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Talk:George (Fallout: New Vegas)

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Note is Right

note is correct. hide in the corner of the first house. then the corner of the house with yellow panels. then jump out & run for the fence

the note is correct

i think people are just getting frustrated too quickly, but the note is correct.

its simply a matter of finding the correct structures to hide behind, where you take no damage at all, waiting for the reload period, and moving to the next one.

i walked straight through without taking any damage once i figured out the proper route, which was basically how the note tells you to do it.

there is one building on the left side as soon as the bombardment starts you can hide in the corner of and take no damage, then once you hit the break run across the road to the right to a similar structure and hide in the corner there, then when it stops again run to the gate.

i died probably 10-20 times before i figured the proper places to hide and wait, but i think thats supposed to be the challenge.

on a side note hugging the mountains i always got hit and had broken limbs by the time i got to the fence. its doable that way, but figuring out the proper route is actually better.

... If you have a turbo, or 6+ stimpacks, you can just run in a straight line, and it will work. just be ready to get your pipboy out to fix leg cripples.

The note is indeed correct.

I made it on the first try by running through the small pit immediately on the left, then through that house and right into the NE corner. This house did not look safe from the outside but I took no damage once inside. I waited until the shells stopped, then jumped over a low section of the eastern wall and ran to the northernmost house. It has a collapsed roof and you should run past a car on your left to get to it. It has metal leaning against it that looks like two ramps. I ran up the left ramp and through a window. Once inside I ran to the NE corner again and waited for shells to stop falling. After that I ran up the inside metal ramp and back out the window. Then, I ran down the hill to the fence.

I believe this works every time and I believe this is the way that the note intends. I agree that it can be confusing. I think I just got lucky the first time and picked the right houses. Other than that just make sure you have your gun holstered and sneak off.

Good luck couriers,

Monolithic 04:30, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

1400 caps

pickpocket george after you bet 300. he has over 700

then "find" the base by running to the gate & back

then has a 60 speech check for an extra 100 = another 700

he didnt have any caps on him when i killed him straight away

Train Tunnel and Caps.

So for anyone who had found the unmarked Train Tunnel, ran through it then made it to nellis.

Just know you won't be able to talk to George and start the quest(If you started his quest then nevermind). I just tried it, once I discovered the tunnel on my second play through and found I was headed towards the base.