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Should there be a separate page to discuss this? If someone agrees, then this can be moved there.

According to the game settings, block amount starts from 0.0, and is multiplied by 2.0 per point of skill, but capped at a maximum of 0.70. Blocking with a weapon gives a multiplier of 1.0, and if the setting for shieldless blocking, 0.5, is included, a melee character would reach maximum block at a skill of 70, since there are no shields in the game. Barehanded block is multiplied by 0.25, so that would leave an unarmed master with a max block amount of 50.

It's not clear whether this is a flat amount or a percentage.

Can anyone confirm receiving a critical strike while blocking? I've never had it happen to me with either skilled or unskilled melee or unarmed characters. If it does prevent crits, then it seems safer than taking the hit even without skill.

There's also three settings for iPerkBlockDisarmChance (5%), iPerkBlockStaggerChance (5%), and iPerkHandToHandBlockRecoilChance (25%), but if these are used at all, it'd be buried in the game engine. -- 18:55, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

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Do melee weapons do more damage as you skill up every 5 points like the Small Guns formula?

Strategies (Moved from Article)

Feel free to edit this as you would the Article to keep this list clean and helpful to other readers.--Ehplee 16:26, October 25, 2009 (UTC)

  • Against ranged attackers, it's best to duck behind cover and wait for them to either come running up to you near enough for you to quickly close the distance or for them to reload, activating VATS when you're in range. If you don't kill them in that first attack then keep hammering on them to keep them off balance until you either kill them or get enough action points for another VATS attack. If you get caught out in the open, strafing to the left or right as you're running up to them will reduce but not eliminate the damage you take.
  • Against melee attackers you can either choose to go toe to toe with them, if you've built up enough Damage Resistance through armor, perks or doses of Med-X or you can "slash dance" by making a quick attack then backing off out of their reach before they can make their own attack. This latter tactic seems to work especially well against creatures with slow but powerful attacks like the radscorpion.
  • If you find yourself having trouble with wounded raiders running off faster than you can chase them, then look into getting a Dart Gun as this will cripple their legs and slow them to a walk. It's worth a few pounds in your inventory to equip a 10mm Pistol to finish off weakened stragglers, also.
  • As many common melee character builds sacrifice Perception you may find yourself getting ambushed too often as you're running through the Wasteland. Recruiting Dogmeat can be a way to give you advanced warning as he has high Perception and will start growling and face towards any hostiles he senses.
  • Melee-based companions, particularly Dogmeat, make a great side-kick for melee PC's. Dogmeat will generally draw enemy attention away from you, allowing you to move in close without getting wounded. With a high enough sneak percentage, you can even remain undetected by a foe while Dogmeat is tanking him, giving you a chance to perform a Sneak critical.
  • Oddly enough, it is more effective to use a Ranged Weapon against Melee or Unarmed enemies, and to use Melee Weapons or Unarmed against enemies with Ranged Weapons. When fighting a Melee Weapon/Unarmed enemy continuously back up as you shoot them with a Ranged Weapon to take minimal damage. It is unwise to use Melee Weapons against other Melee Weapons users, because basically you will just be trading blows and the other enemy may block your attacks. When fighting a humanoid with a Ranged Weapon or a weapon that can't block, continuously circle them in one direction while hammering them to death [apparently the AI has a low X-Axis sensitivity setting], they will not be able to turn fast enough to hit you and will be unable to block leaving them defenseless. This tactic can be used successfully against Deathclaws, Super Mutants, and Ghouls but is less effective against enemies lower to the ground such as Radscorpions, Mole Rats and Dogs (though the latter group consists of weaker, less-threatening enemies).
  • Moving in close (pushing against them) with a melee or unarmed weapon makes most of the shots pass through the PC and cause no damage. This is useful against lone enemies maybe two if you use your target as a shield.
  • Circle-strafing tends to work much more effectively against melee enemies than blocking and trading blows as long as there is enough space. When there is a short distance between you and the enemy, the enemy has a tendency to perform a dash attack that can be avoided by moving diagonally forward so he runs past you. While the enemy is dashing, he cannot block and he is vulnerable to attacks during the dash and when he recovers from the dash. As long as you keep a small distance by the time he is ready to attack, he will likely attempt another dash and you can repeat this tactic. This is easiest to perform on Super Mutants and hardest on Deathclaws because of their reach.

Melee Weapons Skill affects Melee Damage how?

Has anyone figured out how much impact this skill has on melee damage? The Melee Damage page only states:

Fallout 3
modifies: Amount of bonus damage a character does with Melee Weapons
modified by: Strength

However I know from play experience that the Melee Weapons Skill affects damage, not just strength. What would else would it effect? Accuracy is 100%. It's affect seems to be reduced by weapon condition. For example, I had two baseball bats, 1 in low condition giving 7 damage and other moderate condition giving 10 (I was level 4). I added 30 points to melee weapons. My moderate condition bat went from 10 to 12 but the low condtion bat stayed at 7.

Also I did an experiment. Using my game save just before exiting Vault 101, I tried every configuration of Strength from 1 to 10 on the same baseball bat. Damage increased by 1 at strength 2,4,6,8,10. For each level of strength I tried from 10 to 80 melee weapons skill in intervals of 10. I got increases of 1 damage at around 30, 50 and 70. So strength didn't affect the intervals but weapon condition did. I'm assuming a perfect weapon would recieve from 5 to 10 extra damage at 100 melee weapons skill, but an almost broken weapon only gets 1 or 2 extra points of damage while retaining the full strength damage bonus. I guess that makes sense logically, a broken weapon would benefit more from raw Strength then skill. I just want to know exactly how much damage does 100 Melee Weapons Skill and 10 Strength add to a perfect condition weapon. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Joshua.frazer1 (talkcontribs). Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Melee Weapons doesn't really "add" any damage to the weapon. Basically, with 100 Melee Weapons a weapon does its full damage; with less skill the damage is simply reduced accordingly. It's the same for condition. The "full" damage with 100 skill and at 100% condition is what you can find on the various weapon pages.
More Strength however actually adds bonus damage to that "full" damage; the amount can be found in tables on both the Strength and melee damage pages. -- Porter21 (talk) 19:19, July 28, 2010 (UTC)