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Something may need to be added about when Butch actually has the unique switchblade "Butch's Toothpick". If you kill him during escape, he'll have a switchblade, but it will be a regular one. Maybe this is due to follower equipment? I wonder if giving him the BB gun then killing him would make it appear or does it not appear until trouble on the homefront? KaisarDragon 17:54, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

When does he appear/not appear in the Muddy Rudder?

From the article:

There are about nine different solutions to Trouble on the Homefront (check Trouble on the Homefront page to see all 9 solutions). However, it is not known which of the solutions will lead to or preclude his appearance in Muddy Rudder. It has been reported that he would appear if:
  • The vault is evacuated.
  • Overseer is persuaded to step down.
  • The Overseer is killed.
  • Amata and the rebels are convinced to stay. (Confirmed, although he will not talk to you (Note:the dialog screen will appear,but it will be empty and close after a brief amount of time).
  • The guards fulfill their secret plan located on the terminal in the security office.

Let's clear this up, shall we? Any info from the people? Thanks.--Gothemasticator 07:11, May 21, 2010 (UTC)

I have both evacuated the vault and killed the (new) overseer, and he has appeared in the Muddy Rudder and would talk to me and could be recruited. Dunno about the others, though. Metalspork talk  contribs

21:43, May 21, 2010 (UTC)

I had the old Overseer step down and he appeared at the Muddy Rudder and I was able talk to and recruit him. I suppose that one is kinda obvious... but it doesn't hurt to be thorough. Snakewyvern 18:48, May 22, 2010 (UTC)


I imagine the answer is probably no but does Butch have any unique dialogue while fighting radroaches as a companion? Or does he flee? I'l' see myself if no-one knows.

no, he'll stay and fight anything even the most dangerous, deadly, FEARSOME beasts of the wasteland. i guess he finally stopped being such a sissy and manned up. and also, what the heck?!?!? he expects you to save his mom after he's been a complete *beeep* to u all your life??!??!!??!!!! but yeahh, if i saw roaches the size of a 1-year-old, i'd probably run for help and be a sissy too sooo........ really, who WOULDNT do that??! lol :)

Me.I helped the radroaches kill his mom 'cuz the bi**h tried to take my sweetroll!-- 00:51, August 13, 2011 (UTC)Phoenixstorms

appearence is farmiliar

when i see butch in a leather jacket i thought to my self that remindes me of gangs called the greasers. like in the game BULLY. or in a movie but i dont know what movie. come on im a kid and i know most lots of things that look alike i played fallout 3 for years.

no shit, sherlock. they're modeled after youth gangs in the 50's

Butch won't follow RL glitch?

Ok, so I'm trying the RL glitch...Did it successfully with Charon, so now I have Dogmeat, Charon, and RL. I did the Trouble on the Homefront quest and now Butch is in the Muddy Rudder bar...I have RL wait, then choose second option and then fire...He leaves the room, I hire butch, but he won't follow. He has all the commands of a companion, and I can select "Let's go", but his character still moves around muddy rudder as if I didn't hire him. What's the deal?

Butch's name

Tell me if this is too far fetched, but... Butch reminded me of a certain 1950s bully called 'Biff' from Back to the Future, where a certain 'DeLorian' also places an important role. Could that be the explanation for his name? 23:01, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

An explanation? Possibly. But it's far too weak to be considered a reference. Plus, aside from being of the bully gang leader archetype, Biff and Butch have nothing in common. --Kris User Hola.jpg 23:17, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
What? I thought it was blatantly obvious that Butch DeLoria is a double reference to the Back to the Future series, Biff Tannen specifically. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/0/08/Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 23:21, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
I disagree. It's a very weak reference if it's one at all, which is unlikely. --Kris User Hola.jpg 23:23, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
Check out some pics of Biff. For one thing, he and his gang don't wear leather. Also, Biff is huge. Not so Mr. DeLoria.--Gothemasticator 00:17, October 4, 2010 (UTC)
Also, Biff is dumb. Very dumb. Butch is far from a genius, but he's got some smarts. --Kris User Hola.jpg 00:21, October 4, 2010 (UTC)
Not every reference needs to whack you over the head and scream "I'm a pop culture reference!". If he's not supposed to be a reference, then why is he named Butch (a name close to Biff in general feel) and DeLoria? DeLoria is not a common name and it's far less common with such capitalization. Unless, of course, you look up DeLorean DMC-12 and notice that the capitalization is exactly the same as in Butch's name. Note added to article. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/0/08/Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 06:22, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

They don't look alike. They don't share common dialogue. Their actions don't mirror each other except in the broadest possible way. Butch is not similar enough to Biff to be meaningful. DeLoria and DeLorean don't really match up either. All we're left with is DeLoria sounds like DeLorean and they're both 50's bullies. That's not enough to go on.--Gothemasticator 06:37, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

What we're left with is:
  1. Biff, just like Butch is a stereotypical jock name
  2. Both are bullies in a 50s or 50s-inspired setting
  3. DeLoria is capitalized exactly like DeLorean; my search has not turned up anyone named Deloria who would capitalize his name in such a way, except, of course, for John DeLorean and his car.
As I said, not every reference needs to be "Hurr Durr I'm A Pop Culture Reference" like in Fallout 2. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean no one does. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/0/08/Personal_Sig_Image.gif Tagaziel (call!) 07:12, October 4, 2010 (UTC)
The hair, the jackets, "womb to tomb..." - the West Side Story et al reference already noted is plenty. And I'm not convinced by the DeLoria name. Why spell it differently at all if you're trying to reference Back to the Future? And why not give Butch some spectacularly dumb Biff-like lines? And why make Butch dress and look and act not like Biff if you're trying to reference him? Biff Tanner is already a parody or light-hearted sendup of the 50s bully stereotype. Again, I don't buy it, and, Grizzly, just because you do doesn't make it obvious or correct.--Gothemasticator 01:44, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Obvious or not, we don't need an edit war between admins. Let's leave the reference out until Ausir or Porter21 have their say. --Kris User Hola.jpg 01:54, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

um maybe im missing something but, why does Butch's stats change in vault 106? Is this a glitch or just a typo for vault 101?

Stat Changes?

um maybe im missing something but, why does Butch's stats change in vault 106? Is this a glitch or just a typo for vault 101?

Its no typo, Its the stats for him when he is a hallucination of yours from the gas in 106.--Radraider 21:45, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Kid Picture

Someone add another picture when he was a kid. You know at the Lone Woander's Birthday Party? --Bot2345 01:54, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Vault 106

I am facing an interesting problem concerning Butch, which isn't written in the article. I am currently in Vault 106. Once in a while, my screen oddly turns purples, then back to normal. I was in the Science lab, and fired some rounds on the "Survivor" and, suddenly, the screen turned purple again, and the survivor became Butch AND Wally Mack AND Paul Hannon. Also, during purple screens, it seems I cannot kill them. They regain health instantly after being shot. Anyone has an explanation? KujaRhapsodos 15:34, January 14, 2011 (UTC) EDIT: They just disappeared along with the purple screen of death, and the Survivor came back.

Never find, I found the information elsewhere on the Wiki. KujaRhapsodos 15:43, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

Butch won't talk

First let me say I completed Trouble on the Homefront by convincing the rebels to stay inside Vault 101.

Butch appeared in the Muddy Rudder [Rivet City of course] and I approached him to see what he had to say, unfortunately he had nothing to say. The screen zooms in on Butch [as it normally does when you talk with somebody] and a small, empty dialog box appears [no dialog options or text whatsoever], then it just zooms back out immediately and nobody says anything.

Also I notice butch does not say a word. Unlike most residents of Rivet City [and just about anybody else you come across in the Wasteland] butch does not make any of those passing comments you tend to hear when walking close to somebody. I have even gone to the extent of trying to walk into him, fire weapons in his general vicinity and the like. He simply does not say a word. The only comments I can get out of him are by actually attacking him [things like, "What the hell man" and "At least I'm not stuck being a barber"]. And I must add that when I attack him residents in the Muddy Rudder go running but nobody in Rivet City becomes hostile, even when I kill him [still get bad karma though].

I must note my karma is high [last, best hope of humanity] however I understand this only affects your ability to recruit him as a follower and you should still be able to talk to him.

Glitch, or a result of how I finished the quest Trouble on the Homefront?

Companion Bug

I just came across a bug if that's what you want to call it. When I got Butch, I already had Jericho and Charon in the past but both of them died. When Butch joined me it said that Jericho returned to Megaton and Charon returned to the 9th Circle. I checked and of course they were not there and still dead. :( 12:30, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

Butch's age

If Butch was born in December of 2257, and Escape! takes place in August of 2277, Butch hasn't yet turned 20, so shouldn't his age be listed as 19? 00:41, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

We don't list ages. Epsilon616 00:45, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

Well in that case someone should probably fix the first sentence of this page which says he's a "twenty-year-old resident." 14:44, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

Butch is obviously older than the Lone Wanderer since Butch didn't have his pipboy when the Lone Wanderer got his.

Saxony4 14:54, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

I think you got that backwards, Saxony4. That would make him younger, not older. --Kris User Hola.jpg 15:16, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

Threes a crowd

when I try to get butch to be my companion, all he says is "Threes a crowd." I dont have any other companions except maybe dogmeats puppy. wtf? Gschmechel25