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In the middle of this quest, the king disappears when I leave and reenter the school, no matter which save I load, or what I do. Instead, the marker leads me right to a table near the entrance (running this on the 360). 13:25, October 22, 2010 (UTC)Colton

Nevermind; he's in his room on the top floor. 13:34, October 22, 2010 (UTC)Colton

Where is the train station? How far away is it from freeside?

Detailed walkthrough

Oh my god it deleted everything! All I did was add a note at the bottom and then it deleted the whole detailed walkthrough! I am so so so so sorry!

I succeded the Speech check but failed the barter one and he did not attack.......

So that sentence telling reader that he attack if you fail the barter check is false, or maybe i'm having a bug....... 00:12, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

He only attacks if you fail BOTH speech checks twice.Ragedaoneanlonely 05:49, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Orris fails to shoot the thugs

This quest is bugged for me on PC. When Orris approaches the ambush, he draws his weapon, points at the thugs and does nothing. One of the thugs falls down pretending to be dead while the others stand in fighting position but unmoving. No one fights or becomes hostile. The player can check the fallen thug and determine he is faking, then leave and tell The King after which Orris and the thugs disappear. The quest can be completed but an uncompleted objective appears telling you to hire Orris again. If you leave Orris too long without telling The King he will return to the gate and you will have to hire him again, with the same result.--BigMill 04:55, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

  • This may happen if Orris has no ammo for some reason. Best bet if this happens is to open fire on Orris. King will still be happy and he may be a much easier kill than normal.

Bug after telling The King about the beaten envoy

I'm not finding any information on this bug besides a single forum post with no relevant replies... When I tell the King about the envoy being beaten, he stops himself with "What the hell?", the controls freeze (as though for a cutscene) and out of nowhere a man in a Kings jacket spawns and then runs continuously into Rex, with absolutely no progress. I tried leaving the game sitting for 10~ minutes and still nothing. Reloading doesn't appear to resolve the issue either, and I even tried moving Rex (by pushing him with my character model) -- the NPC spawns next to him no matter where I put him, I even managed to push him up on the stage, the NPC spawns and just continuously runs straight into him. Any solutions? ~ Patrick 15:37, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

- I had the same thing happen to me, but I was able to "fix" it by reloading. The second time I let it sit for a bit and the King who was trying to inform The King finally decided to walk around The King and Rex. Random dumb luck I guess. -- 08:14, December 4, 2010 (UTC)

another way to show that orris is lying

When I wen't through this quest I hadn't read this article yet, so when all of the thugs were lying on the ground after being "shot" I just tossed a grenade in their midst, killed all of them and left orris all alone for veronica to one shot with a ballistic fist, possibly the easiest fight I have had in the game. I don't see why just shooting him in the back isn't one of the options.


When choosing to use my favor to join the kings,is there any other worthwhile reward except the Kings Outfit and being able to get a haircut from sergio?

Yet another bug

I was anwsering the questions about the NCR for the missionary, and when I anwsered to the last question "A two-headed bear", He said I was wrong. P.S., I play on the Xbox 360. - Texas Ranger 20:50, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

If it says you got it wrong, it means you got one of the questions wrong (not necessarily the last one)

Easter Egg?

I noticed last night in the quest "G.I.Blues" when you talk to the 3 beating victims their names are "Roy", Wayne" and "Farris".

Roy Wayne Farris is the real name of retired WWF Wrestler The Honky Tonk Man, The GREATEST Intercontinental Champion of all time!

Am I showing my age?

(Sorry if this has been posted previously)


No, but your username is

Speech Check

The article says the speech check is low-level (30 Speech) but I'm looking at it right now and it says I need a speech skill of 60 to pass this check.

Another bug

At the part where it tells you to investigate the NCR handing out food at the abondoned house in the north west area of freeside, Elizabeth Kieran at the Ruined Store simply doesnt spawn or appear. This happened to me on two different times through the game on the PC.

Hidden clothing?

Just went through the part where Orris escorts you through freeside and noticed one of the 'dead' thugs wearing what looked like wasteland doctor fatigues but with no blood splatter. Killed and looted to check and they were named the same... just no blood when equipped. Playing on 360 version, anyone else noticed this? Chunk054 21:45, March 16, 2011 (UTC)

NCR Attacks at train station no matter what.

I'm dressed in NCR gear, holstered my weapon and even told Boone to wait in a certain spot so they couldn't see him, but every time I approach they attack. I have accepted status with NCR and I really don't want to have to kill all of them and lose karma, but I can't figure out how in the world to make them stop attacking.

Holster your weapon and go straight to Mayor E for stoping the fight. If U holds the weapon they will fire at u..

Actually, I can confirm that this is an actual bug. I have tried it over dozens of times at this point... My companions have been told to stay in place far from the event, I am wearing NCR armor, with Accepted NCR status, with no weapon even selected (as opposed to selected but holstered).  If I walk along the area to the side of the building (the direct path between Pacer and the NCR troops)- all the NCR troops will attack, without fail. 

Not sure what the cause is, so Ive kept trying it over and over, testing various slightly different movements. It almost seems like the aforementioned path has a trigger plate causing them to attack, ignoring that i just negotiated peace, and advanced the quest!
The only way I have been able to even get close enough to Elizabeth Kieran to talk without the NCR attacking, is running around to the other (left) side of the building and then the console to noclip through the rubble. Once I do so, I can walk right up to her from the left. I can then settle things with speech, and they act as if everything is cool. However, if at that point, I try to walk straight back towards Pacer, all the NCR troops immediately attack. >.<
So, at this point, I found a couple workarounds to finish the quest for the Kings without NCR infamy: 1) turn off clipping again, walk back around the way I came (and avoid the trigger spot for a while or else the NCR troops will run back over to attack) 2) wait for a 5+ mins, until they have fully left of the area (not just out of vision, if you dont wait long enough, they may run back and attack). 3) Untested, but I assume it would also work to just fast travel to a different area before heading back to turn in the quest.
Since Im pretty new to this site, Im gonna leave it to the pros to write up a bug mention in the actual article, unless someone requests it of me. Just thought it was important to both confirm the above posters bug, and to give some extra details. Hope it helps! -- MayaMayhem 05:55, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

As a follow up to my above post... I ended up trying out all the workarounds I listed. No matter what, when I returned to the section of Freeside that contains the train station, there were two Mercs (who seemed to have unlimited ammo) roaming the area out for blood. My blood, specifically. As I hinted at before, the quest was progressed peacefully, and all other NPCs and factions act normally. But no matter how long I wait or where I fast travel, I cant get the two NCR-faction Mercs to leave me alone. I even tried pulling them towards other NPCs in the area, but even the Kings just duck and run for cover (there arent too many such NPCs in that exact location, the Mercs just wait outside any buildings I enter such as the Mormon fort). I ended up just letting Veronica and Rex tear them to shreds while in NCR faction armor, and accepted the slight infamy. Not what I had hoped to do, but I had already spent way too much time trying to figure this nonsense out.... Regardless, any insight would be greatly appreciated even though, just to figure out *why* this happened. - MayaMayhem 03:55, June 15, 2011 (UTC)

Freeside thugs still attacking

I chose to join the Kings with my favor and Freeside thugs still attack me everywhere I go, whether I am wearing the Kings jacket or not. Is this a bug, or could it be that someone was mistaken in listing this as an advantage to joining the Kings? Elsewhere on the wiki it states that Freeside thugs will not be hostile if your reputation is negative in Freeside, which may have possibly caused confusion...? 01:26, May 17, 2011 (UTC)