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Talk:General Oliver's uniform

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Is there a way[edit source]

Can you get this on XBOX without ending the game? --The Bart 09:12, December 6, 2010 (UTC)

Not as of yet, no. Perhaps with DLC (but I seem to recall Obsidian saying that there won't be post-game gameplay). 3nexx 06:22, February 8, 2011 (UTC)
I seriously can't believe that the technique how you can play after "ending" the game hasn't become widespread yet... I finished the game quite a while ago and I am still playing, and I ain't bullshittin' here. I armorhopped away from the Legate's Camp after quickly snatching the dear General's clothes from his charred body and before Yes Man was able to reach me to initiate the game ending dialogue. Now I am walking the Mohave with the Legate's cool mask as a trophy, Judah Kreger's Enclave Officer Uniform and General "Bruce" Lee Oliver's favourite garments, and all this... on PS3. It's not that hard, I mean come on... I doubt I was the first one able to glitch out of the place. Who's bright idea was it to make the location where the game would end so... exploitable (Exterior)? It was different in Fallout 3 where you were crammed inside a locked room with absolutely NO way out, this when Broken Steel wasn't out yet, mind. Mahtavatar 18:25, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
 I did that glitch too but instead I used 5mm boxes. I'd be careful though because believe it or not Yes Man will catch up to you eventually. Also why does the article say that there is no female version of Oliver's uniform? I have it for Xbox and PS3 and the when worn on a female the uniform works just fine(By that I mean you can tell it is a female).