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I can't say for sure but I'm fairly confident that the last and newest picture to this page is from a mod: Enclave Commander.

1. Outcasts don't use Vertibirds. Enclave use them frequently and the BoS have a few but only one is seen

2. Outcasts don't use plasma rifles, or at least that I've seen.

I don't want to seem like a tattletale but I know a mod when I see one...--KnightNapier 23:34, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

I wish they were in New Vegas

Don't we all. --Huskywolf 10:44 AM

Types of Patrol Spawns

I've come across some spawn points and patrols that don't correspond to the random encounter table. The trigger mechanic doesn't match either. They also seem to be Outcast specific. No mention of it elsewhere. I think people are assuming that they tripped an random encounter, not something else. Can anyone verify this through the GECK?, I'm console impaired(ie. I play on a console system). The first one I could pin down to a location is on the road south of Arfu, at the intersection leading to Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast. It's most noticeable when using the wait command at the intersection for 1 to 3 hours(game time not real time). 18:40, March 26, 2011 (UTC)

Hostile Outcasts

Just noticed the outcasts are hostile to me, but i can't recall killing any of them or invading Fort Independence, In fact, that was the first time i met them outside the Outcast Outpost (for DLC) and they were hostile. Any thoughts on why they are hostile? Thanks.

Top three reasons: -Stray bullets -Theft -Trespassing

Since you had contact with them through the DLC, think about what you may have done at the Outpost. Did any of the named outcasts die no matter whose fault it was? Did you pickpocket or steal anything there? Have you trespassed, hacked any Outcast terminals, or picked any Outcast locks?

Regardless of what you may have done, letting the guard outside die drops your rep with them which doesn't endear you to them. Also, the quest-line resolves itself violently without careful planning. Most likely it was how you resolved that conflict. Just Sayin' 16:52, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

I'd guess that was the reason. I did the DLC, and probably had a hand in several Outcast deaths, but was still able to talk to Casdin and arrange a deal afterwards. However, upon returning to the outpost to get stuff, there was a super mutant attack, and that guard died, and the Outcasts are now hostile. I have no other explanation, other than my dealings with the Brotherhood - the Outcasts weren't hostile before I arrived at the Citadel, so I guess it could be that? 17:08, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

I entered the the door at fort independence and now they attack me how can i become allies again so i can trade him scrap metal and when i go their no ones out side but the turrets on the bridge attack me

I'm having the same issue. Anybody knows any console command to fix this? Tried loading my 3 saves already still the same thing. Help!

Spawn Location Map Omissions

An Outcast patrol is assigned to spawn on a road near every vault, major military installation, and the scrapyard. Raven Rock being the only known exception at this time, though possibly near there as well. The random encounter map listed on its respective page comprehensively lists them all. Currently Tagaziel's map is missing the spawn points outside of vaults 87 and 101. The known patrol locations are as follows:

   Fort Bannister - on the road south of it, just outside the main gate
   Fort Constantine - just outside the south gate
   Fort Independence - out front, on top of the over pass with the auto turret
   Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast - on the road, at the intersection west of the bridge
   National Guard Depot - in front, outside the gate
   Scrapyard - just outside the south gate
   Smith Casey's Garage - north of it, on the road just before the road-block
   Vault 92 - on the road south of the vault, just west of the intersection
   Vault 87 - on the road due south of the map marker, near a ruined car
   Vault 101 - on the road in front of the entrance
   Vault 108 - on the road west of the vault, just north of the intersection
   Wheaton Armory - just outside the north gate 

I posted the random encounter map with the patrol sites almost a year ago, but it's still currently more up to date. --Xclockwatcher 07:07, 17 November 2012 (UTC)