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Talk:Mothership Zeta bugs

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well, i finished mothership zeta with only 1 bug. (Elliots forehead appeared transparent.) but whats really amazing was when my brother did it. EVERY single alien he fought and killed gave him 50 exp each!! when i did it, most gave me 5. any ideas about whats going on??? 05:41, July 10, 2010 (UTC)Headshot


I borrowed the game of the year edition from a friend for ps3. And i'm very dissapoint about all the bugs in the ps3 version (the pitt, point lookout and archornage) lagg like hell and have a 70 % crash rate (not realy, but the game crashes a few times)

I even can't play mothership zeta, it always, ALWAYS freezes in the probing movie .....

Long live the 360 version (sorry not here to fanboy the 360, but i find the ps3 version more bugged)

And sorry for the horrible (or not so good english) ..

"PipOS Error -26 [File Not Found]"

"When you kill a Guardian Drone, while searching in the bottom left hand corner (where the weapons image usually is) the drone cannon has a square with a line through it and says PipOS Error -26 [File Not Found]. The cannon in the looting screen is at full health but when taken the health is less."

To my knowledge, this is a feature, as PipOS is the Operating System of the Pip-Boy in-game, and the "Drone Cannon" weapon is not included in its database. Why Alien weapons are, but this certain one isn't I don't know, but this is most definately is a feature as it shows up regardless of story progression, character stats/status, etc. I've tested on all platforms, with any possible (unmodified) conditions.

In regards to this so-called "bug", I have removed it from the list until someone can provide an acceptable answer (with proof) that it is, in fact, a bug.

With regards, InceptionPrime 22:18, August 2, 2010 (UTC)

I reverted your edit. It is indeed a bug. It's caused by the item not having an icon assigned to it in the game files, so it uses a default icon. Kris (talk) 22:31, August 2, 2010 (UTC)

Moved from article page: XBox 360 section

Ok Forget all this other stuff, i believe i have found the solution that fixes all bugs and glitches on the xbox 360 console. Go to the dash board, make sure you are still signed in. Go to system settings, click on memory, hit the Y button, then click on on Clear Cache, hit yes. Then when you restart the game it should update, allow game to update, load your game file and all bugs should be fixed. Worked for me! 16:16, July 21, 2010 (UTC)

what if it happens on your ps3 i went to the bridge and came back now i can't get back the door is locked an she wont reopen it

Request for Removal?

"There may be a way to fix this. If you happen to be running a mod called "Purge Cell Buffers", then that may be what was causing this bug. Try disabling PCB for the duration of Mothership Zeta and you should be able to get past this cutscene."

"If you are running FOOK2, disabling 'FOOK2 - Mothership Zeta.esp' may allow you to pass the cut scene. It can be re-enabled after arriving upon the alien ship."

"Another FOOK2 bug (strictly an MZ bug which FOOK2 exposes) sometimes has Sally greeting the player at random places in the Wasteland before the player ever encounters the Mothership Zeta area."

I request that these three "bugs/fixes" be removed, as it clearly states in the Fallout 3 bugs article that (and I quote);

"The Vault does not cover information concerning third-party mods for Fallout 3.

If you have any mods installed, do not report any bugs you may experience, even if it seems to you that your issue is not mod-related. Please visit the Bethesda mod forums for information."

Requested by InceptionPrime 19:26, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Paladin Hoss sometimes gets teleported to the ship

I loaded a save game in the Robot Assembly area, and as I was heading back to Sarah, Paladin Hoss just appeared out of nowhere. Anyone else notice this?

i saved the cryo storage for last and i am at the generater and i try to activat the teliporter and it did notin and i go back to the doors and it says [requires key]!!!???

teliporter not work

i just need help ive played for 2 hours and the teliporter didnt work AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game breaker on PC

After the Space Walk and right at the beginning of the "This Galaxy..." segment, only Elliot, Somah and Sammy make it through the teleporter. Paulson is stuck in the Robot Assembly area while the Samurai is absolutely nowhere to be seen (and trust me, I searched for two hours - note: this is before he disappears and the dialogue options for his vanishing aren't enabled). When trying to coax Paulson out of the RAA, he keeps telling me that "Now isn't the time for talking" and that "We've gotta make every one of them pay" (or something to that effect).

The bug appears to be caused by Paulson being used in both Robot Assembly and the Hanger areas and as a result, he doesn't go to the top level in the RA area, so there's one enemy who is constantly on the top level who is literally indestructible - grenades, rocket launchers, fat man et. al can actually kill the blighter or even get close to killing it as everything explodes upon reaching the rail.

As a nice twist of events, the game decided not to include my three saves in between leaving Megatron and getting to the crashed vessel so I'm basically left with a hell of a journey all over again :(

Edit: Completed it but the bug definitely lies in the Robot Assembly Area. I used Samoh for that area on my second play through and she stalled up, didn't try to help outside of fixing the first teleporter and didn't do much outside of that. I had to use no clip to get to the top level and try and trigger her dialogue which resulted mostly in her telling me that "we need to hurry up" or something to that effect. Either way that's what I see is happening. Has this happened to anybody else?