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So how can I get more ammo for this bad boy?[edit source]

The alien captain had 157, is that all there is in the entire game? or is there more anywhere? has anyone ever found any more ever?

also dps is more like 500 not 200

~Much like FO3, there was a very limited amount of Ammo for the Alien Blaster until the Zeta DLC came out and you could get a lot more. I'm hoping the same will be said for FO:NV

Jury Rigging Repair?[edit source]

With the perk Jury Rigging, is it possible to repair the Alien Blaster with any other similiar, earthly weapon? Sadist King 07:11, November 7, 2010 (UTC)Sadist King

wtf?[edit source]

i killed the captain and he had no alien blaster? what the hell? 06:22, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

  • Same here. He had alien power cells, but only a laser pistol. I dunno wtf. 21:21, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

The Captain may not always drop the Alien Blaster, you will have to reload a saved game and kill him until it drops. This happened on the PC & Xbox 360... probably same for PS3.

0% chance in vats[edit source]

I just acquired the Alien Blaster, I have 100 Energy Weapons skill... and I have ZERO chance to hit anyone anywhere at any distance! This only happens with the Alien Blaster, and I don't have any mods. Any possible solution? --44 Magnum 18:23, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, I figured something out, I had loads of Steady chem, and somehow while it is active, the Alien Blaster has 0% to hit. WTF is that, can I fix this in the GECK? --44 Magnum 19:08, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

How do you get infinite ammo?[edit source]

Someone mentionned a way to get infinite ammo for the Alien blaster (Fallout: New Vegas) using some kind of glitch. All I seem to find are ways to get infinite 5.56mm and archimedesII bullets/charges. Could someone tell me how to duplicate the alien cells on the ps3 and xbox please, and perhaps include it in this post. Thanks a lot in advance.

Well it's not really a glitch but it you put the Alien Blaster and 1 round of ammo on a dead body and let a hostile human pick it up, the AI will create more rounds which can be looted after you kill that hostile. Have fun doing that, though, while under fire from an unstoppable death ray. I recommend doing this in the vicinity of Vault 3 where you can chain this effect with about a dozen fiends and really rack up a whole lot of power cells.Kara MacNamara 08:41, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Crit Multiplier ≠ 100%[edit source]

It took me multiple shots to take out most Deathclaws using this weapon, and did not give me a "Critical Hit" message on every shot. When I did get a crit, I tended to one-shot those Deathclaws. Leads me to question whether the crit multiplier really is 100% still as it was in FO3. If it is, then perhaps it's just not consistently giving Critical Hit messages. Played on Xbox 360 with natural crit chance of 17 (7 Luck, First Recon Beret, True Police Stories).

I don't recall ever seeing a crit hit message, but I don't really pay attention to those things. But regular deathclaws died in 2 shots for me, one if hit in the head. My luck was, I think, 4. --Pongsifu 02:42, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

Energy Weapon Users[edit source]

What would be better for an Energy Weapons user? THe YCS/186 or the Alien Weapon? Seems to me like the Alien Weapon is much stronger, but i like the Scope and long range for the YCS/186. Feedback is appreciated. Nosferus 05:43, November 26, 2010 (UTC)

a non energy weapon user like my self still can get good results using this weapon because of its raw power however the higher your energy weapons skill will determine accuracy and overall damage but since i raely use it and when i do its at close range so its hard to missuse. quite frankly if your an energy weapons user the laser RWC is accually a really good choice of weapon due to its accuracy with a high energy weapon skill and the fact the ammo is fairly common and can even be manufactured by the player at a reloading bench. the YCS/186 gauss rifle is only a single shot weapon and should be an energy user sniper rifle but can be used effectively at mid range and at close if it come to that but is far better at range. simmilar to the laser RWC ammo is more common then alien power cells so either option is more acceptable for energy weapon users. if you can afford to use the rare alien blaster and its power cell do so but keep in mind onece its used up its ammo thats about it, they are glitches to get more but the are costly to time and can have unforseen consequences. My personal stand point is the alien blaster is worth collecting for the fact that you can say "yeah i got it" but i wouldent bother useing it simply because ammo is to the best of my knowledge immpossibe to actually find after you first get it, the only possible use that i can think of would be to use it as a quick way to deal with deathclaws until you get better gear and maybe during the final mission to fight at hoover damm and against legate lanius who has the highest hit points of any NPC in the game (over 900). Wastelandwarrior1280 5:08pm november 26, 2010 (EST)

You can use the YCS through the whole game as a main weapon and keep purchasing as much ammo as you want, and with high enough energy weapons skill and high critical chances and/or high sneak for stealth attacks, the YCS becomes a death cannon. The alien blaster has a very limited amount of ammo so its more likely a weapon to get out of the OHSHIT situations or, to run around blasting stuff during the final battle at hoover dam.

Nerf in Patch[edit source]

  • Damage 100 -> 75
  • Attackshots/sec 2.49 -> 1.75
  • DPS 249 -> 131
  • Critdmg Damage 100 -> 50

infinate ammo glitch[edit source]

i posted about this glitch on the alien blaster page, so just go to the alien blater page and it will show the allien blaster infinate ammo glitch and the mini nuke glitch.

Old world blues[edit source]

The Sink Auto-Doc at Old world blues allows yo u to change perks. I already had the YCS gauss rifle, then I changed to Wild Wasteland trait. Can I still get this gun from there?

No User:AvatarUser talk:Avatar 11:28, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

if you want more ammo you find some some one by them self pick pock them than take there gun or main wepon get then stop the pick pock drop the alien blaster they will try to kill them dont kill them wait for them to pick it up then take out there arm wait for them to pick it back up then kill them take the gun and the amount of ammo changes every time repeat till you r satafide