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Talk:Megaton settler

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killed a megaton settler (with gatling lazer) carrying 8 scoped .44 magnums and 180 .44 rounds


What I find humorous is that immediately after thanking you for being such a good person, she'll snub you if you try to inditiate dialog again.

What I found funny, as well as kind of sad at the same time, was on more than one occasion after giving me caps or a food item, as she's walking away she would make the comment “I can’t even afford some damn squirrel stew.” I just shake my head, I never asked for all than damn free carp she gives anyway. Honestly, aside from lowering my karma, I wish there was a way to get he to stop. ReapTheChaos 02:50, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

Do they respawn after death?

Dead and Gone

Nope, once they're dead, they're dead and there's nothing you can do about that.[intelligence] However, a new settler will come forth and fill the void which you have created in the settlement of Megaton.Nukacolacap 17:00, December 4, 2009 (UTC)nukacolacap

So you're saying the the unnamed Megaton Settlers respawn after they die?

I was curious about this as well. I tend to use merc clothing, and it gets to be a bit of a pain to find more to repair it with (honestly it's easier to find tesla armor than merc gear, save for wiping out paradise falls). I was curious if i could off some of the megaton settlers carrying it, then just wait until the town calms down (and hopefully more settlers will appear) , then repeat.

Problem with getting daily freebie from Megaton Settler

I'm shocked that nobody else has posted anything about this. I play on Xbox360 and I've noticed that after obtaining a follower (Star Paladin Cross) and Dogmeat I am no longer having an eager Megaton Settler chase me around to give me freebies anymore. My karma has not changed other than a few pickpockets here and there. I still have extremely high karma and don't understand why it's been days without an appearance. Anybody have any clues? I would try dismissing either or both of my followers but I like having them too much! --Coldwinds 08:20, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

On my first playthrough the settler stopped showing up as well. Honestly I was relieved! It gets pretty damn old having them stop you every time you fast travel to megaton or step out your door. Its not like you really need the stuff they give you, well at the beginning maybe, but after a while you should have scrounged plenty of supplies on your own. In my game the character simply disappeared. The sheriff disappeared as well. Its just a glitch and has nothing to do with having a follower. 01:50, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

It is very likely she has literally fallen off the map, rather than anything regarding followers. Happened to me a couple of times...her, Billy Creel, Nathan, Confessor Cromwell and Lucy West.

See here for solutions. Sometimes she can just be stuck in the Ladies' Room, too.

EDIT: haha, after posting this, I went for a trip over the wall and found our gift-giving woman and Lucy West out in the void yet again... Got 'em home OK (360) ComaDivine 13:29, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

Could some Megaton Settlers be theives?

Sombody reported to me that a settler was surprised while stealing in the Lone Wanderer's Megaton house. After a short chase, and some carefull interrogation (namely with a sledgehammer to the head) a bunch of stimpacks were found in his inventory; later reported as missing from the Lone Wanderer stash. Since it was impossible to get a confession from the suspect, I wonder, could this be possible? Do I need an alarm system on my Megaton house (I thought that my Mr. Handy fellow came with this option) or to extermine the settlers present then when more come? Is Dogmeat not a guard dog? MotrinXtraFort 09:33, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

I seriously doubt this is a possibility. The NPC would have to be scripted to enter your house and take random items. If that were the case many more players would have noticed that happening and reported it by now seeing as its been out over a year already. A more feasible explanation of what your friend may have seen was a scripting glitch where the NPC spawned in his Megaton home and immediately left. Most likely the Stimpaks where something the character had in his inventory already. ReapTheChaos 02:39, February 2, 2010 (UTC)


No! Listen to sparky! Possibly Mothership (doubt it) Zeta but NOT UFD.
Stop adding it!
JaspertheViking :D? 21:47, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks, but it could be ANYTHING, there is over 200 locations in FO3 and it would be highly unlikely, it is a UNIQUE encounter. More likely a Vertibird or even a Deathclaw with a fork in its throat. Sparky talk ??? .

OK! No UFD?! FINE! I fixed my entry for that MORE than once! But why deleting the entire entry, when it just improves the wiki by adding notes of a conversation (clearly one step over the usual level of conversation of Megaton settlers) that is not referred to anywhere else? You could just remove the part of the UFD and leave the rest.