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Useful only to the extent that it saves you from using Radaway. You shouldn't drink from irradiated sources (especially VERY irradiated sources) unless you are A: prepping for a tough fight, or B: desperate and outta stimpacks. There are better perks.-Accountless Avenger

In NV you will absorb a lot of radiation if playing on harcore mode, this perk is very usefull on it. But in casual play I agree with you, it is uselless. Brfritos 01:23, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

This perk is no very useful in New Vegas at all. Rads are easily purged, using Radaway, and maintained using Rad-X, or simply avoiding radiation sources as much as possible.

Even in Hardcore mode when you are concerned with Hunger and Thirst, keeping Rads down is still very easy. Thirst is the easiest, once you have the Goodspring Source WP to fast travel too, because all you have to do is drink from there and your thirst is GONE. Once your survival is high, you'll gain massive Food boosts from anything you eat, and most things have a relatively low Rad count associated with them. Gecko Steaks are a great source for Food management, with a minimal Rad penalty. 08:55, June 2, 2011 (UTC)