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Let's see, there are allegedly two GECKs per vault, except Vault 8 (one) and Vault 13 (three). In principle, there are five Vaults in the games, total: Vault 13, Vault 8, Vault 12, Vault 15, and the LA Demo Vault. Since the LA Demo Vault wasn't really a "normal" vault, they may not have been equipped with GECKs.

We know what happened to two of the three Vault 13 GECKs: one was given to the Chosen One by Gruthar, and one (possibly both) was taken to the Enclave with the Vault 13 prisoners (and later recovered by The Chosen One).

We know what happened to the Vault 8 GECK: it was used according to plan.

We have no idea, however, what happened to the Vault 15 GECKs or the Vault 12 GECKs.

We know that Vault 15 was extensively looted before being abandoned, so they wouldn't be around. Could a GECK have been used to create Shady Sands? (After all, while Shady Sands may not have looked like much in Fallout 1, by Fallout 2 NCR looked roughly as prosperous as Vault City. Perhaps Vault City, except for the vault itself, looked as primitive as Shady Sands in the 2160s, and they've both progressed since then?) Or did the GECKs just go to the raiders, who lost them or sold them off?

(If a GECK was used in the creation of Shady Sands, then that means four of the eight "should-be" GECKs are accounted for: two for New Arroyo, one for Vault City, and one for Shady Sands/NCR. If we assume that the third Vault 13 GECK was also taken by the Enclave, but was in an area inaccessible to The Chosen One, and was blown up with the Enclave, then that means five of the eight GECKs are accounted for. That leaves three more.

I don't have any evidence, but I suspect the Slags of Ghost Farm may have had access to, well, SOMETHING more than good irrigation. The Slags have a lot of disabilities as farmers: they can only go to the surface at night, and even then they suffer from severe agoraphobia. Furthermore, how do a bunch of people who've been underground for a century and a half not just suddenly pick up farming, but proceed to create food surpluses while more experienced agricultural communities (which labor without the aversion to sunlight, agoraphobia, or the need for special glowing fungus to scare off thieves) like Arroyo and Modoc starve? Something more than a good irrigation system made those big fields of corn possible: could it have been a GECK? Could a GECK from Vault 15 or Vault 12 -- or perhaps a GECK from some other Vault entirely, maybe off the map to the north -- have worked its way along the trade routes, passed on by ignorant traders unaware of its true value, and eventually found its way to the Slags, who were somehow able to discern its purpose?

What about the Hub? The Hub is the biggest and richest city in Southern California, yet it seems to have sprung up out of nothing. Only 68 years after being founded on a camp in the desert, without even a pre-war city, vault, or military base to build on, The Hub became the biggest town in the area. The description on initially enterring the Hub describes rich farmlands on the outskirts. Of course, the oasis helps, but is that really all there is to it? Could Angus or one the later leaders of the Hub have somehow acquired a GECK? Perhaps a group of Khans with a GECK from Vault 15 attacked a trading caravan, lost, and the traders took it off a body and sold it to the Hub council? Perhaps some high-ranking Necropolis ghoul affiliated with the old Overseer's regime fleeing Set's purge of resistance managed to grab a GECK, flee to the Hub, and sell it off?

Don't take any of these things too seriously. It's just random speculation on what might have happened to the GECKs.

Jules 16:37, 8 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Okay, I just found that if you ask the "Son of Bob" Iguana vendor outside of NCR in Fallout 2 about a GECK, he says that a GECK was used in the creation of Shady Sands, so I guess that accounts for one of them with more certainty. Jules 12:58, 14 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Vault 70 in Salt Lake City had 3 GECK's (used). In van Buren times Salt Lake City for some reason was uninhabittable.--dotz 10:24, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

Specultative stuff removed by some overzealous anonymus ( Feb 21 2008 without exact explanation

(to be revised)

  • The "just add water" comment/joke for the GECK in the advertisement refers to the fact that part of the GECK's operations require that the Vault Dwellers use water from their water purification system in the Vault to help with the agriculture, irrigation, and possibly the cold fusion as well. It wasn't meant literally. If you want it to be, that's cool, too. Go for it.
  • To close, the "basic replicator" mentioned in the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide is nothing more than a selection of seeds and fertilizers. The fact that it can "build basic items" is intended to mean that you can use it to help break down sections of the Vault into items usable in a community, as well as provide new codes for the machines in the Vault to create new items from the dispensers and computers.
  • The seeds and soil supplements date themselves rather quickly, but the government subcommittees sponsoring the research and the GECK contractors (Future-Tec) weren't really concerned about that. They were "relatively certain" the seeds would be viable in a post-nuclear environment. They had done "thorough tests," and "all conclusions point to this as being the best option." The GECKs are a miracle... a miracle that they work at all.
  • The GECK builders had no idea what the post-nuclear world would be like, and they had no real way to anticipate it, despite their "thorough tests". It's doubtful they gave it much thought, to be honest, considering how badly organized the Safehouse project alone was, not to mention the experimental nature of the Vaults themselves. Still, it seems as if the seeds present in the GECK were viable for Vault 8. The GECK designers assumed that the Vault Dwellers would know how to read and how to operate various technologies present in the Vault - they didn't plan for tribals or other contingencies. They also didn't plan on the FEV getting released, or the fact the Vault Dwellers might be attacked by giant mutated scorpions or rats, either.
  • When the Vault Dweller traveled north and founded Arroyo, he probably took one of the Vault Dweller Survival Guides with him. After he left, the Arroyo tribals assumed that the "Holy GECK" advertised in the Guide was a sacred, magical item which can change the wasteland into fertile land again. The tribals were invoking the GECK as a panacea for all their problems and saw it as a miracle device. But while the item is useful, it's not the miracle maker they considered it to be.

(seeds for Arroyo present at EPA also)

--dotz 10:18, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

It wasn't speculation, it was from Fallout Bible 6. Ausir 00:43, 20 May 2008 (UTC)


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A wikipedia link has been added to the word in text (and the unnecessary inclusion of it in the Fallout 2 heading has been removed). It is a rather common term in discussing plot in video games (or other forms of media), but a link is always handy. --lordebon 18:53, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

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Two GECK types

Does anyone have the actual quotes from fallout 3 that State that the GECK from Vault 87 is a Genesis Device-style magical greening effect rather than a Fallout 2 style collection of resources, seeds and tools designed to work in conjunction with tech from a vault to reclaim land from radioactive wasteland into viable farmland/wilderness? 'cos presumably a part of the Fallout 2 GECK would be advanced radiation cleansing technology that might have been what they needed for Project Purity. --BellerophonM 09:42, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Dr. Braun specifically says that it was a terraforming device, and when you activate it, and choose to turn it on, it says "...it will take all matter in the present area and convert it into fertile soil" or something to that effect, and if you turn it on, it causes an energy explosion thing. presumably they just use whatever matter conversion components are in it to convert the irradiated water into clean water--Katikar 14:44, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Reconciling the two forms of GECK.

I don't understand why all the info websites on this game don't seem to have actually read the diary entries for Braun in the Vault where you get the GECK in Fallout 3.

He states that he designed the "agricultural" form of GECK for the safehouse project (which are the GECK's in F2) , but felt he could do more with it, and make a real revolutionary terraforming technology, which is the GECK in F3. He says he only made one of those.

Another hint to the existence of two different kinds of GECKs is the fact that in the Fallout 2 intro, "results may vary" is displayed after the inhabitants of Vault 13 are told to "Use The GECK to Create The NEW WORLD you've been waiting for..." -- 06:35, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

New Vegas GECK

Ok i have been playing through New Vegas, and have found a GECK, as i havent played any other fallout im not too sure what exactly it could do in New Vegas, cant remember where i found it or what i could do with it. --Smish34 22:06, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

Vault 12 GECK

  I do believe that the Vault 12, was, in fact used for the purifier. the Enclave (again all possibilities)had previously installed it and was going to use it for the distribution of the FEV. (wrong game?) then when you activate it the GECK would be classified as used.