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Used in a mission/Quest???--------------

Asshat got his brain bucket blasted off as i lured the Primms thugs into the NCR's camp. After this death, there was a small message saying he died, like if a companion was killed. Is he imporant for any missions/quests? Nothing outstanding on the Body, just light armor, 9mm, and his dog tag. 06:14, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

Died in my game too[edit source]

He died in my game as well.

(MINOR SPOILERS) After I found a sheriff for Primm, he and the Lieutenant disappeared from the NCR outpost there, I presume to go back to the Mojave outpost. I got the message that he had died shortly after. I have yet to find the body, but I suspect it's from the radscorpions on the way. No idea if he's important or not -- hopefully not!

OP here, he had nothing out of the ordinary on him. Many of the NCRs have dog tags that pool and stack in the same group. still odd, 10 more hours into the game and found nothing regarding this nobody NCR98.210.120.221 00:06, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

I found him wandering near Goodsprings Source after helping Primm. Shortly after I noticed him walk by I got a message saying hes had been killed. I found his body close by. He died to some Young Gecko Hunters...

Just started playing for the first time. Made the mistake of trying to use a powder-ganger outfit to sneak past the convicts too close to the NCR. Had no choice but to kill him after he followed me into Primm and still managed to finish the quest by turning him into sheriff. Go figure.

I also found him at Goodsprings Source heading east. I believe he was trying to get to Camp Forlorn hope. Since I wasn't doing anything, I followed him. At Powder Ganger Camp North he stepped on 2 powder charges and end up with 1 health point. He made it through Hidden Valley, but died in Scorpion Gulch half way to his destination.

Another pointless object/person[edit source]

I think we ought to create a page that list people and things that are for the most part pointless but may seem important when seeing them for the first time. I was also just out wandering around when I go the message that this McGee died and I was worried that a important character died and I wont be able to start or complete a quest. After searching on here I found out that he's pretty much worthless.

He's hardly worthless. He's the Mayor, if you have the NCR take over Primm. --Kris User Hola.jpg 18:43, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

Suicide Path[edit source]

on XBox360 after I choose the Ex-con do run Primm with iron fists, SGt McGee start his dark path when i started a walkbout from Novac, going all the roadway to Primm, when I got near Goodsprings Source I reached him. He went all the road untill Hidden Valley, crossed the Brotherhood Of Paper territory to reach the Scorpion Gulch. Then he went towards HELIOS One and after that was pretty much a stright line in the desert until Forlorn Hope. I gave him a 9mm Submachinegun. 200 rounds, same caliber, of course. A NCR Patrol Armor fully repaired, 5 stims and a Ballistic Fist just in case. So, what's the point? Now he just stays there?

Presumably he waits there (like the other NCR NPCs that are reassigned after their respective quests are fulfilled) until endgame. HelenaHanbazkt 22:50, April 22, 2011 (UTC)HelenaHanbazkt