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Possible Fort Independence Bug?

Every time I go to Fort Independence, the game will freeze so badly that it completely locks up my entire console. I have to restart to fix it, unlike some of the other freezes that are just the result of really bad lag and unfreeze on their own after a few minutes. It doesn't seem to matter whether I walk there or if I fast travel, as soon as I enter the general area my game will crash. This is the only location in the entire game that seems to do this consistently and I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this, preferably on ps3 but advice from other console users would be greatly appreciated.--CBlackros3 06:23, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

Confirming deserted exterior bug

I'm on PS3 with latest patches as of today. Some details... I fast-travel to Fort Ind at about 20:30 hours when I appear. Casdin is nowhere to be found. Morgan and Rockfowl are both walking towards the upstairs door from the courtyard. They both act normally, then enter the upstairs door. I wait 12 hours (hoping he'll come out in the morning so that I can turn in more stuff), at which point Paladin Hoss shows up (I saved his initiate in Falls Church, so he randomly spawns to fight alongside me anywhere in the wasteland.) Hoss has very little HP left. He engages the turret (no other outcasts are outside) and the turret kills Hoss. I continue to wait (24 more hours), fast travel to Paradise Falls and back, wait 24 hours a few more times, but still no outcasts outside. Hoss' corpse remains as does the turret. I save and enter Fort Ind through the upstairs door. Meet several hostile outcasts. Kill them and move downstairs. Several more hostile outcasts and a visible/hostile turret that cannot be targetted nor target me (shooting a missile directly at it causes it no damage and it does not attempt to attack me even though it is red/hostile) above the medical bay. Rockfowl, Morgan, and Casdin are nowhere to be found. I'm guessing they've disappeared from my game entirely. They are certainly nowhere near Fort Ind, inside or outside, even though I witnessed Morgan and Rockfowl entering Fort Ind via the upstairs door. Casdin wasn't present at all when I FT'd to Fort Ind the first time.

Talking Turret

The Wiki page says that there is a unique turret (see quote at next line).

Under the bridge at Fort Independence, there is a unique turret that seems to be able to communicate. The turret will only say "Casdin says you're clear", and will only say it after you earned Casdin's trust. This can be observed by jumping into the turret from the sandbags next to it. The voice is similar to that of a robobrain.

Could someone confirm this, because I haven't heard him saying that even once!

Being accepted by the Outcasts

I see still a lot of people have questions or problems about this bug in the game. After you gave Casdin some technology, he sais he trusts you now, and will inform the other Outcasts about this. After this everyone inside Fort Constantine will become non-hostile, but you still have to pick the lock of the building to gain entrance (or steal the key from Casdin).
But this is a bug. I did a little research and after you delivered enough technology and they trust you, you actually have to gain entrance normally, and the Outcasts will talk to you in a friendly way. I posted this earlier, but I think it's worth repeating.
When you talk to an Outcast member, try to gain entrance to the Fort etc., the game check if the variable OutcastFaction is set. But when Casdin trusts you the game will set the variable OutcastAllyFaction. And because of that it is impossible to conversate normally or gain entrance to the fort normally, though the Outcasts inside will be non-hostile after this.

I have also found a Mod (for PC, of course) that will correct this mistake. It can be found at Fallout3Nexus.com, and the mod is right here.

~ Scribe Aurora

Casdin's report

Is it a terminal entry or a note? I ask because I cannot find it in the Holodisks and notes page.--Ant2242 21:02, 22 June 2012 (UTC)

It's a downloadable note that can be obtained from the terminal in the admin section. Tagaziel 08:23, 23 June 2012 (UTC)