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I told Cachino about Troike before talking to him about Clanden. He says he wouldn't mind him being dead, but you don't get a quest item to kill him. Also, you get talk options about killing the bosses. If you tell Cachino you aren't ready and go back and kill Clanden, you get a message saying you failed the quest. You can still go and talk to Cachino and tell him you're ready to kill the bosses along with the dialogue options about him running the place better now that they're gone. If you tell him you're ready to kill the bosses, he'll say ok but not lead you anywhere. 06:31, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

>> I have the same problem. If I kill Clanden it fails the mission. I get no option about getting him to leave the casino. The speech check I get when I have the snuff tapes is to say I have a girl ready for him. Cannot complete mission as he becomes hostile and attacks me, which fails the mission.

I chose to turn in Cachino to his bosses instead of working with him. He meets big sal who then kills him. This unlocks a whole different set of quest options not currently listed on the page. One is to find a missing weapons shipment, the other is to obtain a large amount of chlorine.

I am getting the glitch involving the dead hooker, I unlock the door but she acts like she is still alive even though it says she is dead.

(X-Box Version)

What an aptly named quest. Unless I missed something, it doesn't seem to me as though there is any possible outcome to this quest that results in finding out what the Omertas were actually up to. They smuggle some weapons, kill a hooker and need either a nuke or a nerve gas bomb but.... why? Who are the "large number of people" they need to kill and why? 17:18, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

If you torch the weapons and kill the mobsters, then meet Caesar for the first time, he will scold you for it. Apparently, he bribed the Omertas and talking to Yes Man seems to indicate the plan was to blow up the Strip. It's still brief information though, and quite vague. The speech check with Big Sal should provide full details, but my Speech skill was only at around 60.

Taking ammo, A BUG?

If you steal Sal and Nero's ammo before sitting down for your chat, choosing the lie option implicating Nero will cause the two of them to stare at one another with guns out, but they will not attack due to lack of ammo. 

Is that really a bug? I makes sence that if you remove the ammo from someone, that they lose the ability to use a firearm.

Don't get me wrong, its nice info, but does it belong in the bug section?GodsHand 19:03, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

It's a bug because they don't resort to other weapons, or their fists. --Kris User Hola.jpg 20:26, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

I got another bug. If you choose to tell the boss about the side activites of the guy, he will have you help two other guys. One of them will ask you to recover some weapon parts from fiends. I killed them and saw the weapon parts on the floor. However, after picking it up, it doesn't show in the inventory, and the quest doesn't clear. Did anyone find this bug too?

Alternative for Clanden?

I noticed that when my pickpocket attempts on Clanden failed and turned him hostile, that after he is disarmed and his weapon taken he will run directly for the room containing the dead prostitute and cower. Once killed at that point/position the game will still register Clanden's purpose as being uncovered and will progress the quest to having uncovered Clanden's purpose and also following the optional progress line of killing him. This may be an alternative method. Zarts 05:45, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

There isn't always a Flamer in either of the gun room containers

I never saw a flamer, always an assault rifle and a sniper rifle in each, so I looked it up in the GECK and the two containers in the "Gun Room" are set to give 2 out of 3 "WithAmmo" weapons: a sniper rifle, assault rifle or flamer, so the suggestion in the article about giving Gannon the Flamer might not be possible. Here's a screen cap from the GECK showing with previews of possible combinations in the containers. --BigMill 00:53, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

Convince Clanden to betray the family?

After finding the tapes and showing them to Cachino he tells me to convince him to leave Vegas, betray the bosses or kill him. In my quest notes I have: "(Optional) Use the tapes to convince Clanden to betray the family," but when speaking to him there is no dialog option to do such a thing. The only new dialog option is: "I think the authorities would like to hear these tapes I found in your safe." Which then gives me these three options:

  • [Barter 21/50] If you... um... give me 300 caps and leave Vegas, I'll keep these tapes safe.
  • You can't have the tapes, but I'll keep them to myself if you leave and never come back.
  • I can't give you these tapes, they are evidence of a crime.

I used the console to set my barter skill to 50, and that changes the barter dialog to:

  • [Barter 50] I'll give you the tapes if you promise to leave Vegas and never come back, and give me 200 caps.

As you can see, none of those options will convince him to betray the family. --Jimnms 19:32, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

There seems to be some confusion over the interpretation of objectives -or maybe cut/missing game content, here. In the game, Cachino speaks the following line:
"Maybe you could use what's on these tapes to get him by himself, or maybe you could use them to levarage him out of the casino"
This seems to imply making Clanden talk about what he does for the family and clearly suggests making him leave Vegas (as an alternative to his original proposal of killing him). You are given the game objectives [Find out what kind of work Clanden does for the family] (VMS21 33) and [(Optional) Use the tapes to convince Clanden to betray the family] (VMS21 69) but there is no instance of the former (VMS21 33) being removed or updated as completed except for when he dies, so it does seem like some game content was forgotten / cut. However, there is no other instance of any unused or missing references for the latter. It is updated as completed when you convince Clanden to leave Vegas. Therefore, whether Obsidian also intended to add a more involved option for betrayal is very speculative.
Accordingly, I've edited the article page to shorten a sentence by removing the confusing reference to betrayal option and added two associated notes under the paragraph for Clanden.Denizsi 20:28, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

Not a bug, moved from article

PCIcon pc.png If you helped the Bosses, Cachino is dead but you changed your mind and want to stop them anyway ((related to For the Republic, Part 2 and Wild Card: Side Bets)) If you helped the Bosses and Cachino is dead, and later in the game you learn what the Omertas are really up to, maybe you want to stop them. First of all, the only option you have is to go to the Gomorrah and kill everyone. But even after doing so, the only speech options you have in the course of the quests For the Republic, Part 2 and Wild Card: Side Bets will be that you approve the Omertas plans to take over the strip. Even though you killed them all.

To fix this, you will need help of the console. First, you need to make sure that really all the Omertas are dead. Most of them are disabled in the game, so even if you wiped out the entire casino they will still be alive. After that, you need to set a couple of quest objectives the right way to enable your desired speech options. Type the following (the stuff inside the quotation marks, without quotation marks of course):

(do this, preferably, inside the Gomorrah casino, assuming that you already killed everyone there)

"prid 0011267c" Marks Troike in the console. "moveto player" Move him to you. "enable" Make him visible. At this point, either exit the console and kill him (or simply type "kill", but you won't get any karma or EXP for that).

"prid 0011267b" Marks Clanden in the console. "moveto player" Move him to you. "enable" Make him visible. At this point, either exit the console and kill him (or simply type "kill", but you won't get any karma or EXP for that).

"prid 0011267a" Marks Big Sal in the console (usually isn't disabled and should already be dead - but, just to make sure). "moveto player" Move him to you. "enable" Make him visible. At this point, either exit the console and kill him (or simply type "kill", but you won't get any karma or EXP for that).

"prid 00112dc9" Marks Nero in the console. "moveto player" Move him to you. "enable" Make him visible. At this point, either exit the console and kill him (or simply type "kill", but you won't get any karma or EXP for that).

"prid 11118d" Marks Cachino in the console. "moveto player" Move him to you. "enable" Make him visible. At this point, either exit the console and kill him (or simply type "kill", but you won't get any karma or EXP for that).

At this point, all of the Omerta people are dead. Usually, the game should know by now that you killed them and stopped their plans. But it doesn't recognize it, so you have to do the following:

"setstage 00110a63 50"

This will set the quest to How Little We Know a point at which the game thinks you stopped the Omertas

"set vStoryEventRacket to 2"

The variable "vStoryEventRacket" should be 2 anyways at this point, but just to make sure.

"setobjectivedisplayed 00157322 68 1" "setobjectivedisplayed 00157322 70 1"

This will, provided 'VSotryEventRacket' is 2, give you the option to tell Yes Man during Wild Card: Side Bets that you took care of the Omertas and that they are no longer a threat.

"setobjectivedisplayed 00136166 35 1"

This will, provided 'vStoryEventRacket' is 2, give you the option to tell Colonel Moore during For the Republic, Part 2 that you took care of the Omertas and that they are no longer a threat.

At this point, all the right dialogue options should be available and now you can finish the quests your way.

Cachino won't move

I'm getting a bug where Cachino says we're going to go to the bosses room, upon which he's going to give me a gun, but after saying I'm ready, he just stays rooted to the spot.

This is a quest breaking bug as far as I can tell and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue on the slim chance someone was able to find a solution. Tikalal 01:28, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

I had a similar problem for which Cachino just stands next to the lower floor elevator and fails to lead me to the bosses room. However, this can be fixed by taking the elevator to the main floor, then typing "prid 11118d" followed by "moveto player" in the console. It seems that once Cachino gets to the main floor, he would walk normally to the bosses room and the normal sequence of events can proceed. Yiron 16:57, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Changes after patch 1.2?

This page needs a major re-writing, you don't need to deal with Clanden AND Troike, doing one of them is enough to unlock the option to deal with Big Sal/Nero. Also, after patch 1.2 I had trouble trying to do the two options. If you deal with Claden, Cochino tells you is time to deal with the bosses and if tell him to wait, do the Troike section and them returning to him the quest bug: Nero, Sal and Cochino don't say anything in the office and the confrontation never happens. The same happened otherwise (doing Troike first, telling Cochino that you will prepare, dealing with Claden). Could anyone confirm this? Brfritos 21:22, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

Confirmed on PC version. I dealt with Clanden and then reported to Cachino. Cachino said it was time to deal with the bosses. I could not find Troike after the quest completed. Lumps 05:11, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Confirmed on PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png as well. After dealing with both Troike and Clanden, reporting back to Cachino, telling him to hold on until ready and eventually getting back to him afterwards to actually go for the bosses will cause Cachino to go and enter the meeting room but none of the NPC will react correctly anymore. --Om3ro 12:42, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

Crimes Against Caesar, etc.

-How would one get Caesar to kill your character for completing this quest in Cachino's favor and committing another crime against the Legion? After completing Restoring Hope and I Put a Spell on You in the NCR's favor, you get the option to confess these crimes to Caesar after siding with Cachino and speaking with Caesar again (hilariously enough, I can't confess that I exterminated Cottonwood Cove). Although I doubt it's relevant, my fame with the Legion was and remains Idolized, and the only thing I did in the main quest after killing Benny was activating the Securitron army, lying to Caesar that I destroyed the bunker). I'm curious whether the Legion will turn permanently hostile for doing those two quests for the NCR's side after you've confessed to him.

-What both of those quests have in common is that they are the only marked quests where you can pick between siding with the NCR or the Legion. "Oh My Papa" and "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" are the only other marked side quests which I haven't completed yet and which involve working against the Legion, but I suspect that . If anyone has been rejected by the Legion for completing a SIDE quest after completing this quest, could someone add that information? (Otherwise, I should assume that the only ways he will try to kill you involve the other main quest lines, telling him you won't work for him twice, or bothering him enough during his tumors.) 18:20, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

I think that I may have answered some of my own questions. I asked the question because characters in the series have strongly insisted before that the player obey their commands, yet do not act on it if you disobey it (i.e. none of Michael Masters' group in FO3 will turn hostile if you unholster your weapon, even though he specifically instructs you to do so). However, Caesar isn't bluffing. If you don't confess defusing the monorail bomb and wiping out Nelson to Caesar when he gives you the opportunity, the Legion will turn permanently hostile the next time you engage Caesar in dialogue. (I assume that completing those two quests after he gives you amnesty will also turn the Legion hostile the next time you speak with Caesar.)
That being said, I still have a few questions (for anyone that has a GECK or has faced a similar scenario):
-Can you confess working against the Legion in "Oh My Papa" and "I Forgot to Remember to Forget"? Those are the only two SIDEquests I have not done which involve working against the Legion. As "Oh My Papa" has ties to the main quest (much as this quest does), I think that Caesar could react to your completion of the quest, but I'm doubting he would react to completing Boone's quest. (He doesn't care if you dump radioactive barrels on Cottonwood Cove or exterminate the Legion in Techatticup Mine, for example.)
-What quest stages do you have to reach to commit a crime in each relevant ?
-Would defusing the monorail bomb and/or wiping out Nelson (more specifically, killing Dead Sea) without completing "How Little We Know" still require you to confess crimes?
Sorry for all of the questions, but this knowledge could be important for those who like to keep a save in which all side quests are completed yet no commitment in the main quest has been made, or for those who like to help both the Legion and the NCR. 05:41, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

Pickpocket/Steal Cachino's Diary

There should be a note on the main page stating that (PS3, at least) while stealing the Diary from his desk grants negative karma, pickpocketing the same Diary from Cachino in person, will not result in any karma loss. --Om3ro 21:57, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

Clanden respawns from death

PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png After convincing Clanden to leave the strip (gathering evidence of his holotape) I critically punched him dead with Love & Hate as soon as he turned to quit his room at Gomorrah. No karma loss and even got a bunch of 'Completed' steps in the 'How Little we Know' quest. Some in-game days afterward, I was walking from Primm to Novac via Primm Pass, made a stop at Harper's shack and once out, I had several NCR troopers spawn right in front of me, then a bunch of Legion Recruits on the hills across the road, and suddenly I noticed another friendly marker on the compass, a bit back on the road and went to investigate. It turned out that it was Clanden, alive and standing, uncaring about what was going on around him.

Not too distant from his position, leaning against some rocks, there was a dead Follower of Bright that I'm positive has never been there before. --Om3ro 10:14, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

Didn't talk to liza first. fuck. and tanks for patching this obsidian.

Holdout weapons

On the holdout weapons page, it mentions that non-holdout weapons can brought into the gamorah if you side with cachino. Is there some special speech choice about it? because I sided with cachino and the greeter still takes away my weapons.

Um....Everyone Got Killed

With Clanden it is possible to find him in his suite, sleeping. This happened by visiting him before Cachino told me to. This allowed an easy pickpocket. Since I'm kind of a kleptomaniac I had all the stuff I needed ahead of time. Later on I persuaded Clanden to leave Vegas and never come back, but, as he was leaving, I couldn't resist stabbing him the back with a few poisoned throwing knives. So I completed that part of the quest and then killed him (for positive Karma).

Later on I'm near the end of the quest, and supporting Cachino, I have no problem with him running things. But when I get Sal and Nero to turn on each other Cachino gets shot down in the crossfire. So now I have three dead Mafioso types in this little office. My question is: who takes over the Gomorrah? What long term damage have I done? Troike is the only survivor.

RedVideo (talk) 00:21, 17 August 2015 (UTC)