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Talk:Intelligence Implant

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Shinyd00meyes here claim it does raise SP Talk:Fallout: New Vegas implants.

I have tried it myself and it realy affects skillpoints gainded when lvlup.

Unique Dialogue

If your intelligence is 3 (and less I'm assuming) you will get dumb dialogue. As a result, when you try to buy it from her at 3 intelligence or less she recommend this and it will cost only 3000 caps vs 4000. If intelligence is 4 or higher than the dialogue turns back to normal.

Unfinished Dialogue

I tried to buy one from her at 10 inteligence and she finished her sentence a few words early according to the subtitles, I was going to add this to the page as a bug, but I am not sure if it really qualifies.

Unavailable with intelligence <=3

When I talk to her with an intelligence of 3 (Modified down from 7. First I used alcohol, and then tried the console to test) I don't get the intelligence implant option. Only the 8 others with the "dumbed down" dialogue. Has this happened to anyone else? Therks 11:47, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

Lost the implant somehow, couldn't re-buy it

I bought the implant for 3000 caps with a character that had an Intelligence of 1. I noticed some time later that my Intelligence was back down to 1, and I checked my perks list and I no longer had the implant. Thinking that maybe I forgot to save after getting it or reloaded an earlier save by accident I went back to Dr. Usanagi and the option to buy it was no longer there.

Can Int 10 characters buy this implant?

If I start out w/ an Int 10, can I still buy this and install it? I know it won't raise my stat any further, I just want to install it anyway. XP