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What i would like to see[edit source]

I hope that this weapon is included in a DLC for New Vegas and have it be in the guns category and have very high armor piercing capabilities for it's ammunition perhaps in exchange for reduced damage when compared with the Scoped Gauss Rifle.--BattleBen 06:21, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Miss the FO2 gauss rifle[edit source]

When reading about the DLC Operation Anchorage for the first time, I was looking at weapons and saw the gauss rifle, and immediately thought of Fallout 2. I was so happy they were putting it back in the game..... then i saw the scoped, single shot, (in my opinion) monstrosity that was the new gauss rifle. Point of this is I would like to see the M72 brought back in future Fallout games/DLCs.