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Talk:Isaac (Gun Runners)

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I was waiting the 3 days to get new items from the Gun Runners store and some caesars legions assassins attacked me and it doesnt appear that isaac died ive looked for his body but I can't find him. Im trying to get this machine but i cant find him. any ideas?

I would suggest using the base id prid (base id) moveto player then complete Unfortunately, the ID does not select the correct thing, so it doesnt work. Use the player.additem to get This Machine without completing the quest

The above works. Also, I found that he was always gone if I fast traveled to Gun Runners. From there I walked away to his house (didn't go in) and a still walked a bit further around, then walked back to Gun Runners and he was there spawned next to the workbench (at 12:30).


Try these two (separate) commands, should work:

prid 000f8b13
moveto player
Neoptolemos 22:07, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

You don't need to do this quest to get This Machine. Go to that female officer who wanted you to beat the legion prisoner and blow the whistle on the quartermaster and she will give it to you.

Where the hell is he...

Can't Find Isaac?

First off, I'm on PS3 so I can't use any commands unfortunately. Well I was doing that side-quest delivering Scrap metal to him. He used to always be at the work bench in front of the Gun Runners (Fallout: New Vegas) HQ. Now, he's not there. I've tried waiting to see if maybe he'd show up later, but I've gone and came back twice and he's still not there. Any ideas on where to find him?

--DJ Idol 20:51, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

He had been missing from my game as well. Seems that every now and again he'll refuse to leave his house and, won't be found out at the gun runners. If he's still alive and not killed by fiends simply visit his home (located across the street from the Hostetler residence) during night hours. Upon entering he will ask you to leave, do so and wait outside till day time. Then simply walk back to the gun runners shop and bingo!

-sum guy