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concept art i saw[edit source]

i saw two piecesof a concept art and one was the same but color to make it look it it is game. it shows that when they speak it looks diffrent can some1 find these and i can put them on page

How can we put them on we don't know were they are??? liambobjobs December 30

I just saw 12 pieces of concept art it says New Concept Art for Fallout MMO Released and i was wondering what mmo ment???? any ideas liambobjobs 11:21 December 31st

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

i think they might be fallout 4 ??? liambobjobs 11:36am 31st December

... i didn't write the top one. liambobjobs 31st

hmm.... you can see the interplay sign on the bottom coner of all of those. interplay was the company that produced the original fallouts, before Bethesda made Fallout 3, which implies that this is actual concept art for fallout, just not for the kickass Fallout 4 from Bethesda that we (im assuming most of us atleast =P) are impatiently waiting for to come out --Post-apocalyptic-guy 00:17, December 31, 2009 (UTC)

... and wtf is with the pic of jesus riding falkor???

MMO means massively multiplayer online game. For information about the Fallout MMO, see: Project V13 FAQ. As for Fallout 4, I'm not waiting for it impatiently. The only Fallout project I'm excited about now is Fallout: New Vegas, since it's being made by some of the original creators of Fallout and Fallout 2. Ausir(talk) 00:35, December 31, 2009 (UTC)

the random pucture is there because it looked like the one on family guy and thx 4 the MMO discription liambobjobs 31st December 1:51

This is art for Project V13Tezzla Cannon 16:32, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Fallout 4 Release date?[edit source]

hey i was wondering when the release date of the FO4 is, anybody know? some article i found online said 2011? please respond

According to Todd Howard, Bethesda currently has 2 projects in development, one has been in development for 2 years and the other is still in pre-production. Chances are TES V is the former and Fallout 4 is the latter. If it is the latter, even if they did start developing it right this instant, considering the 3-4 year development time for Bethesda games I wouldn't even expect the announcement before the end of 2012, let alone the actual release date. And that's only if they started development right now. Here's hoping they don't start development until some time after New Vegas is released, so that they can learn what people liked and disliked from New Vegas.XXAntibodyXx 01:54, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

With The Elder Scrolls Online being announced now it seems to me that Bethesda has not worked much in Fallout 4 yet. Warpig101 (talk) 18:52, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

Obsidian[edit source]

Does anybody know if Obsidian will be designing Fallout 4 with Bethesda? - Texas Ranger 22:28, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

No bethesda is making fallout 4 by themselves their already working on it should be released late 2011 mid or late 2012 i hope its set in the commonwealth with the midwestern brotherhood of steel the facist one from tactics the institute and their androids maybe you could help start a android rebellion and ronto the remains of toronto or toronto ohio nobody knows yet.If you dont believe me i posted a eurogamer interview with todd howard ages ago just look on the fallout 4 page anyways i really want fallout 4 instead of tes5 which i proablly the game coming out first:{ -kaminoman 22:44.

Damn it, Obsidian is made up of the few remaining original Fallout creators, and Bethesda did a good job on Fallout 3, but after see how Obsidian made Fallout: New Vegas, I hope they (Bethesda) learned how to make a real Fallout game, with dark, black humor here and there and a few other things that make you laugh a little with trying to stop it from killing you at the same time (like Legion soldiers who's armor makes them look like they would fit in at a gay pride parade). - Texas Ranger 21:41, November 17, 2010 (UTC)

I seriously doubt Fallout 4 will be released in 2011 as that is the likely release date of the next Elder Scrolls game. If the leaked sources of how far along that game is can be believed, then when they said one game is 2 years along and the other is in pre-production, Fallout 4 was the one in pre-production (ie, not started yet). So if Elderscrolls V is 2 years ahead of F4 and Elderscrolls V isn't even out yet, how far away do you think F4 is? --Pongsifu 09:37, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

^Skyrim confirmed, unlikely that bethesda will be doing anything Falloutish for a while.

Elder Scrolls Online announced, did Bethesda just forget Fallout 4 is being expected since 2008?? Warpig101 (talk) 18:54, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

steampunk england or 3 dog[edit source]

i would like that the new fallout game would not be in america but in england, italy, russia or germany i would like to see a steampunk england but i would still like 3 dog back --Helljumper 96 20:19, February 3, 2011 (UTC)helljumper 96

The reason they did it in america was for 2 reasons. the first reason is because many people who play it live in America and the other is to give maximum customization. The new world has so many ethnicities and America has the most diverse ethnicities. so if its not America i think it would be Australia which is another ethnically diverse country. in europe you dont see that many asians or hispanics. in australia u have more diversity --AwesomeGordo 05:09, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Uh, Europe has Spaniards. THE ORIGINAL Spaniards. And we have sizeable immigrant populations as well, Asia included. Do a bit of research before you post silly claims. Tagaziel (call!) 07:33, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Interplay had plans for a Fallout game in Europe, but during the Resource Wars not after the Great War. This project never left drawing board as Bethesda bought out the franchise. That, and the fact that Fallout is "America's first choice in post nuclear simulation", means a Europe based Fallout game is unlikely. It may be a game like Fallout Tactics or Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, but definitely not a numbered game. TractionEra 08:17, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Tagaziel, hispanic and spaniard are not the same. also why would fallout take place that was unimportant canon wise, it's like having a roman RPG that takes place in the canary islands. Also you'd only have pre-war hand me downs from the US and no super science weird weapons, I.E. In europe a crappy plasma pistol is their MIRV. --Gwyllgi 03:57, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

If it was set in Australia then they may still be British? Make everyone happy! Especially me as I want to see their lame excuse for a British accent. Ahhhh I can imagine it now, Raiders in Bowler hats and attacking you with Umbrellas like te stereotypical Brits or having Cockneys in flat-caps and dungarees. GamerAddict7796 16:52, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

I think it should be set in New York City. It seems all the top games of this year are set in New York City (Crysis 2, Modern Warfare 3). A couple years ago, the best post apocalyptic city was Washington DC (Fallout 3, Modern Warfare 2). 17:04, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

Tezzla Cannon revert[edit source]

moved from User talk:Flower of Pock-Lips and User talk:Tezzla Cannon
It's speculation. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 19:12, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

(intransitive) to make an inference based on inconclusive evidence; to surmise or conjecture
So no. Just no. It's confirmed that Bethesda will publish the game - have you even read the article? You also removed information about the lawsuit with your careless revert, as well as adding two non-existent templates to the page. The non-mandatory fields were set to 'empty' rather than 'TBA' because it removes the unnecessary space and mess from the page without removing the fields from the template for when the information is eventually known, why you added them back I do not know for the life of me. The article is not speculative in the least, it contains only sourced quotes and information. If you don't know what a word means, then don't use it because you'll end up making yourself look like a fool. --Flower of Pock-Lips 21:06, February 15, 2011 (UTC)
Actually yes. I do know what it means, and yes, it is speculation. Bethesda could develop it or publish it. What they do is unconfirmed. I have read the article. If you had read the article you would have noticed that. You're the one who looks like a fool, not me. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 21:45, February 15, 2011 (UTC)
Okay then, point out the speculative content in this revision. And while you're at it, tell me how the publisher is "to be announced", when the Pete Hines explicitly states that Bethesda intends to release a Fallout 4 in the article. --Flower of Pock-Lips 10:33, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
All of that revision is speculation. Also, nowhere did it say that Bethesda would make it. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 15:35, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
That was 2008. Things have changed since then. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 16:28, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
You're still being vague, which is telling me you have no idea what you are talking about. What has changed since 2008? And you've still failed to point out any examples of speculation in the article. --Flower of Pock-Lips 17:14, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Interplay. Obsidian. Skyrim.
Also, it is speculation. You've been told by 3 admins already that all your edits on the page are speculation. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 17:18, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

(Reset indent) As far as I can see I've only been warned by one admin, who told me to "Remove the word "likely" from any edits to the Fallout 4 info", and that was well before the edit we are disputing. That is not the same as being "told by 3 admins already that all [my] edits on the page are speculation". Your restatement of "Also, it is speculation" is as vague and unhelpful as ever, but at least you've tried to explain why "things have changed since 2008". Unfortunately, you are wrong:

  • If Bethesda and Interplay's contract is cancelled, they revert to their previous contract whereby Bethesda has the rights to publish 3 Fallout games - Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. That means Bethesda would still publish Fallout 4 - that is not in dispute.
  • Obsidian are not the publishers of Fallout: New Vegas; they are the developers. Even if they were to develop Fallout 4, it would still be published by Bethesda, as was Fallout: New Vegas. That is why the developer field was left as "TBA" and the publisher field was left as "Bethesda Softworks".
  • I don't see how Skyrim changes anything. Bethesda has said that it will publish both Fallout and TES games.

You have yet to put forward a convincing argument. --Flower of Pock-Lips 17:49, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

Nope. One admin and two bureaucrats. Also, it is unknown if they are developing or publishing. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 18:09, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Gothemasticator and who else? And it is unknown if they are developing it (although they most likely are), but it is known that they are publishing it because they are the only company with the legal rights to publish non-MMO Fallout games. I don't see how this is so difficult to get your head around. --Flower of Pock-Lips 18:20, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Or they could be developing it. Noone knows. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 18:30, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Also: Gothemasticator, TrailerParkApe, Porter21. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 18:35, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Even if they are developing it, they would still publish it. Fallout 3 was both developed and published by Bethesda. The two are not mutually exclusive. --Flower of Pock-Lips 18:34, February 16, 2011 (UTC
No ZeniMax published it. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 18:45, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
*sigh* Bethesda is a subsidiary of ZeniMax. Bethesda Game Studios (or Obsidian) develop the games, and Bethesda Softworks publishes them. And please link me to where Porter21 and TrailerParkApe told me that "all [my] edits on [Fallout 4] are speculation", because I can't find it. --Flower of Pock-Lips 22:08, February 16, 2011 (UTC)
Guys take it to the talk page for Fallout 4, where it can be properly discussed amongst all. ☣Avatar☣ 23:06, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

Ok looking at it all there is no verification on who will be publishing FO4 (if it even called that). Lets cover the reference in question Fallout 4 Planned News. This news story is based back in 2008 and only confirms a future release after Fallout 3, hate to say it, but that is New Vegas. However you look at it, New Vegas is a new title in the series and the second one released by Bethesda. Some might argue that because it is not called 4, that New Vegas is not Fallout 4. Well the name means nothing, for example Win 7 is not number 7, it is actually 6.1 (don't believe me, hit the start button and type winver). As for it running on the same game engine argument, take Gears of War for example. Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 all run on Unreal Engine 3. But all that aside, the statment reads "intended to make more than one". Firstly intended is past tense, suggesting that the intentions have now changed even at the time of the statment. Secondly they have satisfied the criteria of releasing more than one with the release of New Vegas, so anying beyond that is speculation and assumption. Even ignoring all that above, over time the key management changes and so do there intentions, future plans and direction of the company and its assets. Even with the legal dispute in process in regards to ownership of Fallout rights, the prime example of changing intentions would be Van Buren. Interplay intended to release Fallout 3 and we all know what happened to that saga, the very same thing could happen to Fallout 4. So why it may be a well founded assumption based on presently known facts, we do not know all the facts behind the scenes and what may happen in the future to change the situation.

To be honest, considering the age of the page (2005), the original content and the reference's included, I can only conclude that this page was about New Vegas, before it was known to be called New Vegas. Therefore I personally think it should now be deleted as the correct page has already been created. ☣Avatar☣ 00:38, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

The exact quote was "because we wanted to own it and develop it and work on it like we do with The Elder Scrolls", which has four games in the series so far and another on the way. So clearly the implication is that Bethesda intend to work with it as a franchise and take it further than just New Vegas. The past tense in intended does not, I believe, suggest that their intention has changed, only what their intention was at the time of purchasing. And while it's indeed possible that management will have a change or heart of the franchise will change hands as it did with Van Buren, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe that it will at this time (and I am aware of the lawsuit; as I said above whether Bethesda has the right to publish one more Fallout game or not is not disputed, it is the future of the franchise after Fallout 4 (or Fallout 5 as Interplay puts it, because Interplay considers New Vegas to be Fallout 4)). By that logic, we should avoid documenting the game entirely right up until it is on shelves, just in case something goes wrong. Also worth pointing out is that there have been references to FO4 in interviews since the release of New Vegas, demonstrating that a follow-up is indeed in the works. --Flower of Pock-Lips 00:56, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
Sorry but that interview is less than conclusive, in fact it leaves more questions to be answered than it answers. It is nothing more than hints and suggestions and far from conclusive. The thing is that this is a Wiki, as such we should try to present facts and not personal interpretations of the facts. As I said with the first reference, however you interpret it, it does nothing more than to state the intentions of the company at the time of purchasing the rights. Which I might add have been fulfilled, anything beyond that is personal interpretation of the facts presented. As for the comment about not documenting it up until it hits the shelves, that is nothing more than a derogatory and simplistic view against a completely valid view point. Of course it can be documented when it is referenced directly by a developer or a press release, hell even a inside source is sufficient in some rare cases. As I said previously, it is well founded assumptions, but that is all it is, assumptions. I see no harm personally in posting the quotes if they are loosely referenced to the title, leaving the reader to draw there own conclusions. But we should do nothing more than that, especially trying to draw facts out of the comments by personal interpretation and presenting them as such. ☣Avatar☣ 01:26, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

It is clear to me that any official references to Fallout 4 are not meant to refer to New Vegas. The reason New Vegas is not called Fallout 4 is exactly because Bethesda wants to reserve the title for their own game. I'm against deleting this page or merging it with New Vegas. Even if it is not currently in the works, it definitely will be, and this will be the place to put all the info while it's being revealed. This is pretty much how the Fallout 3 page originally looked like too. If nothing else, Fallout 4 should be kept as an article for SEO reasons - we want it to continue to be at the top of all "Fallout 4" Google searches by the time it's officially announced. :) Ausir(talk) 21:27, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Also, Bethesda is allowed to publish or develop one last Fallout game. We don't know which one. Fallout 4 could be made by Interplay and Obsidian, and Fallout 5 by Bethesda. They didn't say which one. Tezzla CannonUser Tezzla Dog.jpg 18:20, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

No, Interplay currently only has the rights to publish a Fallout MMO. Under the old agreement they may have been able to publish Fallout games concurrently with Bethesda but they would not have published a Fallout MMO. This page pretty much refers to "the next single-player Fallout game", even if it isn't called Fallout 4. The fact that a Fallout MMO is in development shows that Interplay have no single-player Fallout game in development, but as is demonstrated by several quotes referenced in the article, Bethesda does. So Bethesda should be listed as the publisher, which you removed in your revert (as well as information on the lawsuit and making the infobox unnecessarily large, for some reason). You have still not explained what was speculative in my revision, and it's clear that you don't have much of a grasp on the situation. I'd like the changes to be restored. --Flower of Pock-Lips 12:43, February 22, 2011 (UTC)
Ausir, thats the issue, there is no official reference to Fallout 4 and the quote I was referring to was talking about the next fallout quated many years ago, therefore that quote was referring to New Vegas however you look at it. As for the next game being called Fallout 4, I find that to be very unlikely. Once a franchise drops the numerical suffix, it tends to continue that way. User:AvatarUser talk:Avatar 20:41, February 28, 2011 (UTC)
I'm pretty certain that the next Fallout game made by Bethesda will be called "Fallout 4", even if it's "Fallout 4: Something", and that Bethesda, at least in some cases, referred to the game they intend to develop after Skyrim when talking about Fallout 4. Keep in mind that even the developers have compared New Vegas to GTA: Vice City, and GTA did return to numerical suffix with a later game with a new engine. Ausir(talk) 12:02, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

Wouldn't it be sweet if...[edit source]

Wouldn't it be sweet if FO4 took us back to the core region and focused on the war between the NCR and the Brotherhood, following the diverse endings FNV set up you could side with either the BOS or the NCR then end the war diplomatically or completely obliterate one of the sides. I mean it would just be really cool to go see some of the cities that were affected in FO1 and 2. Plus the coolest things about the Fallout series in my opinion is when a location or character carries over from another game. Like everything that was the same from Fo1 to FO2 (to much to name it all) Harold, Marcus, Cass being the daughter of your companion, etc.

Ananomous March 5, 2011

Fallout seems to operate within the bounds of a lineiar story, so I find it to be rather unlikely that they would go back to make a game about a war that has already happened in the story.

I don't mean go back in time I mean go back to a previous area but still keep the linear.

NO! I thought that it was dull and didn't feel very post-apocalyptical (real word?). I preferred the Fallout 3 seting. Death, destruction etc. I want there to be a Fallout Britain. Meet Tenpenny's family. Also set it in London but make there be a HUGE quest where you fix up a bus/boat/train and can travel to Scotland or the North of England! GamerAddict7796 16:55, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

a fallout in any country apart from america would fail, and i am british, its just that its AMERICAS 1st choice in post apocliptic simulation, not britans and it would not be the same as the culture in the 50s was not the same in england as it was in america and they would have to create a whole new storyline, i mean a noncannon fallout could work abroad but fallout 4 should stick to america, preferably nyc :D 12:29, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

It'd be cool if you could have a reputation with the Enclave and be able to side with them and/or make them the good guys. After all, what choice would they have with their major bases on the west AND east coast wiped out. It would seem a bit unlikely that any amount of patriotic dogma much less hidden truths would stand to keep the morale of the Enclave leadership high enough to continue their cause four years after their likely utter defeat of the closest thing they had to a commander-in-chief which was *spoiler alert* a super computer. I hardly think it's gonna be the same as FO2 & 3 where they were just the villains you had to fight. Bethesda might take a different angle from the whole reputation gimmick, but it'd be kinda stupid if you couldn't use a disguise anymore. We need something fresh, yet classic at the same time. We'll just have to see what the programers come up with but at the same time, hope it's good, and expect it to be original.

Locations?[edit source]


I was just musing over what I liked about the recent Fallout games, and I came to the conclusion that I like Fallout 3 more than New Vegas. I also came to the conclusion that it was largely the location of Fallout 3 that really makes me love it. The DC area was all but destroyed in a hail of nuclear fire, that left behind few sanding buildings and a whole bunch of ruins. I loved the intense dungeon-crawling/urban warfare that the ruins and city presented, and I also loved to traverse the wastes dotted with towns and communities built on the foundations of the old world.

I think that NYC would be a great place for the next Fallout game. Its on the East Coast, giving rise to Brotherhood AND Enclave presence in the area. It opens up the possibility of the mysterious Institution, based somewhere in Massachusetts(?), allowing for huge technological presence. Perhaps the sea was somehow drained to allow for a new environment between the islands or you could just find someway to drain the bridges of cars for access to the mainland. Hell, there's hardly anything mentioned about NYC, so why not? Opinions?--ARMdefender 22:32, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

I think that a nyc fallout would be EPIC i have been thinking about this for ages, like with an actual huge city and stuff 18:36, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

If they do a FO NYC, thay should skip Bos and Enclave precense. BoS have no reason to be there, and the Enclave is a "been there done that" thing, as they had the same evil plan i both FO2 and 3. Scarface11235 18:46, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

Well, I think the Enclave and BoS are a big staple in the game. If I had to choose, I'd actually like to see the Enclave somewhere just for their patrols to be shot.--ARMdefender 22:31, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

Just throwing this out there, but I think ED-E himself might've been a good clue to as of where the next setting might be. Chicago, Illinois.

I just think that there should be more near the border of Canada too. Between Anchorage in the Fallout 3 add-on and Fallout 3, I never got to see the far north America and some bits of Canada. Also, I think NY would be a good idea too. BoS fort under the Statue of Liberty?--Zigzag338 18:46, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Start Fallout 4 in New Vegas Idea

I liked New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland so much.... I think Fallout 4 should be a continue past the New Vegas Ending. After uploading your last save from NV, and depending on who you sided with, is how you start Fallout 4. The Vegas Strip is now 3 times bigger with more casinos and 100s of people milling about.(Like that teaser from E3 to hype preorders). Also, You still have all your gear, XP, and companions. Imagine Vegas is just the starting point to Fallout 4. Then you travel to all those places from Fallout 1 and 2 while following the new story. It would be boring to some but fun for many to revisit places like the Boneyard and New Reno in first person. Why should the Wasteland have to be one big map at launch, then charge extra to explore beyond that? I want Fallout 4 to take me all over the Westcoast, while exploring more than one major city and crossing multiple wastelands. Sorry for just talking and not knowing the real location. Im sure its going to be a major city in the US. Probably either New York or La. Since NYC is closer to Bethesda, I would bet all my Gomorrah chips on the Big Apple.-- 11:57, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

Game engine[edit source]

I've heard that they're going to use the Creation engine with some bits from the Gamebryo, the same engine used for TES V: Skyrim, for Fallout 4. Can anyone confirm this?--Zigzag338 18:47, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

First, sign your posts plz.
Second, it's pretty likely. I mean, if they've spent much time on this engine, then its likely it'll be used in more than just TES V Йура(Wo bist das telefon!?) 18:45, May 25, 2011 (UTC)
Thank. Anyone want to show their thoughts on how teh Creation engine is going to make Fallout better?--Zigzag338 18:47, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Well, we can't really know, as we don't know what the Creation engine brings to the table. Hugs Scar: "Say 'ello to my little friend!" 18:51, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

Considering its 2013, I figured I'd update to point out that in no way did Bethesda abandon the Gamebryo engine. They're still using it, unless they went out of their way to recreate all the same bugs present in gamebryo engine games. It seems as if they were, well, lying. 20:51, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

Authenticity of trailer[edit source]

I watched that trailer and it says it was uploaded in January, also many comments point to the trailer being a fake, should this reference be removed as I believe this trailer is fake and therefore erroneous information. - RASIC Talk Poll 18:12, June 1, 2011 (UTC)

Fallout 4 Teaser Trailer Most Likely Fake[edit source]

The new teaser trailer for FO: 4 is most likely fake, as Bethesda would put announce the game themselves, not a random dude on youtube. I believe it to be a mod of some kind. If constant editing continues I suggest the page be locked. That is all Nashorn1127 20:23, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

I've protected the page. It won't make edits impossible, but it will force editors to be accountable for their edits. If you want to edit the page, you need to have an account that's not brand-new. --Kris User Hola.jpg 20:30, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Another reason it is fake is because of the sign in the middle. Nevada is nowhere near Washington. Why would it give directions to somewhere several hundred miles away? You don't see signs in Mongolia pointing to Italy. Trolly Polly Olly 20:33, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

The trailer looks fake, although I can't be certain, they will most likely use the creation engine for F4, and in the trailer, it looks like the F3 and NV objects they the devs created using the old engine.

But anyway, I would like it to be set in the core region, I know it would be difficult to think up the story line...(maybe the NCR could begin to collapse due to it's quick expansion?) but I would just really like to see Shady Sands, Mariposa and Vault City rendered in 3D. WikiaNinja 21:40, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Translate this[edit source]

Du får ingen tips fra meg. Men Mojave Wasteland var et morsomt sted å utforske, ikke var det?

it's already on the main article: "The Mojave was a fun place to explore though, wasn't it" WikiaNinja 21:41, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

My Ideas[edit source]

i have a few ideas for the setting of fallout 4:

1. Capital wasteland AND the core region 2. Just the core region 3. Someplace in Europe

All of this would be 100 years after FNV

--Templars1191 23:24, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

The second project Beth is working on[edit source]

It is stated that Bethesda was working on two projects, could this project be the recently announced Dishonoured, and not be the speculated fallout 4?

How to unlock the text where the questionable link is.

dishonored is being made by a different company. bethesda is just the publisher.

New York[edit source]

It should be in New York with dlc's in the commonwealth and Ronto.

direct sequel in new york?[edit source]

you play as the lone wanderer in 2285, 8 years after fallout 3. the brotherhood of steel is about as advanced as the enclave and the super mutants from vault 87 are finally destroyed. the capital wasteland is more peaceful with fresh water,raiders have been driven off ,and the plants from oasis are spreading through the wasteland. rivet city, the brotherhood of steel, megaton (if it was blown up, it was rebuild anyway)bigtown, vault 101 little lamplight, canturbury commons and the reformed paradise falls formed the small NSR ( new steel republic) rivaling the NCR and original brotherhood combined due to reverse engineered enclave tech and a stable supply of troops

you were sent by the brotherhood after a vertibird scouting mission reveals in new york city and the nearby area is considered a good peaceful area to expand. when you arrived by vertibird, you initially believed it was empty. shortly after: a pack of strange, ghoul-like creatures attacked you: they were ghoul who were changed into a new type of super mutant along with a new kind of super mutant strain. you were knocked out and you loose your some of your memory.

in your fight for survival and bringing order, you must bring back your memories of your actions in fallout 3. in other words, you start back at level 1 and even if you were evil in fallout 3, you can still be good or vice-versa. you will also discover your family history during your mission tho bring peace to the Manhattan wasteland.


drivable cars and boats

rappelling down skyscrapers

voice for the player


no green or orange tint like in fo3 or nv

features from fo3 or nv mods like "project nevada"

commonwealth dlc

new factions and returning characters

more quests

better fps gunplay

I think they should keep the power armor available for fallout 4 and maybe add new weapons and armor as well and new enemies, maybe have it set in Canada this time

Fallout 4 LA[edit source]

it is said that fallout 4 is located in la

FO4 should be in california to continue the story of FO 1 & 2 of the vault dweller and the chosen one.

new vegas continued the story of the civilizations in california like the NCR, Kahns,and original brotherhood. fallout 3 continued the story of the enclave and FEV. besides, if fo4 was in la, it would be more like gta than fallout because by fallout 2, la was already part of the ncr. 40 years later, it would become very civilized. fallout is about exploring the wasteland fighting mutated monsters and raiders like fallout 3. so a newer area would be more appropriate like the east coast cause the only places we know in the east coast is DC,pittsburg and the commenwealth

Fallout 4 Milwaukee[edit source]

So I lived in milwaukee for a few years and I noticed as I notice everyday that a lot of the city has not changed in the past 50 years. It has the same look/feel as the pre-war stuff of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I've never played fallout 1 or 2 or tactics or any of the others. But a large part of the city of milwaukee especially the older parts have that 50ish retrofuturistic look that all the pre war buildings and items have. I think that milwaukee could make a cool model for a fallout game location. Also there are some interesting things in the city that I think would make exciting game play locations, 1. miller stadium which has a dome roof that opens and closes(could be some kind of awesome fighting arena, or base for bos. or a makeshift rocket launching facility, i dont know.) 2. there are a lot of old churches, cathedrals, a mosque, and a huge temple these could make interesting places to visit and explore. 3. There are a lot of hospitals and i loved exploring the hospital in fallout 3, was so creepy. 4. Lake Michigan, and the river that cuts Milwaukee in two, river exploring = fun the initial boat ride at the beginning of the point look-out add on was fun and awesome, i would like to have another cinematic boat ride. 5. The breweries (could be a nuka cola plant), the old steel mills and Patrick Cudahy meat packing plant that run through the middle of the city are all awesome and industrialized they could be great locations to explore, with lots of scrap metal. 6. During prohibition milwaukee had a lot of speakeasys some are still around which could be cool hideouts or bases. 7. Last of all Milwaukee is close to chicago so the top part of the map could be milwaukee and the bottom part could be chicago. Anyways I realize alot of american cities have these things but its the look of milwaukee that fits the fallout universe. I think that it could be cool even tho it will probably not happen. I also think that a fallout game on a river for example mississippi could be fun, like having a river that cuts the map in half and had lots of little islands on it to explore, and the east bank could be one faction and the west could be another or something like that. Oh and waking up or starting the game in prison like Van Buren was going to have or a vault prison or being a 200 y.o. cryogenic survivor from before the war and when you are unfrozen you start to make your way back to your original home, I like that better then waking up in another vault or a grave. And either the Courier or Lone Wanderer needs to be an antagonist or make a cameo. --Mrnotwen 00:47, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

idea for fallout 4[edit source]

i think fallout 4 should re visit the capital wasteland,but as the lone wanderers son or daughter(mother being amatta),it should follow up by having a fixed endign from fallout being really good(so this measn it starts with a good ending to fallout 3 lol ) and you have been trained from childhood to explore and fight and help others. while exploring new areas around the capital wasteland you and your father(lone wanderer) are ambushed and your father i dragged away by sum sort of tribe or gang(this because is legend has spread) and you are left to hunt him down,while on your journey you discover that your father his been here before(shortly after the events of fallout 3) and he has hidden almost everything he found in fallout 4 in a vault that he ans his best friend sarah lyons found.your journey then expands to find your father and his collection of precious items(all unique weapons and items from fallout 3 including dlc weapons) 22:48, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

Its OK, but that would require:

1. Amata could not be part of it because that would fix facial features, and it would create the possibility for an unknown parent and an alibi for those where the lone wanderer was female.

2. Save game importation similar to that of "Mass Effect" to create a 'fixed' ending and establish who the lone wanderer is. I don't if Bethesda is looking into it or not. However, I think this would be an amusing story if expanded, but perhaps in a different setting (Bethesda would not want to recycle most of Fallout 3 into a whole new game, its not their style) --ARMdefender 00:06, October 10, 2011 (UTC)ARMdefender

All New Vegas DLCs are out[edit source]

Now hopefully we can get some Fallout 4 news. --FinalWish 01:46, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

Best Idea Ever[edit source]

I had this awesome idea for Fallout 4 that i told my friends. It starts within 30 years of the ending of fallout 3 and the brotherhood and the enclave (somehow, i havn't thought of how yet) somehow they intercept some radio messages from china and they learn that a large amount of the chinese government and the army survived and they still want to destroy the US so they are trying to access and collect all of the non-launched nuclear bombs, missles, and ICBM's and are planning on re-decimating the united states so the brotherhood and the enclave remnants have to put their differances behind them and come together to combat the Chinese threat. So they come together and start drafting wastelanders, and they also get the NCR's support, (maybe the legion too, not sure how that would work though.) and all the other groups like the boomers, the capital wasteland's brotherhood outcasts, all the semi-intelligent super mutants and other people and they plan to use the enclave's virtibird fleet and oil to transport this massive army to china to destroy the threat. so the capital wasteland brotherhood along with the citizens of rivet city try to repair "Rivet City" to working condition so they can use it as a mobile refuling station for the virtibirds, and they also try to reactivate Fort Constantine to use its large supply of nukes to help the fight, and (also mothership zeta could be featured in it somehow but that might be overkill), the enclave could also contribute by supplying modified deathclaws. The game would center around another vault dweller that was taken along with the rest of the people from his vault and forced into service by the brotherhood and the enclave, and he is given power armor training and sent to the front lines of china and quckly rises in ranks due to his superior commanding ability and combat prowess, the game will also transfer control at certain times to the lone wanderer from fallout 3 and the courier from fallout new vegas whereas while your the lone wanderer you will be assisting the brotherhood in fighting to take control of vault 87 and simultaniously trying to fix fort constantine and you have to help in that, then at certain times you will revert control back to the courier and assist the NCR (and possibly the legion) take control and start all of the locations that produce power because the chinese have invaded through alaska and are fighting for control of the mohave and you have to help the boomers and jacobstown and other places fight off the chinese. thats pretty much the general idea it would probably be semi-linear and have alot of scripted events but i just think that idea is awesome. if anyone has ideas to help my idea message me, also if anyone knows how to contact the developers of fallout 4 please tell me how to contact them because i want to send them my idea, i know it probably wont be used i just want them to look at it and tell me what they think. please comment at will.--Chargersphinx 20:38, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

That sounds...amazing. Rivals joining together, but not just them, but many factions coming together to combat a Chinese threat. For future Fallout games I'd love to see how other nations ended up after the war. All Fallout games are in post-war U.S.A.(they are right?), but for the switching from Courier to Wanderer, that should be when you want that to happen to be honest, or Fallout would turn into a very linear game. Death From Above.pngUnbroken Steel -Talk- 03:50, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

Some very good ideas - perhaps too sophisticated for a Fallout game though. Also, I think that while the US suffered severe damage from nuclear attacks, China was completely destroyed (See Dick Richardson). It would be interesting to see how these factions would put aside their obvious differences... Jol87 22:22, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

Well thats just it no-one knows exactly how badly china was hit and Dick richardson wasn't alive when it happpened so he could be wrong it could have disabled all the nukes headed their way or they could have been scorched clean, no-one knows so I think that is a good main idea to go on, as for the switching between the courier and the wanderer i changed my mind I think you should be able to create a brand new character but during the game you meet the lone wanderer and the courier and you must aid them in their problems. As for the Enclave because they would never just side with the BoS and other factions I would imagine they would have some kind of angle to aid them in their fight against mutants and pretty much everyone in the wasteland and at this point if I made this game I would give the players an option in joining the enclave that most people have been waiting years for.--Chargersphinx 04:50, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Location[edit source]

I think it would be cool if Fallout 4 was set in a winter like setting, maybe in Alaska and part of Canada. Could you imagine that? Mutated Grizzly Bears, Moose, and Bison. Walking through the area were Anchorage was fought. A snowy, dead tree filled forest. I think that would be cool, cause patrolling the Mojave made me wish for a nuclear winter. 12:10, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

Fallout 4 Trailer Found By The Escapist

This is NOT the official Fallout 4 trailer! Jol87 01:32, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

Of course not, that's either a mod for FNV, or Garry's Mod, as stated in one of the comments. Death From Above.pngUnbroken Steel -Talk- 03:47, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

10-21-14[edit source]

I'm calling it now... I'm betting it'll be announced mid to late 2013, and released October 21st, 2014. Relax... it's just a prediction.

The Mojave was a fun place[edit source]

I think this line should be removed from the article, as Chris is likely referring to the Fallout iPhone game AKA Fallout Tactics: New Vegas. Broccoli. 18:42, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

There is no such game, it was a rumour created about 6 months before New Vegas was released. Obviously someone got the name for the up coming title, and the rumour mills spat this rubbish out. User:AvatarUser talk:Avatar 19:37, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

Suspected Locations[edit source]

Has anybody seen any refrences to the Fallout 4 location. I know it is probably already decided by Bethesda, but I still have the all to common question...where will it be? I've seen refrences to Massachusetts in Fallout 3, refrences to larger powers such as the Commonwealth(reffering to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts)and the Railroad(named after the Underground railroad). Its the best hint I've found. What are the locations reffrenced in the test. I'm looking for stuff as basic as the Lonesome Drifter in Fallout New Vegas saying he is from Montana. Any help is appreciated. sovietskya123 11:23, 23 April 2012

All of what we know is actually helpfully contained within a sort of olive box right at the top of this very talk page! You should check it out! Nitty the Kitty! 05:11, 24 April 2012 (UTC)

Development - past attempts?[edit source]

Development, Past attempts? Is a very strong title, considering that Van Buren was never finished, and development on Fallout 4 was never initiated. What is the sources for BI FO4 plans? i hope its not just a passing comment of what might have been the focus of BI FO4 IF it ever entered development. --Pseudon2 (talk) 10:54, 12 July 2015 (UTC)

I've amended it to something weaker and less definitive. I recall JES mentioning it - or MCA. Tagaziel (talk) 15:10, 12 July 2015 (UTC)

Qoute[edit source]

This from the Fallout 4 trailer, can be a good article quote

It's all over, but the crying...
And nobody's crying but me...
Friends all over know I'm trying...
To forget about how much I care for you...

— — The Ink Spots, It's All Over But The Crying

--Pseudon2 (talk) 22:02, 12 July 2015 (UTC)