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Freeside Thug follower

A Freeside Thug walked up to me after entering the building, and that was it. He didn't speak or anything, just followed me around at walking pace, and hides when enemies engaged me. He follows me in and out of Cerulean Robotics, but is easy to lose since he does not run. He will come back to me whenever I revisited the area.

Map pic

Who ever thourght uploading the local map pic would be usefull is dreaming!

This page needs a update in a form of a World Map pic.


Cerulean Robotics can be a bit tricky to find if you are using the map-marker from the Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest. Look for a kind of secret passage way (on the NW of the map by a bunch of concrete).

How to get there

  1. Go to the Old Mormon Fort side of Freeside (just inside Freeside's North Gate).
  2. Head north-northwest from the Mick and Ralph's Crier boy and go past (not through) the doorway to the other section of FreeSide--STAY IN THIS SECTION, just go past that door.
  3. Continue under the overpass and you'll come to some old train tracks.
  4. Head southwest along the street that runs parallel to the overpass, past the two burnt-out cars, and follow the bend to the southeast until you see the Wolf's Bakery sign.(There are two signs, this is the one on the back of the building.)
  5. Head south past the burnt-out bus to the barrel with a fire in it (not the one to the southeast). The doorway to Cerulean Robotics is just a few steps to the east.

I cannot figure out what these words mean

If starting with the robot, this might be more direct:

  1. After exiting the Atomic Wrangler, turn right. Go to the semi-demolished building on the right side with a door to Freeside on the first floor, to the left of the stairs, and go through.
  2. To your left, if you look up, is an overpass, go under and follow the road to the left.
  3. Continue to follow the road and you should pass a single story building to your right and a number of burned out cars.
  4. From a distance it is hard to tell but the road turns left between two huge piles of rubble, just keep following the road, you are almost there.
  5. As you come out of the corner you will see a U-shaped building, this is Cerulean Robotics.

If you are standing at the water pump it is to the West,head west from pump, go under the overpass between the two support legs.You should be on a 2 lane road with a car in the middle of it,walk around the car and face SW with the railroad tracks behind you. You will see the road continues SW,follow it SW, between the building (on your right) and the overpass(on your left). Stay on that road going SW until you enter the rubble pile,the path will curve to the left. As you exit the rubble pile you will be looking right at Cerulean Robotics. It's the gray four story U-shaped building.

PS: The water pump is one block north by north west of the Old Mormon Fort,there is a King's gang member named Tapper standing at the pump.