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Minor Edit / fixed and shifted around some text

Switched up the placement of the note about the Ranger Takedown (moved it into the activation summary), changed some of the wording to be more precise (original paragraph was a little confusing re: whether you only had to talk to one of the NPCs or all of them). Kept the PC fix where it was.

Bug fix circumvention not working?

I tried to use this bug fix, but I cannot get it to work. Is it really a valid console command?

This is what it says on the wiki page:

Note: This suspected bug may be effectively circumvented using the console command set "000e61a5".MetRangerAndy to 1 and exiting the area.

  • It's a valid console command, but it doesn't seem to actually effect the quest for Old School Ghoul. :/ You can also set to variable to 0, (which would make more sense - 0 usually means false and 1 means true) but that doesn't do anything either. Maybe it's related to having completed the Ranger Station Charlie "quest" (where it gets wiped out by the Legion)... perhaps one of those dialog options is the trigger for getting Raul to talk to you? Anyway, kinda lame... expecting you to do the Black Mountain thing and kill a small army of Super Mutant Masters (and Nightkin Masters) before finishing off all the Novac quests. CitizenCain 21:52, November 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • I finally got it to work by executing the command inside Ranger Andy's shack, and then exiting the shack. (I'd previously been doing it outside in Novac.) Seems to require that the next transition after the comsole command be to an outdoor area... transitioning inside a building or room doesn't seem trigger Raul to talk to the player.CitizenCain 22:06, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Ivarsa15 13:43, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

I used it in Andy's shack but it didn't work (didn't speak to me after leaving the shack). Then I realized he had a new speech option called "Back at Andy's shack you wanted to talk about something?" That initialized the third and final dialog.

-- Thourgard, 22:49 November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Same for me. It's annoying. I also tried the code but with RangerAndyMet, and it said something different, but still didn't work. Also, when I try to talk to Ranger Andy now, it zooms in for a second then zooms out, with no dialog. So I'm stuck with plain old Raul for now. 20:40, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Remember that there are no spaces in this part of the line "000e61a5".MetRangerAndy I tried 3 times in a row until i figured that one out (altought it says so in the wiki). --Duhsveti 13:33, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

Well the fix worked for me, but after having his third dialogue (after visiting Loyal at Nellis) he didn't start the last conversation! So I had no choice to make him either a gunslinger or a mechanic. Now THAT really sucks.

-- DracoDruid, 08:11, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

I too am having the same problem as DracoDruid, I have his third dialogue but nothing further. -- McHadies 17:06, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

I can also vouch for the bug DracoDruid and McHadies is having, it happened to me too, could this be because of the new patch, and i think we should move this to the main page.

I finally figured it out after reseting the quest and trying again ("resetquest e61a5" and set the Met variables to 1 again). At the last conversation if you chose the line "he didnt have to give up, hes just scared he doesnt have what it takes anymore" Raul will never change, you need to select either "...more dangerous than most men alive" or "exeprience is invaluable". --Mosh

  • Solved the issue those above have been having. A quick look through the GECK reveals the conditional variables. - more info please

set "e61a5".MetRangerAndy to 2 AND set "e61a5".MetCorporalSterling to 1. Last one is for Sterling in case you need that as well.--Ranat 23 06:13, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

What about Loyal? Try set "e61a5".MetLoyal to 1

I have the same issue with being unable to initiate conversation with sterling, and when I attempt to use the console it says that the variable "000e61a5" does not exist, and yes I tried a variety of other types (e.g."e61a5" etc,) GAHHHHH help me please

The PC version conversation with Ranger Andy (for the Raul conversation trigger) seems to be working now. This may have been fixed in a recent patch. It used to not work for me now, but will now. I just go through the old conversation paths with Ranger Andy again, and leave the bungalow.

No final conversation

I've spoken to all three of them (Andy via console), but Raul does not initiate a final conversation( I've heard his full story, but he doesn't seem to come to any decision.

Same here. (Xbox, Patch 1.2.0) Once I got Raul, I didn't do anything else except go to his 3 "trigger" people. Ranger Andy, then Corp Sterling, then Loyal. I had never talked to any of these people before this quest, nor did anything else besides talk to these people to advance the quest. I got conversations after each, which went off fine. But after Loyal, it seems a "final" dialogue never was started. Tried traveling, waiting, reloading, etc. to get the final conversation/decision to take place...but it hasn't happened!

^Quite^ the disappointment for me. I had done one New Vegas playthrough already, and I couldn't complete Raul's quest because I had already finished Volare. Loyal had vanished...to god knows where...probably ran off and is dead by Black Mountain for some insane reason (I hope this is fixed, though my faith is lacking). Quest uncompleted/broken on the 1st run because Loyal was gone. Frustrating from my perspective, but I moved on.

Now, on my second run through, I encounter this current issue, making me unable to complete the quest. Not that I really *want* Raul as a follower, but it really frustrates me that I can not choose to finish his quest!

I have a "clean" save before Raul, so perhaps I'll try a different order of encountering the "trigger" people. However, the burden should not be on the gamers (consumers) to find work-arounds for such issues. Disappointing. ...-- 07:29, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Update: In my first run (above) I went 1) Ranger Andy, 2) Corp Sterling, 3) Loyal. This failed to trigger the Raul's decision conversation.

Now, I reloaded when Raul was 1st recruited. I did the reverse order (Loyal, Sterling, then Ranger Andy). I picked all the "top" options (that these older people were all tough/worthwhile/valuable individuals). I quickly blew through Raul's history dialog, but never told him to "save it for later". This did trigger the final conversation, leading to Raul's choice to return to his gun-slinging ways...Or, with 66 speech, focus on his repair specialties. Success! -- 04:09, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

PC Users: If Raul won't initiate the final conversation open the console, click on Raul and try the following commands: set "000e61a5".RepairTrack to 2 set "000e61a5".GunSlingerTrack to 2 startconversation player vDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic084

Note that it's not case sensitive, and you MUST click on Raul before entering the "startconversion" command. Worked for me, hope it helps.

Same bug, possible fix. On the 360, I took Raul to Andy, then Sterling, & finally Loyal. However, Raul's 3rd convo did not trigger after Loyal. I had started Volare!, & Sunshine Boogie, but had not finished them. I immediately finished Sunshine Boogie & returned to Loyal, but Raul still didn't trigger, so I considered the quest failed. However, after completing several other quests without Raul, I rehired him again & raised the bomber in Volare! When I returned to Loyal & finished dialog with him (but before I went to Pearl), a few seconds later, Raul's 3rd convo triggered & I was able to complete this quest.--ElB 16:48, October 1, 2011 (UTC)


I tried the fix mentioned, when I enter the metloyal 1; I get the aforementioned "it zooms in for a second then zooms out, with no dialog." but this occurs no matter where I stand (happened in The Kings during my 6 trials) It also happens when I enter the metcorporalsterling 1 BUT NOT when I enter metranger andy 2. Also after the 'zoom' raul does not follow even after I toggle his follow/wait command. I .killed Raul and resurrected him, this caused the 'zoom' and after I recruited he followed. But naturally I reloaded my save. -- 00:36, November 12, 2010 (UTC)McHadies

Loyal in Old Hangar

I tried to talk to Loyal after moving the bomber into the hangar. It seems that Loyal was still stuck in the old Hangar without the Bomber. doing a player.moveto "000ff26a" I ended up in the old Hangar with Loyal right in front of me. He started walking towards the exit and when he left he appeared in the new Hangar. 01:31, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

One possible explanation

I think, from examining the dialogue it the GECK, that unless one responds correctly in each conversation, to either encourage the Gunslinger upgrade or encourage the Repair upgrade, that Raul will end up choosing neither and after the third conversation the conditions aren't met for the final choice and Raul's quest is left unfinished. There are neutral options in each dialogue that have no effect and if you choose two or more of those then neither upgrade will occur. The dialogue package to initiate Raul's speech after speaking to Ranger Andy is missing though and you'll need a mod or console command to fix it. --BigMill 23:43, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

I'll tell you your explanation: Obsidian just wants to piss us off and won't fix this thing. Even breaking it more with that last patch. -_- Shikari~ 01:40, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

Xbox360--Take-down bug fixed, but still can't complete quest

It looks as though one of the patches fixed the issue where if you had learned the Take-down Maneuver without Raul, you couldn't do anything. I had learned it before rescuing Raul, but I went back to Andy, and he taught it to me again. What kills me is that Raul talked to me right after we left the building, and he talked to me after talking to Loyal and Sterling, but he never gets to the point where he talks about Black Mountain, and I never get the option to make him a mechanic or gunslinger. One bug fixed, but the quest still doesn't work. Lame. 19:26, December 4, 2010 (UTC)Deanna

Ranger Andy's Discussion Fix

I have found that if you completely avoid Ranger Andy when you go to Novac and do not open any dialogue with him until you recruit Raul, Raul will discuss his feeling about Ranger Andy. I personally avoided Andy until I was able to bring Raul with me, this means that to be able to finish Old School Ghoul you will have to NOT EVER talk to Ranger Andy until you have brought Raul with you. I'm not sure about how this will work with the upcoming patch but it just worked for me twenty minutes ago.

(Note): This has worked on the Xbox 360 for me, for PS3 or PC I am unsure.

(Note): This did not work for me.

(Note): You can talk to Andy beforehand. Just go back through all of his dialogue options (not counting those regarding Ranger Station Charlie) and Raul will initiate the appropriate conversation. Didn't check to see exactly what dialogue option triggers it. I just did it.

--Ruggerirish 11:10, October 31, 2011 (UTC)I've been back to his bungalow numerous times and failed to work. At this point I think I'll just give up. Gone too far since my last save there - PS3


It seems as if the bugs associated with this quest have been fixed, at least for Xbox. Though with all the bug reports and workarounds listed on the main page, if its mentioned its lost in the pile of text.

I had forgotten from my first play through about visiting Ranger Andy and Loyal first. I had spoken to Andy a long time ago as well as completed the Volare quest long before I recruited Raul. I went back and spoke to Andy again, running through all the convo options again. After leaving his room Raul spoke to me. I then went to McCarren and spoke to Corporal sterling and Raul again stopped to talk. Finally I went to Nellis and Loyal was on the left wing of the plane. It was kinda tricky to get the prompt to talk with him because he was so high up and kept moving, but I finally did. After that Raul spoke with me again and the quest finished.

Now this is just an opinion, but wouldn’t it be better to list all the workarounds and console commands for bugs here on the talk page rather than littering up the main page with all that stuff? Just seems like it would make thing look more organized and professional. Just my opinion but the main page looks like crap with all that stuff listed on it. ReapTheChaos 13:14, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

I do not think the bug on the xBox was fixed by the patch. I encountered the bug while playing on xBox. After I got Raul as my companion, I went to Novac and spoked with Ranger Andy for the very first time in the game (I was at Level 25). After learning the takedown move and completing all the dialog options (including getting the side quest from Ranger Andy), when we left his room, Raul did not approach me to speak with me. But then I went to Corporal Sterling at Camp Forlorn Hope and to Loyal in the Hangars at Nellis AFB. I can't recall if Raul automatically approached me to initiate conversation with my character, or whether I had to initiate a conversation with Raul. At any rate, I did not get the dialog with Raul after speaking with Ranger Andy, but I did after speaking with Sterling and Loyal. I went back to Ranger Andy, ran through all the dialogs again and still got nothing from Raul. THEN I saw the buried on the main page about reloading and trying again. So I did. And I talked with all three characters in the same order as I had before. Now, I cannot recall if I had to initiate conversation with Raul after talking with Ranger Andy, or if Raul automatically initiated the conversation with me, or if I had to approach Raul and talk to him, or at least look at him so that he would talk with me. After that, I made sure to look at Raul after the dialogs with Sterling and Loyal. So I dunno, but the bug for the xBox does NOT seem fixed -- unless one has to actually approach Raul and maybe even click on A so that he will begin talking with you -- or if just reloading and talking to all three NPCs was the fix. But in this case, second time was the charm. This all happened after I had finished Volare and assassinated the three Fiends.
I do agree that the bugs and workarounds are messy on the main page, but if it were not for the one that said load a saved game and start over I wouldn;t have thought about doing that. --Sp3lly 18:10, January 28, 2011 (UTC)
I also don't agree that it was fixed on the Xbox, as I've traveled the world for literally days (not game days, my days) with Raul, looking for Loyal. I've been everywhere and still haven't found him... what a disappointment. I agree with the person who mentioned earlier that this shouldn't be the gamers' burden, do they have testers any more??? MZ

Caesars Legion

I'm attempting to do this quest with my Caesars legion character so of course I knew I would have to at least have to wear a disguise, but when I attempt to talk to Andy he sees right through my disguise. Is there any way around this or am I stuck with normal Raul

Morrowindelite 00:26, January 10, 2011 (UTC)

I had the same problem, NCR Rangers (including Andy) all seem to see through disguises. The way I solved this problem was by waiting to visit Andy until I met Ambassador Crocker at the Strip, so he reset my NCR fame to neutral, allowing me to talk to Andy and continue old school ghoul. If you already did this and are hated by NCR again, the only thing to do is complete some NCR quests and get your reputation up to neutral with the NCR. Hope this helps! Otisman 20:20, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Raul finally upgrading

Everyone knows that after patch 1.02 there's a chance that Raul don't iniciate the final part in the third dialog, making impossible to upgrade him to use guns or repair skills. I finally got him upgraded in my third playthrough after the patch 1.02. In the first of these three playthroughs I iniciate conversation with Corporal Sterling about his injuries because of the quest "I Don't Hurt Anymore" and with Loyal about his dreams becoming true (after you raise the bomber from the lake) before recruting Raul. The result was Raul not iniciating the last part of his conversation, making impossible to upgrade him. Then in the second of this playthroughs I recruited him, but talked with Sterling and Loyal again without him, then return later with him and speaked again with them, plus Ranger Andy. The result was the same, Raul don't iniciate the last conversation of his personal quest.

In this third playtrough I didn't speaked with Ranger Andy, Corporal Sterling and didn't talked with Loyal about his dreams after completing the quest Volare until I had recruited Raul and have him as a companion . Only then I speaked first with Sterling, then with Loyal and then with Andy, wich finally triggered the last dialog and I upgraded Raul for using his repair skills.

I started another playthrough, now the forth and the one I'm still playing, and repeated the same steps (don't talked to Loyal about his dreams after raising the bomber, with Sterling and Ranger Andy), but this time I switch the order for test purposes. Talked first with Loyal, then with Sterling and finally with Andy in Novac. Raul was my companion the whole time. This triggered the final dialog again, so I upgraded his guns. It's interesting to note that in the two playthroughs that worked and triggered Raul last conversation, the old bug with Ranger Andy happened again, but this time with Raul as companion: talk to him, he teach you the Ranger Takedown, but if tried to talk again, the camera zoom in and the zoom out fast, making impossible to engage in conversation. But it worked, Raul was upgraded!

Of course this also means that the quest I Don't Hurt Anymore has to be postponed or be solved with the speech check. Also, because I wasn't able to talk again with Andy, Ranger Station Charlie were never destroyed.

So if someone wants to try this, don't talk with Corporal Sterling and Ranger Andy without Raul; after rainsing the bomber from the lake and return to Loyal, don't engage in the conversation about his dreams come true; talk with him with Raul as companion. Post your findings to know if this is a reliable workaround.

Sorry about any errors, english is not my primary language. Brfritos 23:58, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

(Note From Different User): I followed this method on the patched PS3 version and still did not get the final conversation trigger.

Corporal Sterling

Sterling won't talk to me, and I'm on PS3. I've already exhausted all speech options when I did the Three-Card Bounty quest. Does anyone know if this still works? Ranger Breasly 20:20, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

The only possible solution i read was a command prompt thing, but that's not possible to do in the PS3, I've also had problems with this. Sterling will just stand and say "Best you don't worry about us. We'll watch your back."


Is there any way to finish Old School Ghoul on xbox if Loyal has left Nelis? In my game he has completely disappeared he isn't in his house, the hangar, or the mess hall also I've traveled from Black Mountain to Nellis and didn't find him.--Gwuag 06:59, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

same thing happened to me

I HATE this quest

I did this quest in like 20 minutes on my first guy, and now on the character that I've spent 100+ hours on trying to get everything perfect, I cant finish this one quest! It's literally the last thing I left have to finish in the entire game (except the ending of course).. After trying to get Raul to talk for 30 minutes straight I got so mad that I grabbed a fat man and blew up every town on the map..--Battlecattle 03:43, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

doh stupid bug i could not get him to talk to me after i met ranger Andy even though i took raul as a companion before i got to novac other 2 guys worked just fine. After trying every suggested fix on this site i added the full mainetenance perk via console hopefuly it wont break anything 16:56, August 3, 2011 (UTC)