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Talk:Free Labor

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Cleanup Tag

I just made a handful of edits in response to this page's cleanup tag. Any help in cleaning up this page would be appreciated so we can remove the cleanup tag. Sov68n 18:44, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Where is foreman

After I complete the quest where can I find the foreman and more steel ingots?

After completing the quest line for Free Labor, I crossed the bridge (taking out the sniper up high in the mid-span who was still hostile to me after siding with Ashur), exited the Pitt and returned to find him at his post in the room where the door to the Steelyard is.

Best of Both Worlds

Can you side with Asher, Speech check Wernher as to not have to kill him (Neutral in karma so far) then come back and have access to merchants and then stealth kill ashur for his unique armor without making sandra hostile for the toys unmarked ongoing quest and come out all good? what happens to the named slaves? will they die. As I post this, I'm going to go test this attempted route. I don't like Ashur or anyone who uses slaves in the game (Gutted paradise falls out of requirement. Killed arkansas, ghouls killed the tenpenny tower resident , and i'm not losing karma losing a shop or losing a doctor who I like. (Not slaving flak or red) so yeah... think this will work? (360)

Or, what about killing Ashur when you meet him (telling him you're there to free the slaves!), take the baby without killing Sandra, then change your mind and return the baby to her? Nerva72 21:40, February 6, 2011 (UTC) Nevermind -- I just tried it, and after killing Ashur, evading his wife, and making my way to the rendezvous with Wernher, and trying to back out of the plan, my dialog has me saying I'd killed Sandra even though I didn't -- so the game assumes if you kill Ashur, you also killed Sandra.

It's kinda cheesy to kill Ashur at the end (after siding with him) and leave the DLC's plot messed up, with no leader of the Pitt. It's too bad there isn't a third option where you kill Ashur but back out of the deal with Wernher and seize command of the raiders and the city for yourself. Or a fourth option where you kill them both, shut off the floodlights, and leave the city leaderless and being overrun by trogs. Nerva72 05:54, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

OK, I tried killing Ashur in the initial conversation (telling him I'm there to free the slaves), took the baby but didn't kill Sandra, met up with Wernher. If I talk to him, there's no option to return the baby -- and he becomes unkillable. But if I kill Wernher before talking to him, the quest tells me to return the baby. However, when I return to Haven, Sandra is hostile, and I have a conversation with a headless Ashur's body. Definitely not a recommended option. Nerva72 04:58, February 20, 2011 (UTC)