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Talk:Grouse Jurley

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The Family

What does Grouse say? I cant get him to talk about them? I get the dog catcher stuff

Questions Concerning Obtaining Mesmetron from Him w/out losing karma

If he is killed for the mesmetron does he have ammo on him? Also will another slaver replace him at his little "guard duty chair"? And since I don't really keep track of dead bodies will his body despawn after his death (because it bugs me when I see a dead body just lying around somewhere, it looks kind of tacky and it bugs me that you'd think theyd remove his body or go dump it off somewhere so you/they wouldnt have to look at it; I'm sure some of you get what im saying)?--TVRobot 23:47, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Another question and if this one is answered with a yes therell be no need for answering the questions above. Can you pickpocket it off of him (it doesnt say in the article)?--TVRobot 23:59, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Other bug

When doing Strictly Buissness if you capture one of the V.I.P. targets then go to the slave pin and talk to them and say that you'll get the collar off and then say just kidding they turn hostile but don't attack then you go outside to grouse he says you captured them again and gives you 250 more caps and another slave collar.Can someone confirm this.

Not hostile?!

This is misguided information, at least for xbox 360 users. Whenever I attacked a slaver, whithout hurting him and without a companion (and with nothing compromising such as a regulator duster), Grouse DOES turns hostile. Even in sneak mode. Could anyone verify the information regarding this?

I can confirm this im on PC version latest patch all DLC bar mothership zeta and planted a mine in a slavers pocket while in sneak mode with stealth armour equipped snuck away no one saw me and the lot of them including Grouse are hostile to me even for about 2 months game time later -- 17:42, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

Bug moved until confirmed

  • (Observed in two instances on two different 360s) Even though Grouse will equip different weapons and armor reverse-pickpocketed onto his person by the player, his entire inventory constantly seems to erase and refresh itself. This means he will switch back to his default outfit and weapon after a few days, and you will lose anything you "gave" to him. He appears to be the only named NPC in the game with this behavior, possibly to avoid possible problems with the Mesmetron. If you think about it, he's the only NPC in the game who has a quest item that's also a weapon. So if he somehow lost the weapon before you accepted the quest, there would be no way to obtain the Mesmetron.