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Other NCR officials who can be told

I've added that you should be able to tell any named NPC of the NCR, that it does not have to be Sgt. Kilborn. Because I've told the NCR from Novac about Nipton. I dont know for sure if it's any NCR (Named), but I do know it can be the guy from Novac.GodsHand 19:31, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

Not on the strip

One player has reported that the NCR official in Novac can be informed, instead of Kilborn. It seems that the NCR officials on the strip cannot.


A list of confirmed quest-enders would be nice rather than "any named NCR NPC" just because someone found that he could end the quest in Novac.

So far, I tried the logical alternatives to Kilborn - the other named NPCs in the Mojave Outpost. You can tell the rooftop sniper - that ends another quest, the one she gives, not this one; and I couldn't tell Major Knight or Ranger Jackson inside about it, so that alone makes it untrue that any named NCR can end it.

Which is logical, really. They'd do dialog for the same thing across a whole category of NPCs just in case the player decides to hoof it to Hoover Dam to tell the story? Unlikely. Though I might well believe a few select ones have been voiced for it, if it's true the one in Novac can be told. I'd like to see how Chief Hanlon replies, myself. But fat chance, the voice actor doing him was probably on a higher payroll than those voicing generic NPCs. :P Because, if nothing else, he does do decent voice acting, unlike those others; but I do know he's from Blade.

Legion Fame

I didn't see this on there so I would like to add that I got fame with the legion for telling Inculta that I agreed with their methods. JerichoRCDF 23:41, November 23, 2010 (UTC)


every time i go to the NCR outpost,Camp McCarren,etc it plays that legion music,it gets annoying after awhile,turning the radio on-off doesn't work,can anyone explain whats happening?

Fail Condition

In case you want to freak out at the sight of the atrocities - and kill the legionaries at Nipton, then do keep in mind that it'll cause the mission to fail. Or rather, if you kill Vulpus the quest fails.

A solution to this is to slip on a stealthboy and plant a few grenades/mines in the pants of the four legion grunts following Vulpus - Vulpus should survive, and you get XP and loot from 4 fully equiped legion grunts. Plus you get Xp from the quest.