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Sawyer[edit source]

According to JE Sawyer, New Vegas sort of retcons ammo a little. 10mm is restricted to military and vault weapons, while 9mm is more popular amongst prewar civilians. The idea being that 10mm is a "High Tech" or "Vault" ready round whereas 9mm is more down to earth. Its prevalence in the NCR and Capital Wasteland can be explained by the massive volume of military bases and contractors, and by the fact that military and vault arms would be more likely to survive than civilian arms in areas that got heavy bombing.

On the other hand, Sawyer's also stressed that since Obsidian doesn't own the Fallout license, anything he says is only canon until Bethesda decides otherwise. Should the article be revised to bring his views of ammo/weapons into it, or not? 04:22, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

Well they haven't said otherwise, so it's canon. You could add it if you really want, but I think it'd need a citation. Alternatively, it can stay here on the talkpage. I don't think the sky will fall. 16:21, June 19, 2011 (UTC)