area, close to two other trailers.


Only five magazines can be found in the game, but more are found in the game's files