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This could use a notation explaining why the "Official Game Guide" lists Radroach Meat twice [within the table on page 65]. One shows a value of 2, the other shows 4. Other than that, no difference is noted -- and no explaination, which seems typical of the "Offical Game Guide". The content of the New Vegas guide book seems to be strong on "being cute" but weak on being a useful, straightforward, guide (no easy way to find or cross-reference data in that book). I hope they improve the authorship of the guides when they come out with Elderscrolls V in November 2011. Then again, their lack keeps the users busy online trying to provide assistance where the "offical guides" have failed.

The 4 value radroach meat is actually an unused higher radiation variant of radroach meat that would've come from radioactive radroaches, had they used them.