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Talk:Bitter Springs recreation area

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Bus Wrecks[edit source]

Is it worth mentioning that the bus wrecks with unusually pristine interiors are probably the same model that was used in the opening cutscene for Fallout 3? The noticable lack of detail (lights, trim etc) on the exterior of these buses seems to reinforce this idea, as it's only the interior of the bus that is scene in the aforementioned opening cutscene for Fallout 3. These wrecks also have the same section of the rear end missing, and seem to be a little bit larger than the "normal" City-Liners. 17:49, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

Notable Loot[edit source]

I think it should say in the article that all of the notable loot is inside of the recreation office, since the article is on the reaction area, not just the office.