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I always wondered if these had any purpose at all in the game?

These are an offhand reference to "The hitchhikers guide" as they are found inside a crater and next to what remains of a rather surprised looking whale. However they should be petunias.MisterPuck 19:46, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

Yes i know, but my question was weather they had any practical use in the game - weather you can give them to someone for some kind of prize. The fact that they changed the plant species bugged me - Micky, the treasure hunter of the Broken Hills when left in the well sings Daisy...Daisy, but I never had the opportunity to give them to him. Also the fact that they actually used to be a nuclear weapon before the transformation to the current state (according to "The Hitchhikers Guide") also leaves room to a possibility that they can somehow be transformed back and used as a superweapon in the game. So, has anyone found them useful in any way? All other easter eggs of Fallout 2 yield some benefits. What's up with this one?