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I think there's something else here, or maybe its a glitch, but i have a quest active, and inside the caverns there's TWO markers on the map. One is the main entrance where i came in, and the other is in the bottom right part of the top left cavern. I searched all around it, but its just impassable rock, no secret doors i can find. anyone have any clues? 20:05, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

the only quest that leads you to bootjack cavern is when that lady at the thorn asks you to bring her some fire gecko eggs, you find the eggs on the right side of the cavern after you enter.

picture[edit source]

The pip boy map picture on the main page is close but a little too far south; it doesn't actually show the location given by the quest marker (Bleed Me Dry). The Marker appears halfway between the Lucky Jim Mine and Clark Field.Maddogg408 18:27, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

  • bootjack cavern is actually closer to lucky jim mine by about 1/3 the distance between the two.
  • map picture has been updated and is precisely accurate now. ~~~kev~~~
  • User:Jspoelstra has gone in and deliberately re-posted the crappy, inaccurate picture that doesn't even show the actual location of the cavern. why would anyone want to put up a pic of a location and not have the actual location in the pic? are you deliberately trying to confuse people who might actually need this reference, J? i will try to keep an eye on this and keep an accurate pic up. if someone has a better pic to post, fine, just please make it clear and accurate. ~~~kev~~~

To Kev:

  • Just FYI, I've posted maps for all New Vegas map marker locations, this one was one of the very few I miscalculated and landed on the edge of the map. I would have to make a whole new map, with names, to correct it.

Be glad there are maps, hadn't I uploaded them, maybe there would't have been map marker images at all. By the way, the one posted now isn't much better either. Jspoelstra 18:36, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

  • why do you think the one i posted isn't much better? you suppose it should be zoomed out more, showing more of the surrounding map markers? i prefer the maps zoomed in more, personally, but whatever. if it needs to be done, i can make an accurate zoomed out pic. i am not here to debate your ability to post accurate pictures on a regular basis, only trying to help fix one of the few you accidentally miscalculated. why is that so unreasonable? if you agree that yours is inaccurate, yet believe that mine is not much better, then why bother changing it back repeatedly? why not get your calculations right and post an accurate one that is "better" than mine? whatever better is in your opinion... maybe it's the simple fact that my map doesn't have the exact font and coloring for the location names as the game does that make it sub-par... or maybe it's the simple fact that your pride in your effort on all the other maps is keeping you from allowing someone else to replace one that you miscalculated because the replacement creates a hiccup in the visual continuity of the overall project? what would you have me do, just pretend like i don't care? ~~~kev~~~