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Dead Meyers[edit source]

Just wandered back into Primm some time after completing the quest to find a new Sheriff (got Meyers to take the job). I found Meyers dead just outside of town, and a couple of injured Geckos standing over his body. They must have wandered over from the nest to the North, purely by random chance, and Meyers isn't exactly that tough.

None of the residents seem to notice that anything is wrong. Johnson Nash still confides that their new Sheriff is a bit rougher hewn than he'd like, but "so far, so good." This amused me.

I was just wondering if the game would continue assuming that everything is fine, or if this is going to effect Primm's ending somehow? I have no desire to revert to an earlier save, as I have no idea which save would make Meyers not be dead. Also, it serves him right for wandering around with only a 10mm pistol. Still, it'd be nice to know. Zakrael 02:07, December 6, 2010 (UTC)