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not long ago, Bethesda made an announcmente taht they were goning to launch games on Wii. Me, all hopeful, sent them a mail, here, read both mail and answer


Thanks for the email. At present, we have no current plans to do a Wii version.

Thank you for your interest.

Original Message-----

From: Xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx [1] Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 6:12 PM To: Press2005 Subject: game_question

Name: Diego Email: Xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx

Subject: Fallout Message: Wii Want Fallout.

Yeah, i know, Corny, but I heard in a forum that you (As Bethesda Soft) were planning to make a game for Wii. And since I love fallout in all it\'s different editions, why not asking nicely if you could try to make a wii edition of any fallout.

please, if it\'s not too much trouble, could you answer? at least a sign that this has be read. Thank you from before hand.

Diego Sender IP:"

:<[edit source]

I don't think the Wii can support Fallout 3. 14:49, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

broken steel[edit source]

When people downloaded broken steel on 360 at the end when i turn on purifier i lay under another bed and breath wierd so if anyone can helpsend it to cmackearney @ yahoo.com

Lolno[edit source]

The Wii is much too slow to support Fallout 3.

Type Correctly[edit source]

Do you guys just not know how to type or are you doing that on purpose?

Sorry not all of you. My bad.