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Short-lived New Friends[edit source]

Did anyone else feel disappointed that it was impossible to save anyone from the inaptly named "Happy Trails Caravan?"

I know that you shouldn't expect NPCs to hang around with you for long, but after meeting and talking with Jed, Ricky and Stella, I was looking forward to more interactions with them. They seemed like interesting characters, and I actually thought, "Hey, this looks like it might be kinda fun," especially compared to traveling with Boone and Rex.

When the ambush first started, I thought, "Jeeze! These White Legs are tough!" I hit the guy up on the ridge (the one who kills the first guard) with a shot from my YCS/186, and he didn't flinch. After the first run-through, I figured the point was to try to keep as many of them alive as possible, and I tried again with different weapons and strategies.

At one point, I was sure I had kept Ricky, Jed and Stella alive, but I probably just loaded a save before they got killed. I finally determined their death must be scripted after I realized I couldn't kill the White Legs before they managed to take down their targets. After that, they splattered all over the canyon.

So there I stood, surrounded by the (dismembered) bodies of my new pals. And what do I get to replace them? Jar-Jar B...I mean Follows-Chalk. Makes me miss Boone, or at least wish there was a 9th section on the Companion Wheel, with two choices: Yammer or STFU!
Tharnhelm 19:19, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

Bugs[edit source]

Are any of the bugs listed on the page verified, or are they just one persons experience? Most of them are listed for Xbox and I've never experienced them. They sound more like one time occurrences to me. ReapTheChaos 03:34, June 14, 2011 (UTC)