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Talk:Operation: Anchorage! (quest)

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Turn of DLC

Anyone know how to turn if off, I started a new game and already had all the DLC but I dont want it turned on until I get to level 20. I cant delete it since I already started a game and then would have loading problems loading up saved games.

Ammo Machines

Should it be mentioned that you can get infinite Ammo (.308 Cal, 5.56mm, and 10mm) from these machines? You simply drop your supply on the ground, use the machine, and repeat. Once you're bored you pick up all your ammo.

Chinese compound picture

Can somebody using a pc get a helicopter view picture of the inside of the compound? It would help a lot thanks.Tehuberleetmaster 00:51, October 21, 2009 (UTC)

Good Luck

Removed reference to Good Luck being a reward. In simulations (which clear your inventory), like this mission and Tranquility Lane, you'll lose the Lucky 8 Ball. When it is returned at the end of the sim you'll get the Good Luck notice again, but it's not a quest reward, you're just getting your stuff back.

am i the only one?

after completing this quest i got a message that my food sanitizer was improved. Dr. Clayton Forrestor 05:48, 11 February 2009 (UTC)

Bug with the armor

I entered the simulation while in the middle of the "you gotta shoot'em in the head" quest and when I took the winterized T-51b power armor as a reward for completing the sim I got a message saying I had finished both of the quests and even got the correspondent achievements.

Problem is now I can't tell Tenpenny and Dave that crowley sent me to kill them so no caps from Tenpenny asking me for killing Crowley; and worse no key from Dave, so I might not be able to get the best armor in the game.

I haven't seen Crowley yet, I'll edit this later to confirm my fears or if I find a way around this. So meanwhile be cautious if you plan on getting both armors.

==they shoulda made it look more like anchorage (i live in alaska where its located)

I experienced the same bug on the 360 version of the game in so that it said i completed both quests when i got the armor and i dont believe i can get the keys now from dave and the rest of them...so as to get the other armor crowly is looking for... 22:12, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

if you already have the winterized T-51b, theres no real point in getting the normal65.11.226.155 23:59, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Winterized T-51b Power Armor has 45 DR without the helmet. The standard version has 50 DR without the helmet. Both helmets have the same, which I believe is 10. Deadlykris 19:38, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Attacked by outcasts

I had this bug: Sometimes when entering the armory at the end of the mission Defender Sibley will not be there, he will wait outside and become hostile with you if he sees you, however all the nearby outcasts will help you in attacking Sibley Only once Sibley was dead they turned on me. Is there any loss from mascaraing them? I'm level 18, i can kill the lot without loosing 20% of my hp

With few exceptions, killing Outcasts results in no karma change. All of the exceptions are named NPCs but not all named Outcast NPCs are exceptions. See the Outcasts page for full details. Deadlykris 21:20, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

Easy General Jingwei killing

Kill General Jingwei easily by keeping some frag mines before the fight. Walk in circles and mine him on the way (I didn't get any damage by him at all with this technique).

I am not the guy above the line. Anyways im here to ask when i entered the base where general Jingwei is located i cant move or attack or do anything the soldiers are endlessly fighting with the chinese and i have god mode enabled is that bad?


i think you glitched it to where he dissapears from the game. the not being able to move is due to a cutscene, where jingwei is supposed to approach you and initiate conversation. but since he dissapeared from the game, it doesn't happen. try using that telport me command or whatever (i don't have PC). if not on pc, simply reload a previous save. that will likely fix it (like with most other glitches).

i thought it was the stealth suit.

i did the simulation and didn't know about the sibley - mcgraw argument at the time. i go into the armory and take everything, then decide to put on the chinese stealth suit. as soon as i exit the pipboy, the mutinee starts and i thought they were attacking me because of the stealth suit. anyone else think this when it happened?

What did they both attack you?--KieranBOS 11:40, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

no but when i read about the argument i remembered that mcgraw wasn't alive after the battle. i didn't see what was going on much (i was focusing on sibley, who had a minigun, and didn't pay attention to much else until after he was dead) so i have no idea.

Well Sibley and his men think that the lone wanderer should get nothing from the vault, since it is a Outcast find so they believe it all belongs to them. But McGraw says that he will stay true on his promise and let the lone wandere take what he wants from the vault, but McGraw and Sibley disagree, and Sibley then tries to start a small revoult in the bunker. In my playthroughs, I battle it out with rebels and save McGraw and the technician women, but in your case when you went into the vault, McGraw and the technician simply got overwhelmed and died. But if they all attack you, you must have shot Sibley before him and McGraw started fighting eachother, so they all team up on you.--KieranBOS 11:54, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

Pointless glitch

(Xbox360) When doing this quest, just before disabling the pulse fields, I entered conversation with a Power Armored Soldier. It was just a blank bar for a few seconds, but after exiting "converstion" the screen started fading away, just like when I complete a mission, except only this time when it faded back, I was in the same place. MeatyDog 19:32, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

Hostile T-51b Unit

While fighting General Jingwei, I noticed that stray laser beams were hitting me. As I turned to see the source of the lasers, I discovered that they were not stray. A Power Armored Soldier was hostile to me. Anyone know why? I am 100% certain that i did not provoke him.Aguy76 07:50, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

EDIT: Nevermind, I just read the "Faction Bug" in the Bugs section.

Preventing the mutiny?

The notes section mentions if you steal Sibleys ammo he won't fire and the mutiny won't take place. I took his ammo once I was out of the simulation, but when Sibley went to fire he instead ran away and took another weapon while the rest of the outcasts started fighting without him. Maybe it was just my game, but could somebody verify this?Jpyo 21:15, August 6, 2010 (UTC)

I'm the one who put that note in. It is possible for Sibley to pick up another weapon if it's lying around nearby (just like it's possible for any character), so it's not a perfect solution. However, when I did it, he was under fire from both Olin and McGraw, and never had a chance to find a weapon. Especially since Olin somehow got her hands on a Flamer. :P Anyway, it helps if you snag all the weapons in the area beforehand and stash them somewhere; for example, before entering the simulation, grab all the ammo and weapons in the area, then leave the compound and stash them in one of the boxes near the lift. That will put them out of reach, and if you get into the VSS Armory and snag all the weapons before anyone else can get to them, you'll have the fight in the bag. Admittedly, I have problems with McGraw not entering the Armory. No matter what I do, Sibley confronts him in the hall outside.
Also, taking Sibley's ammo doesn't stop the mutiny. If he and the others don't have any ammo, they'll fight with their fists. There's no way to stop the actual mutiny; all you can do is swing the odds in your favor so that Olin and McGraw survive. Swk3000 21:08, November 6, 2010 (UTC)
There is a Flamer in the armory, so she probably got it there. Nukey talk 21:10, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

I somehow managed to stop the mutiny for a little. After exiting the simulation, Mcgraw was coming to talk to me. Instead of talking to him I ran to the armory and grabbed everything, also closed the doors. When I exited the armory no one attacked me until I bumped into Mcgraw and he spoke to me. After exiting dialogue with him the mutiny started. So if you don't let Mcgraw talk to you it stops the mutiny.--Alpha Lycos 04:40, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

Easy way to keep Olin alive

After you've opened the armory and looted it, simply target the doors and there will be an option to close them. If you do this, she won't leave and the Outcasts won't open it, allowing you to focus on Sibley and the rest, so that both McGraw and her survive. Stick 04:37, September 13, 2011 (UTC)