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while cram is an in-game Fallout item, it is in a box form. this item (and therefore "cram" itself) may be a tribute to the game Nethack, where a "cram opener" could be attributed to a tin of cram (which required a can-opener to open before one can eat the cram inside).

or perhaps since Cram is a stand-in for SPAM and SPAM comes in a can then this a play on SPAM opener or maybe Can opener Yoman 9210 04:06, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Sometimes you people put way to much thought into these things. Its for opening a can of Cram. pretty simple huh? Anyway this makes an excellent weapon for anyone trying to knock out the Old-Tyme Brawler achievement. It only requires a 25 unarmed skill and it ignores enemy armor. I was taking out Super Mutant Masters with two hits in sneak attacks with this thing and my unarmed skill is only 34. ReapTheChaos 11:45, November 15, 2010 (UTC)


I did 3-card bounty, I waited 48 hours, I went to freeside and was even attacked by the thug by the train tracks. Still the little fucker isn't spawning there. Help a dude out?

Same here man.

It may help by going to Camp McCarran after Three Card Bounty has been completed. I passed the tracks a couple of times in the days following the completion of this quest to find that his corpse had not spawned, then went back to Camp McCarran to ensure he wasn't still there, waited until the morning, then fast travelled to and entered Freeside's North Gate. As I turned the corner, Little Buster's body was on the train tracks.

How to get it. (my way)

Ok so what you will need-

C4 Detonator YCS/186 (preferbially)

First take the C4 (MUST BE SLEEPING!!) and throw it next to his bed. Then go away and blow it up. (Two might work but I only had one) If done right he should be limping out with only 2 hp bars left. Then wait for him to go to the dummy and he will start hitting it. Take your YCS/186 (or something with alot of damage) and shoot at the truck.


1. The blast from the YCS/186 will kill him. 2. The explosion from the truck(s) will kill him and possibly a NCR trooper(no negative effects with NCR) 3. Two C4s will also kill him without doing all the extra stuff. (not tested.)

This is easier than waiting to do the quest and wait for him to spawn at freeside(if he does at all) and killing all the NCR soilders. Bmoreravens12 20:56, January 29, 2011 (UTC)