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Nephi's Driver is, in fact, a driver and not a 9-iron. 10:14, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Nephi Name Origin[edit source]

Nephi comes from Mormon mythology involving a dark skinned evil race... The Fiends

Never Mind[edit source]

It seems he was a prophet of Mormonism which would make him dark skinned (Israelite) but not evil... sorry

Name Origin Source[edit source]

So where did you find that? Not saying I don't believe it, it seems likely, I'm still just curious. Always was wondering what was up with his name, and sort of cringed at the way the first Recon guys would pronounce it though. But if Driver Nephi supposedly had connections with New Caanan it would possibly fit in with the Idea that the Nephites (his descendents) grew into wickedness.

Would be funny though if he had a brother Named Laman that he used to be a fiend with who defected to the NCR... But thats a different story... 5t3v0 13:36, October 3, 2011 (UTC)