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This is the second most important SPECIAL in my opinion. --Cerebral plague 15:13, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

in FO:NV this stat is ridiculously good, and for a shooter type character i would try to prioritize it. the increase in reload speed and draw time is really so much that you are gimping yourself without high agility. the run speed and AP regeneration speeds do improve, but its not as dramatic of a difference as reload and draw speeds.

comparing 1 to 10 agility, i notice a roughly 20% increase in run speed and AP regeneration, and 50% or greater difference in reload and draw times. i didnt use a stop watch, but those are my rough estimates.

for reference a grenade rifle with 1 agility shoots once and reloads at a snails pace leaving you vulnerable for an extended amount of time. with a 10 agility it reloads so fast it almost feels like a semi-automatic weapon.

Speaking of Fallout: New Vegas (at least for the PC version), the game appears to check your Agility stat to determine your draw and reload times only after you switch weapons. This means a character with a natural Agility of 8 who suddenly suffers from Deadly Dehydration, Minor Sleep Deprivation, and Advanced Radiation Poisoning (which would lower his or her Agility to 4) will still reload as fast as if he or she had 8 Agility as long as he or she did not switch weapons after suffering from those status ailments. This works in reverse too, and the effect seems to persist through game loads, so if you were to play as a character with 2 Agility and load a game with a character with 8 Agility, the latter character would still reload and draw his or her weapon as if he or she had 2 Agility until a weapon switch. Micharus 23:57, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

High Agility Glitch ?

If your character's got 9~10 Agility or Quick Draw Perk then sometimes one-handed guns drawing animation played twice. really annoying glitch. (NV, Xbox360)

10 Agility, 1 Agility

I added the two quotes Doc Mitchell gives you for having 10 or 1 Agility in the notes section. --CptMuddles 17:16, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Agility does not affect run speed

I just tested with a stop watch over a distance taking roughly 30 seconds. The difference between a 1 and 10 agility character was nil. This is easy for anyone to test for themselves.Brightshade782 01:46, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

I can confirm this. I did a test about a week ago with the same results. Only difference in times I had was 0.2s which is obviously down to me not hitting the stopwatch at the exact right time.
Also, while the guide does say is affects "Maximum run speed", the game doesn't say that (at least not that I've ever seen). It only ever says "Speed" which I think just refers to reloading and drawing/holstering but is misinterpreted as meaning running speed. --Valadez 10:46, January 6, 2011 (UTC)