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Talk:Frag mine (Fallout 3)

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Does anyone have the problem when placing many frag mines in one place that they sometimes explode for no reason (killing me)?

A small question: What if I fill a respawnable area (beth ruins?) with mines, then come back after the enemies there have respawned? Will my mines still be there, easily killing the enemies, or will they have disappeared? -- 19:47, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Instadetonation. (If enemys are nearby.) Fat Man Spoon 19:48, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Possible glitch using frag/bottlecap mines on escalators at Anacostia Crossing

When I go to Anacostia Crossing, there are always three Talon Company Mercenaries there waiting for me. Sometimes I get creative, like blindly throwing grenades from cover to try and sneak attack critical them. Today I decided to lay down bottlecap mines on the escalators, so when they came chasing after me after I shot at them, they'd set them off. But when they walked over and past the mines, they didn't go off. The same happened when I tried frag mines. I thought maybe the problem was that they weren't hostile when I layed the mines down, so I tried shooting at them and *then* laying down the mines, but still, neither the bottlecap mines nor the regular frag mines would go off. Why would this happen? Do mines *always* fail to go off when set on escalators? Do they not go off against Talon Company Mercenaries? Or am I just experiencing a glitch? If so, does it happen when anyone else tries this? (I'm using the PC version of the game.)

Possible glitch using frag mines after using removefromallfactions console command?

So, on this most recent play through the game, I encountered this bug:

If the player kills any member of The Family after Ian makes his decision the inhabitants of Arefu will turn hostile even though no one from the town was directly attacked or killed. This is due to the fact that Arefu and The Family becomes the same faction after Ian makes his decision, rather than after the deal is struck between Evan and Vance. If the player attacked The Family instead of talking to them initially this can be a problem if Robert the gate guard is not killed before speaking with Ian. When the player goes to exit Robert will be hostile but if the player kills him the quest will be failed. If the player kills all residents of Arefu, the quest will also fail. (Confirmed on PS3 and PC)

I killed Robert on my way out because he was hostile to me at that point. The mission didn't fail on me until after I left Meresti tunnels, and I hadn't manually saved in a while so my only option was to use the console to quickly turn in the mission before it failed after loading the autosave. I first tried removing myself from all factions and that didn't work. So I used the console to target Evan King and teleport him to my position and quickly turned in the mission that way to avoid failing.

The problem is that later on I tried using some Frag mines, and I discovered that they were becoming triggered as soon as I threw them.. they would start beeping before they even hit the ground. When I would go to disarm them, the disarm text was in orange as if I was placing enemy-owned mines.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have I somehow removed myself from some faction that determines who owns the mines I'm dropping by using that command? If so is there a way to fix it? -- 02:37, October 7, 2009 (UTC)

different base ID for sim version frag mine

In Operation: Anchorage, the base ID for frag mines is xx003f45 Eddo36 06:28, September 3, 2010 (UTC)


Moved these from the article page:

  • If you're trying to ambush a victim that moves along a pre-determined patrol path you can lay a simple string of three or, at most, four straight across (not along) that path. More than that in a straight line and a lot of blast radius will be wasted. If you're feeling ambitious you could even try for a U shaped pattern with the open mouth towards the direction the victim will be coming from so that, when they reach the mine at the base of the U, they'll be surrounded on three sides by the blast. Not many creatures other than a behemoth or possibly a deathclaw is going to need that much damage though.
  • If you're up against an opponent that doesn't have a fixed patrol path you can lay your mines at a doorway or beside an obstacle like a pile of rocks then fire a weapon to attract your victims attention before ducking back so that they chase you and run onto the mines. Just remember to run well back so you don't get caught in the blast.
  • If you get caught by surprise by a tough opponent like a giant radscorpion you can try running away from it and dropping mines as you go. Don't try this if the victim is already close to you or you could get caught in the blast radius when the mine detonates. Also be careful not to drop the mines too close together as you run or the chain reaction when the first detonates could set off the one right under your own feet. This method works particularly well if you can cripple the victim's legs with a dart gun to slow it down.
  • Frag mines are useful weapons against a mirelurk. These creatures have very tough armor but very low hit points. You can find yourself wasting a lot of ammo trying to kill them. A mirelurk will move very slowly towards you, since it only ever attacks with melee. Just drop a frag mine and retreat. It takes 3 frag mines to kill a mirelurk.

Hal10k 20:25, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

Different Frag Mine

I got a Frag Mine (from Fort Bannister I think but am not sure) that was listed separately from my other mines and for some reason was at half condition and less showed less damage. Has anyone else come across this? 12:38, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

I "found" some different frag mines from the Operation: Anchorage simulation by using Gary 23. They where listed differently from the other ones in my inventory. But since I exploited my game, I think that hardly counts. Kastera (talk) 13:03, May 16, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, the one I found was on the PS3. I only have the Broken Steel add-on installed. It was strange and when I equipped it, it made me drop the other frag mines I had instead. I just left it at my house since it didn't seem like it was usable and was unique. 02:22, May 17, 2011 (UTC)