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Editing this page to make sense (location, location, location!)

I came across this page and it made little sense. In fact it seemed to use circular logic. It said that the Cavern was the only direct route to Cottonwood Crater, but then said that the easiest way to the Cavern was "via Cottonwood Crater." That made no sense to me (especially as I had never been to Cottonwood Crater yet had easily reached the Cavern from the Searchlight East Gold Mine) .

So I clarified how the Cavern formed the only direct way to Cottonwood Crater. In so doing, I also made the north entrance to the Cavern (the one which is depicted in the photo, by the way) the starting point of the Cavern. I did this because it is only by entering here, traveling through the Cavern, and exiting through the south exit/entrance can the Cavern be considered the direct route to Cottonwood Crater.

I may edit the location portion of the page more, once I have explored the areas outside both entrances some more. --Sp3lly 08:46, January 12, 2011 (UTC)


This is not a game guide and the page does not need this much detailed information. I have removed the information from the page as per layout guidelines and moved it here for preservation. ☣Avatar☣ 21:45, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

The north entrance (see photo) of Fire Root Cavern is fairly easy to reach from either Searchlight East Gold Mine or Smith Mesa Prospector Camp. For detailed instructions, see next paragraphs. This north entrance to the Cavern begins the only direct path to the highly radioactive Cottonwood Crater, which is just outside the Cavern's south entrance. Of course, if one already knows where Cottonwood Crater is, then one can easily access the south entrance to the Caverns.

From Searchlight East Gold Mine, go straight north until you come to the small rock that has the steel mesh walkway going to the left. At this point, instead of taking the steel mesh walkway, turn right and travel eastward along the dirt slope of the hill. Stay on the dirt slope of the hill, heading east and then generally more southeast than south. If you stay on the dirt part of the slope, you will eventually have to descend the slope until you reach a rock which looks somewhat like a frog jutting out from the cliff side. You can either jump over the rock or go left around this rock (make a 180 around the left side of the rock and then turn right). In either case, you will see a short but easily identifiable trail. The short trail goes upward through a crevice; after passing through the crevice, that is, at the top of the trail, turn right to see the north entrance to the Cavern.

From Smith Mesa Prospector Camp, go SxSW all the way until you reach the base of the mountains. You should come upon a dark space at the foot of the mountains that looks exactly like a cave entrance. This faux entrance leads nowhere. The actual entrance is on a shelf above and slightly to the left of this fake entrance. If you back away from the fake entrance you should be able to spot the real entrance (at least in daylight); using a scope or binoculars will help you see the real entrance better. Compare the ledge formation with the above photo on this page. An easy way to get to the above ledge is to head right; go around the huge rock formation and some smaller rocks until the moment you can turn left and gradually ascend to what looks like a dirt path area; at that point go straight south toward the mountain until you can go no further; to your immediate left will be a short narrow trail that ascends through a crevice to the real entrance. Just turn right after reaching the top of this short trail.

Entering the Cavern from here and traveling through the cavern and out the south exit is actually the only direct path to Cottonwood Crater. Extreme caution is advised upon exiting. The area will be +1 to +3 rads and you will immediately be attacked by 3-4 Golden gecko. A dead prospector will usually have in his possession a Fat Man and other weapons and gear. See Notable Loot section for instructions on how to retrieve these items from his person in the quickest manner (i.e., with the least possible exposure to Radiation).

The following apparently also refers to the north entrance to the cavern: Alternative access is possible (tested ok PC) via the cliffside south of Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals, near several lurk spawns. The terrain here is easier to climb than other locations. Keep moving forward and left as you make your way up the cliffside and you should have little problem.