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Possible BUG--

Schematic will not show up in craft list, but will show up in pipboy Data-Misc after pickup. even if i don't meet build requirements shouldn't it be possible to see it on work bench? (PC) --Mardulf 17:46, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

Virtual Reality Flight simulator[edit source]

Does anyone know for sure whether or not you can use the Nellis Virtual reality pods?

Possible Bug--

If you talk to Loyal once you're idolized, after pasing a 55 Speech, he provides you with a code to use the flight simulators, but there's no way I can use them afterwards. (PC) --Zat.

Nov 26 2010--

I've done most of the Boomer quests and passed the speech challenges for Loyal as well as with Pete in the museum, they pretty much say too bad we can't give you the codes to use the machines. As of yet it does not look like you can use the machines at all. --Anon

Possible Bug[edit source]

Xbox 360- Each time i fast travel to the nellis hangars on multiple playthroughs, both Loyal and Jack are stuck in one area in the hangar. Turning them hostile caused them to chase me but when i left the area and returned, they were stuck there with very few speech options available. Help?