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[PS3] I don't know if this is the right discussion page to put this in, but sometimes when walking around the Mojave I will suddenly (or sometimes it will fade in) experience either a green and yellow, black or sepia monochrome effect on the whole screen (HUD unaffected). Eventually it fades out like cat-eye, but I haven't taken cat eye or received any LLV perks. It's not game impeding at all so I'm not bothered, but has anyone else experienced this? 09:46, December 15, 2010 (UTC)Bryce

This happens due to the effect no matter who takes Cat-eye, the effect ALWAYS apply to the player, usually companions will take Cat-eye and you will receive the adverse affects as-well, just a bug, and part of the coding. Don't mind it.

Page overhaul.[edit source]

I dont know how to edit pages properly but it would be great if someone remade the Low-Light Vision page.

It should include all types of low-light vision like night vision and sneak vision and list the respective consumables(ghost sight, nuka cola quartz, cateye) weapon mods and items (varmin rifle nightvision scope,holorifle, hazmat darklight cowl,riot helmet and its variants etc) and perks( friend of the night) that improove vision in dark places.--CyrilTheGreat 22:48, September 24, 2011 (UTC)